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Apple Watch App Rundown


Thanks to the Apple Watch, we can now get apps everywherefrom our MacBooks on our lap and the iPad on the desk, to our iPhones in our hands and our Apple Watches on our wrist.

Apple Watch Event Roundup: Apple's Incredible Focus on Making Products People Love


If there was a single theme in today's Apple event, it was the company's extraordinary commitment to be constantly envisioning great products, and then continually refining them. No other company seems to have such a dedicated focus, nor the resources to bring it off. 

I Want an Apple Watch, but Not for $10K!


You can get a Fitbit to monitor your health activity and get notifcations from your phone. You can get a Pebble to do many of the same things. Both are reasonably priced. Or you can get an Apple Watch in one of three models that blow every other current smart watch/fitness wrist thing right out of the dang water! One of which, an 18kt-gold version is going to retail for at least $10,000 dollars. What!?

March 9 Apple Announcement: Apple Watch Availability and Pricing


Whoever you are, there's an Apple Watch for you. These beautiful timepieces are completely customizable–you choose the face and band. Preorder and preview April 10, available April 24 in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States. Apple is working on making the Apple Watch available everywhere. 

March 9 Apple Announcement: Third-Party Apple Watch Apps


The Apple Watch is finally here! And with 18-hour battery life, you can use third-party apps all day.

Many of your favorite apps will be available for Apple Watch at launch, which is April 24,  2015. Browse your Instagram feed or call an Uber car right from your watch with the Uber App.

March 9 Apple Announcement: Apple Makes a Fashion Statement with the Apple Watch


Would you take fashion advice from Apple's Tim Cook, Eddie Cue, Jimmy Iovine, Phil Schiller or even Dr. Dre or Jony Ive? If so, you would probably wear an untucked dress shirt with a button undone or a slim fitting dark t-shirt all the time (except when getting knighted by the Queen.) Thankfully, their fashion sense didn't dictate our options for the Apple Watch.

March 9 Apple Announcement: Native Apps for Apple Watch


"It's not just with you, it's on you." That's how Tim Cook explains Apple's new Apple Watch. It's everything we hoped it to be, and more! 

March 9 Apple Announcement: How Will ResearchKit Change Our Lives?


Wow, evidently Apple is not satisfied at having nearly a billion iPhones out there in the world, they are preparing to use them to battle breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Parkinsons just for a start! During today's announcement, Apple rolled out an applications framework, called ResearchKit, which will be openly available for the developing of custom apps to aid in monitoring and surveying potential participants. This new framework, available today, comes with five applications that will enable the use of Apple iPhone sensors. The data gathered can be analysed for symptoms and used to track progress while also helping to minimize the impacts of these grave health issues.

March 9 Apple Announcement: Surprise! Apple News We Didn't Expect


Apple normally tries to be super secretive before an announcement, but the Apple Watch was an anomaly. Apple took the rare step of introducing it months before it was shipping or even finalized. As Apple did not have a smartwatch product line to protect, they could afford to do so. Plus, it froze consumer purchases of competing gadgets. Still, we didn't know everything about the Apple Watch, until today. And we still have more to learn, once it reaches consumers' hands (and wrists!)

March 9 Apple Announcement: Apple TV-Same Device, Lower Price. Featuring HBO NOW.


The Apple TV hasn't had a product refresh in about three years. So when Tim Cook brought up the Apple TV at today's event, I was so excited to see what Apple was about to reveal. At long last I thought, a new Apple TV! Something fresh and refined to compete with the likes of the Chromecast and Roku streaming devices!

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