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Cool new iOS 6 features not discussed during Monday's keynote


The keynote on Monday covered 10 new features of iOS 6, but those are, of course, just a small fraction of the 200 new features that this update will offer. A blog post on Gizmodo has collected 10 (and counting) of the coolest new features that weren't mentioned on Monday, and the blog comments are highlighting even more. If you use the Clock app as an alarm, with iOS 6 you'll be able to select any song on your iPhone or iPad to serve as the alarm. In addition, the iPad has a new Clock app.

Video of yesterday's WWDC keynote now online


Apple has posted a video of the full keynote from yesterday's Worldwide Developers Conference. It covers new Mac models, the forthcoming Mountain Lion operating system, and iOS 6 — nearly two hours in all. If nothing else, just watch Siri's standup comedy routine that takes up the first couple minutes of the keynote. If your interest is the iPhone and iPad, you can jump ahead to 68.50, when Scott Forstall comes on stage to talk about iOS 6. It's worth watching, especially the Flyover feature of the new Maps apps, which is demoed at 104.10 minutes into the video. This feature lets you zoom over a 3-D cityscape.

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Apple introduces iOS 6, available this fall


In a presenation filled with detail, Apple introduced iOS 6 today, with 200 new features. It will be available this fall for the iPhone 3GS and later, the iPad 2 and 3, and the fourth generation iPod touch. Ten of the new features were demoed, and they all look pretty exciting. The changes to Siri seem the most remarkable. You can now ask Siri specific questions related to sports (scores, stats, standings, etc.), restaurants (nearby restaurants, maps, hours, prices, reviews -- even make reservations), and movies (reviews, locations and times -- and even view the trailer right within Siri).

WWDC: iOS 6 update


iOS 6 has over 200 new features, including the following: Siri will now be able to report sports scores and player stats, team rankings and more.

WWDC: New MacBook products


Phil Schiller introduced new notebook changes, specifically: MacBook Air gets a faster CPU using Intel Ivy Bridge at 2.0 Ghz dual core i7 and 8GB ram but noticeable 512GB of SSD! And it offers 500MB read speed. Finally USB 3.0 will be supported! 60% faster graphics, too. Shipping today, too!

MacBook Pro gets some love, too. Ivy Bridge up to 2.7GHz quad core i7. 60% faster graphics, too, and USB 3.0, also shipping today. The big unveil was a new next generation MacBook Pro.

iOS 6 to be announced Monday at WWDC


Apple will be offering the keynote at the WorldWide Developers Conference on Monday in San Francisco, and everyone is eagerly anticipating what they will announce. A CNET photographer snapped a photo of a large iOS 6 banner at the venue where the event is being held, so it's now confirned that Apple will be announcing the latest software for the iPhone and iPad. Not much is known about it, though everyone is expecting a new Maps app. Also, a lot of blogs are betting that we'll see Siri for the iPad. I hope they're right.

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Virgin Mobile to offer prepaid, no-contract iPhones beginning June 29


After rumors surfaced earlier this week, Virgin Mobile, a seller of prepaid phone service, confirmed yesterday that they'll begin offering the iPhone on June 29. Here's the bottom line: If you go with a Virgin Mobile iPhone 4, you'll pay more money upfront, but over a two-year period you'll save $800 or more compared to a similar phone purchased with a contract from Sprint (provider of Virgin Mobile's network). An 8GB iPhone 4 will cost $549. And service starts at $30/month for 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data.

New video of iPhone 5 back plate posted


Yet more detail has emerged about the forthcoming iPhone 5, thanks to a video on ETrade Supply that closely examines the aluminum back plate. The plate is similar to the plate revealed in photos that made the rounds last week, seeming to provide confirmation that this is the real deal. One interesting feature is the "unibody" construction—a single plate forming both the back and the edges of the phone.The plate suggests that the new phone will be thinner and taller.

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