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iPhone Life's Top 20 Headphones of 2014


To make it onto this list, headphones must shine in the following areas: They must be exceptionally comfortable, they must be well built and they must have superior sonic quality. No earphones that have to be inserted into the ear are included in this list and any Bluetooth headphones featured have to include a microphone for convenient conversing. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it would be, except for the fact that there are so many great headphone options out there. Coming up with a condensed list of 20 headphones to highlight out of the hundreds of great choices on the market was no easy task, but after a year spent studying the intricacies and nuances of a great many headphones, this list represents 2014's cream of the crop.

Organize Your Items & Inventory with Sortly


If you are like me, then I bet you are perpetually wasting a good amount of time overturning everything trying to find the thing that you swore you kept some place which you cannot recall at that moment.

Review: Inbox by Google App


Google has changed Gmail again.

This time, I had to wait a few weeks to get invited to the "Inbox" club—Google's new app for Gmail—which has turned my email on its head. Once I got the invite, I was finally able to log into the app with my Google account.

Enhance Your Life with Smart Bulbs from Connected By TCP


I'd been wanting to start smartening up my home, so when I received an email offering a free sample of smart light bulbs from Connected By TCP, I jumped at the opportunity. And I couldn't be more pleased with them. During these dark winter months, it can be pretty dreary arriving home in the evening after dark. In the past I'd sometimes turn on my porch light when I left home in the afternoon, knowing that I'd be arriving home in the dark and could avoid fumbling to get the key in the door. But it always seemed a waste to have the light on for hours.

The Best Note Taking App for iPad


I first witnessed the MyScipt Calculator at the Mobile App Showdown a couple of years ago at CES. Iwas frankly blown away by the fluid math solving prowess of this app, and it was not surprise when it won the top honors that year. MyScript did not stop there. They kept right on creating innovative extensions of this technology, particularly the hand-writing recognition now baked into a number of MyScript apps. I do not exaggerate when I say that MyScript Smart Note (free), is an amazing note-taking application for iPad See it in action in the embedded video following the break.

2048 Shapes: A Clever Spin on a Hit Game


Whether you are stuck in traffic, anticipating a long wait in the dentist’s office, or simply bored while lining up to pay for your groceries, this new puzzle game can help you kill time.

Lost Civilization Game Review


I try not to generalize, but when folks besides Big Fish Games or G5 put out hidden object games they tend to be not much more in-depth than moving from scene to scene to find a list of objects. Lost Civilization ($4.99) fits right in with the best titles from the two aforementioned companies, with a strong storyline, interesting characters, and game play that goes far beyond simply uncovering a bunch of items in a few panoramic scenes.  Phoenix Online Studios already made a strong stand in the iOS adventure game world with the Cognition series, and now they’ve shown that they know a good hidden object game when they see it as well.

MobilJuice Has a Credit-Card-Sized Charger with a Surprise


I get pitched a lot of Kickstarter projects for "the slimmest portable charger ever," but I'm hesitant to recommend Kickstarter projects that might never see the light of day. Fortunately, today at Stan Lee's Comikaze, I was able to try the Slimz by MobileJuice.com. This is a credit card size charger with a twist. Many such chargers offer a USB port and expect you to add a Lightning or microUSB cable. The Slimz includes a pull out microUSB cable and a tiny converter that turns the microUSB port into a Lightning port. 

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The AQUATIK and TAKTIK 360° Waterproof Cases


It's that time of year again. Right after a new iPhone comes out there is the inevitable deluge of great cases to protect your new investment. This happens with every iPhone release, but perhaps never more markedly than with the introduction of the completely new form factors of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If ever an iPhone called for a protective case it is these large and larger models, with their increased real estate, slick, rounded edges and extra heft. Rather than clump an assortment of different cases together, I'll be focusing on one great case each week over the course of the coming months. In a break from the norm, this week we are featuring two cases that are currently still in the funding stage at Indegogo; the LUNATIK TAKTIK 360° ($99) and their AQUATIK ($79.99) waterproof protective cases.

Crusta Is a Musta if You Don't Want to Bust a Phone


The iPhone 6 is beautiful, but you probably want to protect it without adding too much bulk. The Crusta case from Amzer ($45) might be the solution. Thanks to a robust set of color choices, you can have a unique design combination, 42 combinations in all. Plus, you can still show off that gold iPhone 6, thanks to the tempered glass back. They also have a tempered glass screen protector as an option. The effect makes the Crusta look and feel like just a bumper, but it provides all around coverage with six-foot drop protection and dust proof connections.

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