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Tip of the Day: How to Format Notes


Apple's Notes app has long been pretty basic, but happily iOS 8 added some new features. You can now insert photos in your notes as well as apply the text attributes of bold, italic, and underline. It's not real fancy, but it's great to have some more options.

Tip of the Day: Answer Your iPhone Hands Free


There are several hands-free ways you can answer a ringing iPhone while your hands are covered by bulky, hard-to-remove gloves. You could start by wearing touchscreen-sensitive gloves. Or using a stylus. Or plugging in a pair of headphones. But what if your gloves were chosen not for their touchscreen compatibility but for their ability to keep your hands warm while the polar vortex is in town? What if you don't have a stylus or a pair of headphones quickly accessible in your winter gear and you really want to take that incoming call? There's a simple solution; just be prepared for some funny looks.

Tip of the Day: How To Accept Invites in the Calendar App


We recently showed you how to create events and send invites with the Calendar app, but what do you do when you're on the receiving end of those invites?

Tip of the Day: How to Use AirPlay


Have you ever had three or four people or more gathered around you as you show off pictures from your iPhone? Ever wish you had a bigger screen to display those photos? Well, if you (or someone you know) has an Apple TV you can use your iPhone’s AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream those photos to the TV’s screen.

Tip of the Day: Have Siri Read Text to You


The Accessibility features of iOS are useful to those who are visually impaired, but they can also be useful to others, such as those occasions when it might be more convenient to have your iPhone or iPad read to you. In an earlier tip, I showed how you can use the Speech setting in Accessibility to have your device read text to you. A reader pointed out to me that there's yet another way to do so: the VoiceOver feature. And once you get the hang of it, this approach may be the more convenient.

Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 4: Adding Navigation


Do you have an idea for an app but lack the programming knowledge to begin building it? In this weekly blog series, How To Unleash Your Inner App Developer, I will take you, the non-programmer, step by step through the process of creating apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Join me each week on this adventure, and you will experience how fun turning your ideas into reality can be! This is Part 4 of the blog series. If you're just getting started now, check out the beginning of the series here (This post has been updated to iOS 8, Xcode 6 and Swift.)

In my previous post, we finished up the main screen of the iAppsReview iPhone app. In the process, you learned how to configure a table view, how to add images to a project, and how to use them as launch images as well as in the rows of a table view. 

Tip of the Day: How to Save an Individual Photo from Your Burst Images


If you stumble across a once-in-a-lifetime shot and want to be certain you have plenty of images to choose from, or even if you’re trying to capture a picture of your energetic child or pet, then you’ll love the Burst Mode feature in your Camera app.

Tip of the Day: How to Create Events and Send Invites with the Calendar App


Getting people together for an event is easier than ever with today's technology, but sometimes it's easy to get lost in a sea of text messages between you and a group of others. To get everyone on the same page about an event you're planning, why not create an event and invite your guests in a more unified manner?

Tip of the Day: Spotlight in iOS 8 Offers Movie Info, Web Search, Wikipedia, Maps, and More


Spotlight has long been a great feature of iOS, and is especially useful at helping you find apps that are buried away in a folder on your device. Since iOS 7 you invoke this handy search tool by simply swiping down on any home screen. (But keep in mind that if you swipe down from the very top of the display you'll get Notification Center instead.) In iOS 8, introduced last fall, Apple greatly expanded what Spotlight can do. In addition to finding apps and text strings in apps such as Mail and Notes, it also now searches the web, searches Wikipedia, finds related apps in the App Store, finds related movies, and even brings up results in Maps if you search on a location.

Tip of the Day: How to Display and Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App


Birthdays are a great thing to celebrate with those you care about. If you have someone's birthday saved with their contact information, the Calendar app will automatically create an all-day event for that date. However, with Facebook event integration now built-in to the Contacts and Calendar apps, you might be seeing more birthdays than you'd like to. Fortunately, hiding birthdays from your calendar is a simple process.

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