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iPad mini Update: New information continues to point to an October launch.



Barring some kind of unforeseen apocalyptic event in the next few weeks, the highly anticipated iPad mini, with its 7.85 inch screen, will be here soon.
Yesterday Instapaper developer, Marco Armnet reported his findings within his developer code logs that reference what he believes to be the forthcoming miniature iPad. For details on the specific code references, click HERE.
Today, reputable source, Bloomberg also bolsters reports that the iPad mini will be arriving in October. For full details of their report, click HERE.

New photos of "iPhone 5" show taller, thinner device compared to iPhone 4 and 3GS


Even as more photos of the new iPhone appear online, Reuters is reporting that production of the phone's display is being slowed by hitches, and that supplies of the phone may initially be constrained. Which always seems to happen. Anyway, the new photos, on the French site NWE, show the "iPhone 5" side by side with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Video of iPhone 5 front assembly again shows taller phone compared to iPhone 4S


Images and parts from the forthcoming iPhone continue to leak, and it seems almost certain now that it will have a 4-inch display. And given that all the major vendors have told employees that they can't take vacation time for several weeks starting on September 21, it seems almost certain that the new iPhone will be announced on September 12 as rumored, and will be available for purchase on September 21. The supposed event is now less than two weeks away! And Apple's announcement of it will likely come next week. 

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Rumor: Apple will also introduce WiFi-free AirPlay Direct during Sept 12 event


I enjoy the AirPlay feature of my iPad, and often stream videos from my iPad to my HDTV via my Apple TV settop box. This setup requires that both my iPad and Apple TV be connected to my local WiFi network, which is, of course, connected to the Internet. Yesterday London's Daily Telegraph reported that Apple will introduce a new technology at its iPhone event on September 12 tentatively called AirPlay Direct. It does away with the need for an Internet connection and local WiFi network. Instead, my iPad would stream directly to my HDTV.

New iPhone may not have NFC chip used by "mobile wallets"


AnandTech has posted today that it doesn't appear that the new iPhone expected next month will have an NFC chip. As you likely know, NFC stands for near field communication, and it's a technology for transmitting purchase information wirelessly. Some mobile phones have these chips, which let users touch a mobile-payment terminal with their phone as they leave a store to make payment. This is more common in other countries, but in the U.S. adoption has been slowed by the many competing systems.

iPad Mini Update: Reliable sources point to an October media event unveiling. New device to officially be called "iPad mini".



First expert Apple analyst John Gruber, and then the good Mr. Jim Dalrymple weighed in on the speculation swirling around the upcoming product launch of the iPad mini. I folowed up on their reports with my own investigating and found that I simply couldn't argue with their reasoning. As I recently reported, it seems entirely plausible that the Apple iPad mini will not launch in conjunction with the iPhone 5, as I initially thought might have been the case. It is all but assured that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at a September 12th event, becoming available on or around September 21st, with the iPad mini to be introduced about a month later.


Now AllThingsD and Macrumors have also chimed in, in support of an expected product lauch of the iPad mini at a completely seperate media event in October. In fact, AllThingsD has gone so far, and been so bold as to call the new expected launch date in October "confirmed".

Apple vs Samsung: Tim Cook addresses Apple employees after jury's verdict in favor of Apple.



Well, as I reported earlier, the jury in the Apple versus Samsung legal battle has returned their verdict this evening, and it goes heavily in Apple's favor. This precedent setting case has, from the start, been about far more that just the billion plus dollars the jury awarded Apple. Rather this case, and the jury's subsequent ruling in Apple's favor, has already been sending shockwaves through the world of smartphones and tablets. Apple now has the momentum, and it's clear that companies that may have thought they got away with blatant patent infringement and theft of intellectual property (cough, Google, cough) may indeed have somethings to worry about. Apple decisively won this case (even assuming Samsung appeals to the extent of the law) and since their revolutionary product was released in 2007, the world of smartphones has simply not been the same, (or rather it's been more the same than ever), as other manufacturers raced to ride Apple's coat-tails to the bank. So many phones now look and (try to) act like the iPhone. With the decision of this jury, a clear message has been sent: manufactures of all these Apple knockoffs have been given ample fair warning.


In an email to Apple corporate employees Apple's CEO issued these following words:

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New video compares iPhone 5 parts to iPhone 4S, including screen size


Yet another video of iPhone 5 parts has appeared, this one giving a clear comparison of the size of the new iPhone compared to the iPhone 4S. As with all the other leaks, this video shows that the new iPhone will have a 4-inch display. The video also covers some changes in internal parts, which suggest that Apple made changes to accommodate a larger battery to power the 4-inch display. Rumors are still suggesting that the new display will use in-cell technology that will make it thinner and sharper.

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