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WINNERS of the iPhone Life March 9 Biweekly Giveaway


Thanks to everyone who entered the March 9 iPhone Life Biweekly Giveaway! Every other week we give away three amazing prizes, so if you didn't win this time, make sure you enter the March 23 giveaway and tell your friends to enter too!

And the winner is... (drum roll please):

Headphones Roundup: Polk Nue Voe, Phiaton MS 100 BA, and TunePhonik iZX5


I conducted an extensive review of three headphones. This review includes aesthetics, features, and sound. Like many areas of modern electronics, hundreds of headphones exist in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes and sizes. The most important element though, is good fit and good sound. Beyond that, nothing else really matters.

ACCELL PowerGenius: Gadget Power Options Galore!


I missed these guys this year at CES, but wanted to swing back for a quick product review, since they have one or two new and interesting power gadgets and sent a review unit for us to try out: The PowerGenius Rotating 6-outlet Surge Suppressor ($29.99). If you're an iPhone Lifer, we know you are always on the lookout for smarter power options. ACCELL has an array of portable and home-and-office-oriented solutions to consider.

Review: Real Time Data Usage Tracking from DataMan


If you’re like me, always on your phone, you’re likely always obsessing over how much data you’re using, especially if you’re on a family plan and need to account for everyone else’s data use, too!

Choosing Which Apple Watch to Buy


We've "sprung forward." Now we know what the specs are for the Apple Watch, and most importantly, what it will cost, in each configuration. We know that the somewhat smaller watches with a 38 mm case (height) will cost $50 less than the 42 mm ones. We also know there is no functional difference between the smaller one and the larger one. For my money, I will probably get the smaller one. It should be somewhat less bulky and perhaps more importantly, $349 is closer to an impulse buy (at least as Apple products go) versus $399. As an app developer with several watch apps on the horizon, I know I need to own an Apple Watch. But that doesn't mean I need a fancy one.

Tip of the Day: Use Handoff to Seamlessly Go Between iDevices and a Mac


If you're a Mac user running Yosemite, you'll want to take advantage of the wonderful new Continuity features. One of the aspects of Continuity is Handoff, which lets you continue whatever you were doing when you switch from using your iOS device to a Mac, or vice versa. If you're reading a web page on your iPad, for example, and you then sit down in front of your Mac, an icon will appear on the Mac that, with a click, will let you continue reading that same page on your Mac. Or you can be writing an email on your Mac and then seamlessly continue writing it on your iPhone. You'll need to be running iOS 8 on your device, and you'll need a Mac that's from 2012 or later.

Apple Watch App Rundown


Thanks to the Apple Watch, we can now get apps everywherefrom our MacBooks on our lap and the iPad on the desk, to our iPhones in our hands and our Apple Watches on our wrist.

Apple Watch Event Roundup: Apple's Incredible Focus on Making Products People Love


If there was a single theme in today's Apple event, it was the company's extraordinary commitment to be constantly envisioning great products, and then continually refining them. No other company seems to have such a dedicated focus, nor the resources to bring it off. 

I Want an Apple Watch, but Not for $10K!


You can get a Fitbit to monitor your health activity and get notifcations from your phone. You can get a Pebble to do many of the same things. Both are reasonably priced. Or you can get an Apple Watch in one of three models that blow every other current smart watch/fitness wrist thing right out of the dang water! One of which, an 18kt-gold version is going to retail for at least $10,000 dollars. What!?

The Apple Watch: An Amazing Device, but Not for Me


Well, the much lauded Apple Watch has finally arrived, and an impressive device it is indeed. It will land on the wrists of consumers worldwide on April 24, 2015. It's truly an amazing invention, but clearly not for me, at least not yet. Let me tell you why.

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