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Swift Programming 101: Mastering Protocols and Delegates (Part 2)


In part 2 of this post on Swift's protocols, you will learn practical uses for declaring custom protocols in your own apps, and learn further how they improve the architecture of your apps and make them easier to enhance and extend.

In part 1 of this post, I demonstrated how to implement existing Cocoa Touch protocols in your apps. Now you'll learn how and why to create your very own. First, we need to cover the basic construction of a Swift protocol.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The AQUATIK and TAKTIK 360° Waterproof Cases


It's that time of year again. Right after a new iPhone comes out there is the inevitable deluge of great cases to protect your new investment. This happens with every iPhone release, but perhaps never more markedly than with the introduction of the completely new form factors of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If ever an iPhone called for a protective case it is these large and larger models, with their increased real estate, slick, rounded edges and extra heft. Rather than clump an assortment of different cases together, I'll be focusing on one great case each week over the course of the coming months. In a break from the norm, this week we are featuring two cases that are currently still in the funding stage at Indegogo; the LUNATIK TAKTIK 360° ($99) and their AQUATIK ($79.99) waterproof protective cases.

Crusta Is a Musta if You Don't Want to Bust a Phone


The iPhone 6 is beautiful, but you probably want to protect it without adding too much bulk. The Crusta case from Amzer ($45) might be the solution. Thanks to a robust set of color choices, you can have a unique design combination, 42 combinations in all. Plus, you can still show off that gold iPhone 6, thanks to the tempered glass back. They also have a tempered glass screen protector as an option. The effect makes the Crusta look and feel like just a bumper, but it provides all around coverage with six-foot drop protection and dust proof connections.

TYLT Finds a Way to Deliver Two Cables in One


I need a Lightning cable in my car, as well as a microUSB cable. My iPhone might be in a battery case that uses microUSB to charge, and I also have some Android devices. I keep a cheap no-contract phone in my car, for emergencies, just to dial 911 if needed. So I like to have Lightning and microUSB options.

Tip of the Day: Quickly Access Contacts Without Opening an App


If you want to quickly call, FaceTime, or text a contact, there's no need to open any of the related apps. Those who have iOS 8 on their iPhone can quickly access Favorite and Recent contacts via the App Switcher.

Kero Cables Come in Extreme Sizes


As I prepare for a week of travel, I'm trying to pack as light as possible. I know I'll need a Lightning cable or two, for my iPhone and iPad, so one of those cables will be the Kero Nomad ($24.99). It's a tiny little thing, at about three inches long. There's a removable cap that can fit on a keyring. I was worried that the cap might come off, and I'd lose the cable, but the cap connection is quite sturdy, so that concern was alleviated. There are other cables that are about as small, but they are usually quite stiff. This makes it hard to connect an iPhone to a wall plug, and you have to prop up the phone to make a good connection. Fortunately, the Kero Nomad is flexible and that concern also goes away.

Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge Released!


If you know about Tilt to Live ($2.99), well then I need not describe the pulse-raising pleasure of endlessly dodging morphing blobs and armies of dots. The name says it all. If you don't know, then by all means go check out these original and popular games from One Man Left Studios (we have reviewed both here at iPhoneLife). If you think you are ready to take on toughest Tilter yet, then Gauntlet's Revenge ($2.99) is waiting in the app store (with an attitude) for you to try.

Versatile iPhone Case from ibattz Contorts to Your Will


It's hard to find one case that meets all your needs, but the ibattz mojo REFUEL ARMOR S Removable Battery Case comes close. First off, it is a rugged, splash-resistant case. It accommodates the Touch ID fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5s through a rubberized flap that normally covers the home button but pulls down to reveal the sensor. There's a screen protector built in as well.

Apple Exec Says Apple Watch Coming Next Spring


When Apple announced the Apple Watch, they said it would be available in early 2015 — but didn't say anything more specific than that. And they still haven't. However, in an internal video memo, a transcript of which was leaked to 9To5Mac, Angela Ahrendts said in passing that the Apple Watch will be coming out in the "spring." In addition, she said that it would be coming after the Chinese New Year, which is February 19. 

Stan Lee Embraces Multimedia Comics with Madefire's Motion Books


I attended Stan Lee's Comikaze convention this weekend, in Los Angeles, and Mr. Lee has already made some news. In partnership with Madefire, Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment will be creating new characters and stories for Madefire's Motion Books interactive multimedia platform. Stan Lee is the co-creator of just about every character in the Marvel Universe, most notably Spider-Man. He's also made appearances in the assortment of Marvel movies made over the past decade and those cameos are one of the things I look forward to with each movie.

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