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Cogito Classic Could Be a Smart Affordable Alternative to the Apple Watch


In the post-Apple Watch world, like it or not, every wearable will be compared to the Apple offering. Fortunately, Apple has left quite a few gaps in their product line, allowing folks like Cogito to compare quite favorably. They offer a pair of watches, one at about $130 and the other at $180. This is about the price of a nice band from Apple!

Emtec PowerClip Adds a Battery without the Bulk


I had the opportunity to try PowerClip ($61) from Emtec. This clever charger snaps on to the bottom of the iPhone via the Lightning port. This can be a more compact alternative than a traditional battery pack case. I used to have a similar charger for my 30-pin iPhone and was glad to see a Lightning option. Emtec also makes an Android-compatible model with a microUSB port.

Review: ScreenGuardz Pure and Crown Screen Protection System from BodyGuardz


As a longtime fan of glass screen protectors, I was worried when I saw the curved edges of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Fortunately, the minds over at Bodyguardz have come up with a solution: the ScreenGuardz Pure and Crown ($39.95-$44.95).

Elegant Aluminum Stand and Hub Elevates Your Monitor and Your Desk Style


I love the products from Satechi. They offer a range of hubs, stands, remotes, and more that make the iOS and Apple Mac experience better. Additionally, many of their gadgets are made out of aluminum which makes them right at home on any Apple user's desk. Recently, Satechi gave me their Premium Aluminum Monitor Stand ($69.99) to try.

Review: Seidio Obex Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


The one thing that never changes about the iPhone is its need for protection. It's difficult to have a device that looks better with each iteration and to want to show it off, but also worry about the damage it may take from everyday use. Seidio aims to alleviate some of that stress with their everything-proof Obex case ($79.95), but is it worth the price?

Review: Notti and Dotti smart lights


Have you ever thought of using a smart light? Witti sent me its Dotti and Notti smart lights to test out, and they provide an interesting iPhone experience, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth to apps that control the units.

MagicMount Harnesses the Power of Magnets


I had the opportunity to try Scosche MagicMount XL Dash/Window ($34.99) from Scosche. The MagicMount is a car mount for phones, but is hefty enough to work with tablets as well, and it can also work on a desk in an office. This makes the MagicMount's decent price even more justifiable. I once drove a Tesla Model S and it has a 17-inch touchscreen display. If you want to do something similar, with an iPad mini or even a full-size iPad, the MagicMount could do the trick.

Review: BreakingSports app


Sports addict? Live-tweet addict? Don’t have time to spend scrolling through Twitter for live-tweets of your favorite sports games?

Then BreakingSports (free) is for you. It combines notifications from your favorite NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA Basketball teams from different Twitter accounts, making it a completely unique way to digest sports news. The app also lets you subscribe to different players and receive notifications for injuries, suspensions, lineup changes, roster changes, scores, stats, rumors, trending stories, and headlines. 

Review: SameGrain app


Meeting new people through SameGrain (free), a platonic version of Tinder, is pretty interesting. Users can tell the app what they like to do and the app will provide matches. For those who want to meet people online, this is a good platform to do so.

Game Centered: Top 10 Gaming Headphones for iOS


Welcome to Game Centered. Usually our Game Centered column focuses on iOS gaming apps, however this time we're taking a slightly different tack and focusing on iOS gaming gear, specifically exceptional headphones for iOS gaming. This roundup has been a long time coming. Over my years writing for iPhone Life magazine I've gotten hip to many great headphones, but only a handful would I consider optimal for the iOS gaming environment, as many factors go into making a pair of headphones optimal for the core gamer. The headphones featured here all fit that bill and address the fact that more and more core gamers are looking to their iOS devices to provide their gaming fix. It's rare that I come across reviews or roundups that focus on great gaming gear solely for the iOS gamer, and this aims to do just that. So if you are an avid, core gamer who loves playing on iOS, this one's for you!

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