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Rumor: Apple's Subscription Music Service to Launch in June


Rumors have been swirling about a music subscription service from Apple ever since they purchased Beats Music and Beats Electronics. Many are expecting Apple to unveil a subscription music service that will compete with services such as Spotify. For $10 per month you can listen to all your favorite music without having to purchase it. However, on Tuesday Billboard reported that Apple was having challenges finalizing the licensing deals with the content providers, raising the question of whether Apple would be able to announce the service at the Worldwide Developers Conference June 8–12, as many had been expecting. But 9To5Mac contacted their sources and learned that Apple is still planning to announce the service at WWDC and will launch the new service in late June as part of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2.

Review: Notti and Dotti smart lights


Have you ever thought of using a smart light? Witti sent me its Dotti and Notti smart lights to test out, and they provide an interesting iPhone experience, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth to apps that control the units.

MagicMount Harnesses the Power of Magnets


I had the opportunity to try Scosche MagicMount XL Dash/Window ($34.99) from Scosche. The MagicMount is a car mount for phones, but is hefty enough to work with tablets as well, and it can also work on a desk in an office. This makes the MagicMount's decent price even more justifiable. I once drove a Tesla Model S and it has a 17-inch touchscreen display. If you want to do something similar, with an iPad mini or even a full-size iPad, the MagicMount could do the trick.

Vainglory: A New Update and Partnership with ESL Leads to an International eSport Championship.


I had the pleasure of chatting with the folks at Super Evil Mega Corp again today, on the heels of their latest and perhaps one of their most significant update thus far. Along with congratulating them on their incredible success and the corresponding rave reviews from the core gaming community, we got to talk about their latest update and what the future holds for this ground-breaking title that has taken the gaming world by storm.

Tip of the Day: How to Customize Your Home Screen in iTunes


The placement of app icons on your iPhone’s Home screen can make life simple or hard. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but app icon placement is important to those of us who crave organization. You can choose to organize your apps using your iPhone, but you may find it more efficient to do so using iTunes, since you can do things like reorder Home screen pages and sort apps according to your preferred criteria.

Review: BreakingSports app


Sports addict? Live-tweet addict? Don’t have time to spend scrolling through Twitter for live-tweets of your favorite sports games?

Then BreakingSports (free) is for you. It combines notifications from your favorite NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA Basketball teams from different Twitter accounts, making it a completely unique way to digest sports news. The app also lets you subscribe to different players and receive notifications for injuries, suspensions, lineup changes, roster changes, scores, stats, rumors, trending stories, and headlines. 

Consumer Reports Rates Apple Watch Ahead of Other Smartwatches


Consumer Reports has now conducted a series of tests on 11 different smartwatches, and the stainless steel Apple Watch came out on top. The tests looked at durability, health functionality, readability in bright and low light, ease of use, and ease of interaction. The sapphire crystal display of the stainless steel Apple Watch outperformed all other watches on the scratch test, earning a score of 9 on the Mohs test (meaning that the only mineral that could scratch it is diamond). The Apple Watch Sport, which has Gorilla Glass, didn't do as well and was on par with other watches that use Gorilla Glass.

Apple TV Remote Control to Get a Refresh


The Apple TV is due for a refresh and signs point to a June announcement, at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The box might not be the only element to get an upgrade, as reports suggest the remote control that ships with the Apple TV, and is sold separately to control Macs, could get a touchpad. I was just setting up a current version of the Apple TV at a friend's house today and it was a pain trying to use the arrow keys to enter an email and password. Usually I use the Apple Remote iPad or iPhone app which adds touchscreen control and a virtual keyboard. It will be a nice addition if the next generation of the Apple TV includes an improved remote control.

Tip of the Day: How to Turn Off Government Alerts


There have been a couple of times now that I’ve been startled out of a deep sleep by my iPhone emitting a high pitched screeching sound. The sound was to make me aware of an AMBER (child abduction) Alert. 

I think AMBER Alerts are a great thing and help save lives, but what annoyed me was that the alert was from a city almost 300 miles away from me. Was it really relevant to me?

Most of the time the alerts are pinged off of cell towers and are specific to the area. I’m not sure why I received this particular alert, but it made me consider turning it off.

Review: SameGrain app


Meeting new people through SameGrain (free), a platonic version of Tinder, is pretty interesting. Users can tell the app what they like to do and the app will provide matches. For those who want to meet people online, this is a good platform to do so.

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