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Tip of the Day: How to Grant and Revoke Access to Shared Calendars


There are many ways to stay connected with friends, family, and coworkers on iOS. Today we'll show you how to grant and revoke access to a shared calendar. Please note you can only share calendars with contacts who also have iCloud accounts and the email associated with their iCloud account must be saved in their contact card.

Tip of the Day: Use Your Apple Watch to Locate Your Misplaced iPhone


Are you in the habit of losing your iPhone in the couch cushions? Did your toddler wander off with your phone only to reappear a few minutes later empty handed? Good news; your Apple Watch can help you find your misplaced iPhone, as long as it's in range of your watch.

Tip of the Day: Use iTunes to Sync Photos to Your Device


While iCloud Photo Library has generally replaced iTunes for syncing photos between your computer and your iPhone or iPad, you can still opt to use the iTunes software. I can think of a couple reasons you may want to do this. If you'd like to keep a limited selection of your photos on your device in order to save storage space, iTunes may be a good choice. Also, some people simply don't feel comfortable using the cloud.

Tip of the Day: How To Make Speakerphone Calls Using Siri


I have several hours of commute time every week and I don’t always have my phone’s Bluetooth headset with me. If I want to make a call that means one hand holding the phone and only one hand on the wheel while going 70 miles per hour down the highway. Um, I mean 65 miles per hour, which is the legal speed limit in Colorado.

Tip of the Day: How To Download Free Apps without Authentication


Apple requires users to enter a password or use Touch ID every time content is obtained from the iTunes or App Stores. The purpose of this is to prevent others who may have access to your Apple account from making unauthorized purchases and running up the bill on your credit card. In the past, it didn’t matter if the content was purchased or free, a password still had to be entered to download the material. Now, with iOS 8.3, you no longer have to enter a password when downloading free material from iTunes or free apps from the App Store. It’s free, so what does it matter?

Tip of the Day: How To Use the New Diverse Emojis


With iOS 8.3, Apple added 300 new emoji choices, including the option to add a little more racial diversity to the faces on its emoji keyboard. While none of the emoticons or family groups offer options for different skin tones, the single human characters and body parts (hands, noses, etc.) all come with the new diversity options. 

Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 16: Tuning Up Core Data


Do you have an idea for an app but lack the programming knowledge to begin building it? In this weekly blog series, How to Unleash Your Inner App Developer, I will take you, the non-programmer, step by step through the process of creating apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Join me each week on this adventure, and you will experience how much fun turning your ideas into reality can be! This is Part 16 of the series. If you are just getting started now, check out the beginning of the series here(This post has been updated to Swift 1.2, iOS 8, and Xcode 6.3.)

In my previous blog post, you learned how to add Core Data to a project and design entities in a data model. In this post, you will learn how to generate entity classes from the entities in a data model and use them within your app. You can get the latest version of the iAppsReview project at this link.

Tip of the Day: How to Set Up Touch ID


Touch ID is a very useful feature on iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 plus models, as well as iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. You can set it up to work as a password to your phone and App Store purchases, as well as use it in apps like 1Password as an identification tool. The Touch ID button recognizes your fingerprints, up to five of them, and gives you easy and seamless access to your device without having to enter a number or word password.

Tip of the Day: How to Sort Texts from Contacts and Unknown Senders in Messages


I try to be good about keeping my Messages app cleaned out from unwanted texts by deleting them. There are times though that I receive texts from people who are not in my Contacts and I may want to save the text, but not necessarily add the person to my Contacts list. That’s why I’m glad Apple added a new sorting feature to Messages in iOS 8.3. Now I can keep my Contacts and Unknown Senders separate.

Tip of the Day: How to Set Speakerphone as the Default for Answering Incoming Calls


Do you find yourself mostly answering the phone in speaker mode? Well, there’s an easier way than tapping buttons. You can set your iPhone settings to answer in speaker mode automatically. Here’s how:

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