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Tip of the Day: How to Make FaceTime Calls with Siri


It’s no secret that you can use Siri to do things like control your music or launch apps, but today we’re going to show you how to use Siri to make FaceTime calls.

Tip of the Day: Recording Slow Motion Video on Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus


Sometimes you just gotta see something in slow motion to fully appreciate it in all its glory. The iPhone 5s can record slow motion video at 120 frames per second and now with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you also have the option to record 240 frames per second.

Tip of the Day: How to Use AirPrint to Print from Your iPhone or iPad


Apple’s AirPrint allows you to print photos or documents wirelessly from your iDevice. If you’re browsing Safari on your iPhone and find an article you’d really like to share with your roommate or significant other, AirPrint lets you create a hard copy of the article with just a few taps on your screen.

Tip of the Day: Magnify your Screen Display on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Are you in denial about needing a stronger prescription for your glasses or contacts? Display Zoom is here to act as an enabler for a little bit longer! With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you can choose between either standard or zoom display resolutions.

Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 7: The Big Picture


Do you have an idea for an app but lack the programming knowledge to begin building it? In this weekly blog series, How To Unleash Your Inner App Developer, I will take you, the non-programmer, step by step through the process of creating apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Join me each week on this adventure, and you will experience how fun turning your ideas into reality can be! This is Part 7 of the series. If you're just getting started now, check out the beginning of the series here (this post has been updated to Swift, iOS 8 and Xcode 6)

In my last several posts, we have created a prototype app called iAppsReview that allows users to rate apps on their iOS devices. Whenever you build an app, it's a best practice to first create a prototype that you can give to your client or potential user base for feedback. You often need to make changes to the prototype based on the feedback you receive. However, once the dust has settled, you need to turn the prototype into a real app. This requires writing code. Since this blog series is specifically designed for non-programmers, we need to take a step back and look at the big picture of app development and learn the basics of writing code.

Tip of the Day: How to Auto-Fill Credit Card Information Using Your iPhone Camera


Apple has made it easy to enter your credit or debit card information. Just use your iPhone's camera to auto-fill text boxes with your information when entering a card for use with Apple Pay (if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus) or when making online purchases.

Tip of the Day: How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Computer Using iTunes or AirDrop


As a writer, I appreciate the portability of bringing my work with me wherever I go. I can write an article on my Mac then transfer it to my iPhone to polish it up while I’m waiting to pick the kids up from school.

I also routinely transfer my photos and videos from my iPhone to my computer for storage.

Although you can now use Handoff to start work on an iDevice and finish on a computer, the feature requires a late model Mac running OS X Yosemite and an iOS device running iOS 8.1. However, it's also fairly simple to transfer files from a Mac to an iPhone or vice versa with iTunes and AirDrop.

Tip of the Day: View Your Timer Status on Lock Screen


Find it frustrating that you have to go back into your clock app to see how much time is left on your timer? Ever wondered if there was another way to check you timer's status? Well, look no further than your lock screen.

Tip of the Day: Use Siri to Control Music Playback


Why would you go to the trouble of opening your Music app and manually selecting the music you want when Siri can play tracks, albums, and entires genres for you? You can even pause the music or skip at track.

Tip of the Day: How to Create Albums in the Photos App


If you tend to take a lot of pictures, then you understand the importance of being able to effectively organize those pictures so you can easily access them later. Thankfully, your built-in Photos app does just that, allowing you to place your shots into specific albums that you create yourself.

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