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Tip of the Day: Recover Deleted Photos


If you like to use the camera on your iPhone or iPad, one of the features you'll appreciate in iOS 8 is the ability to recover deleted photos. When you delete a photo, it remains available in the Recently Deleted album on your device for 30 days. If you decide that in fact you want to save a photo you deleted, you can easily recover it.

Want an Apple Watch With Better Battery Life? Get the 42 mm One


At the Apple Watch announcement, Apple didn't spell out the differences between the 38 mm and 42 mm versions of the Apple Watch, but we are learning now that the larger device has a larger battery. It makes sense, from what we learned about the new MacBook. Apple loves to cram batteries into every nook and cranny. There is a precedent, as the iPhone 6 Plus has a larger battery than the iPhone 6 (but it also needs a larger battery to power the much bigger screen.)

With Next iPhone, Pink Could be the New Gold


The Apple Watch announcement is behind us and it's time to "spring forward" and look ahead to the next announcement! The huge focus on fashion in the watch product line may spill over to the iPhone. Originally, the iPhone was only available in an aluminum and black form. Later white was added, and then silver, space gray, and, of course, gold. The iPhone 5c brought plastic colors too, but those are on the way out. The iPod touch product line came in assorted colors, but that product line seems to have been abandoned. Now, just as former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts brought her fashion sense to Apple Retail and the watch offerings, she may be influencing Apple to go pink with their flagship iPhone.

How the Apple Watch Helps You Meet Health and Fitness Goals


The Apple Watch is cool. It might be the next big thing in smartwatches, and it's certainly a step above the rest when comparing it to wearable fitness monitors. 

Choosing Which Apple Watch to Buy


We've "sprung forward." Now we know what the specs are for the Apple Watch, and most importantly, what it will cost, in each configuration. We know that the somewhat smaller watches with a 38 mm case (height) will cost $50 less than the 42 mm ones. We also know there is no functional difference between the smaller one and the larger one. For my money, I will probably get the smaller one. It should be somewhat less bulky and perhaps more importantly, $349 is closer to an impulse buy (at least as Apple products go) versus $399. As an app developer with several watch apps on the horizon, I know I need to own an Apple Watch. But that doesn't mean I need a fancy one.

Apple Watch App Rundown


Thanks to the Apple Watch, we can now get apps everywherefrom our MacBooks on our lap and the iPad on the desk, to our iPhones in our hands and our Apple Watches on our wrist.

Apple Watch Event Roundup: Apple's Incredible Focus on Making Products People Love


If there was a single theme in today's Apple event, it was the company's extraordinary commitment to be constantly envisioning great products, and then continually refining them. No other company seems to have such a dedicated focus, nor the resources to bring it off. 

I Want an Apple Watch, but Not for $10K!


You can get a Fitbit to monitor your health activity and get notifcations from your phone. You can get a Pebble to do many of the same things. Both are reasonably priced. Or you can get an Apple Watch in one of three models that blow every other current smart watch/fitness wrist thing right out of the dang water! One of which, an 18kt-gold version is going to retail for at least $10,000 dollars. What!?

March 9 Apple Announcement: Apple Watch Availability and Pricing


Whoever you are, there's an Apple Watch for you. These beautiful timepieces are completely customizable–you choose the face and band. Preorder and preview April 10, available April 24 in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States. Apple is working on making the Apple Watch available everywhere. 

March 9 Apple Announcement: Third-Party Apple Watch Apps


The Apple Watch is finally here! And with 18-hour battery life, you can use third-party apps all day.

Many of your favorite apps will be available for Apple Watch at launch, which is April 24,  2015. Browse your Instagram feed or call an Uber car right from your watch with the Uber App.

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