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Connecting to Internet/ Managing Data

How to Schedule Tweets

Hootsuite makes posting to multiple social media accounts easy.

HootSuiteIt's no secret that I am a big fan of Hootsuite for Twitter (free, all devices, app2.me/2926). With this app installed on my iPad, it's easy to post to my multiple social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.


How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Connecting to Wi-FiWhen Wi-Fi is activated, your device is constantly looking for a nearby network to connect to. If it finds a free network, it will try to connect automatically and show you the connection strength on the top left of your device’s screen. However, because most Wi-Fi networks are protected, you have to enter an alphanumeric password sometimes called an “encryption key” the first time you connect to a network. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Settings>Wi-Fi and make sure Wi-Fi is turned ON.


How do I manage my data usage?

iPhone, iPad with 3G

MyATTYou don’t have to worry about this if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, but cellular data plans are another story. If you browse the Web a lot, you’ll want to check your data usage periodically. AT&T and Verizon offer different types of data plans.


Connecting to Internet and Managing Data: Introduction

One of the best things about your device is the ability to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere through nearby Wi-Fi networks or through your 3G data plan. Here we’ll show you how to manage your data usage, and how to connect and disconnect from the Internet with a few simple taps


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