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Who Better to Play John Sculley Than Jeff Daniels?


The "official" Steve Jobs movie, based on his approved biography by Walt Isaacson, has had its share of turmoil. The Ashton Kutcher movie was rushed out, whereas this version has stumbled a bit. It has changed movie studios and lead actors. Now it looks like one of the supporting roles has been cast, with Jeff Daniels, star of critically-acclaimed projects like The Newsroom, may take on the role of John Sculley. They share similarities in appearance, so that's a good casting choice. But what I can't get over is Daniels is still in theaters in Dumb and Dumber To. I don't know if they are sending a message, but pushing Steve Jobs out of Apple was a dumb move.

Apple Hires Fashion Experts for Retail Stores in Preparation for Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is more than just a new product category for Apple: it's a new direction into fashion. There was a fascinating discussion on Quora speculating that Apple didn't name it iWatch because it's not just another gadget being added to a family of gadgets. Instead, the Apple Watch is being positioned as a fashion accessory. And if there were any doubt about its positioning, a report on 9T05Mac says that Apple is currently hiring fashion/luxury experts for their retail stores in preparation for the Apple Watch going on sale next year. According to a document obtained by the website, Apple is recruiting people with a "fashion or luxury background." Add to this the fact that Apple's new head of retail is Angela Ahrendts, who left her job as CEO Burberry, a British luxury fashion company whose line includes fashion accessories. In 2013 Apple also hired Paul Deneve, the former CEO of the Yves Saint Laurent luxury brand. Plus, there's the 18-karat gold Apple Watch that is clearly meant to be a fashion statement. Finally, there was the photoshoot in the November issue of Vogue China that featured model Liu Wen sporting various Apple Watches.

Apple Posts "Best of 2014" Lists in iTunes Store


Apple's Best of 2014 Awards have been posted. This annual event helps guide you to the best apps, podcasts, ebooks, music, movies, TV shows, and more. You can view the lists by using the iTunes software on your computer or by using the App Store, iTunes Store, and Podcasts apps on your device. Apple has selected Elevate - Brain Training (free) as app of the year, and Hyperlapse from Instagram (free) as runner-up. Elevate uses mini-games to help you improve your memory, focus, and other cognitive skills. Hyperlapse is a tool for creating time-lapse videos. Game of the year is Threes ($2.99), a number puzzler. Runner up is Leo's Fortune ($4.99), a platform adventure game. In addition to these winners, Apple also gives a list of the 25 best apps and 25 best games of 2014. The listing of apps includes a number of long-time favorites, such as Star Walk ($2.99) and Camera+ ($2.99), but there are also many other titles that are new to me. Definitely worth checking out.

iPad Deals Are Still Happening


Did you miss out on a great iPad deal during the Cyber Monday madness? Have no fear, Best Buy is here, and the savings are from $50 to $100 on the new iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2. The more expensive the device, the better the savings, so Apple's newest, most powerful tablets cost about as much as last year's models. For example, a 128 GB iPad mini 3 costs about $500, which is the same as a 128 GB iPad mini 2. Going big is a no-brainer.

Major Medical Providers Are Adopting HealthKit -- A Good Sign for Apple Watch


In theory, it's a great idea: having patients use their iPhone or Apple Watch to track their health data and make it available to their physicians, who are then in a better position to treat them. And now it's clear that major medical providers are seeing the utility of this and are jumping on board. According to GovernmentHealthIT, Duke Medicine and Ochsner Health System are integrating their electronic health records system with HealthKit. They will be among the presenters at the mHealth Summit that's taking place this week in Washington, DC. Mobile health is becoming a hot topic, and doctors are finding that mobile devices can be a real boon.

Apple Patent Hints at Cracked Screen Prevention


AppleInsider reported on a new patent picked up by Apple that might save your iPhone from a cracked screen. If you drop your phone, a motor and sensors determine the point of impact and shift the positioning of the device in midair to save sensitive areas, like the screen and camera.

Game Centered Special Edition: Top iOS Games for Console Gamers


The following dozen games are either ports of popular console titles, or iOS games that shine in their own right as being console quality. To be included on this list, a game must either be a new release as of this year, or it must have been updated recently to support iOS 8 and Apple's advanced new programming interface known as Metal. With the introduction of iOS 8 and Metal, alongside the powerful A8 and A8X processors that are inside the latest iDevices, Apple has leveled the virtual playing field. It would be ignoring the facts for a core console gamer to say that iOS can't support video games that are on par with console or PC titles, especially if you indulge in iOS' streaming capabilities that allow us to play these great games on a large screened TV. With the graphic capabilities of iOS 8 and the exciting titles currently available for the platform, it's easy to see how Apple's iOS is leading the way in a mobile eSport industry that is on track to bring in a revenue of over 24 billion dollars this year, and set to overtake PC and console gaming's revenue in 2015. As the holidays are upon us again, don't forget that you can gift any of these apps to your favorite gamer via the App Store.


Sony Looks for a Way to Stand Out in Wearables


Sony made Walkmans for years. I owned several, and recently impressed my daughter when I dug out one of my trusty Walkmans after watching Guardians of the Galaxy, which featured one prominently. Then Apple introduced the iPod, and soon, the Walkman became irrelevant. Likewise, Sony, along with Ericsson, made cell phones, but Apple introduced the iPhone and Sony is losing money on their smartphones. Sony makes videogame consoles and handhelds like the PSP, which are threatened by mobile gaming on Apple and Android gadgets. And there's always the ongoing rumor of an Apple TV which could threaten Sony's bread and butter. Sony also made and still makes smartwatches, but with the Apple Watch on the horizon, that's another market that could slip out from under them. 

Apple iPads in Education Under Threat from Chromebooks


Apple has always been a strong player in education. They believed that if a student's first computer is an Apple, then that could influence their future purchases. It certainly did with me, as I first used an Apple ][ Bell & Howell (the black one) in high school, and while I purchased an Osborne 1, a Radio Shack Color Computer, a Sinclair ZX-80, and an IBM PC, I always had a special place in my heart for Apple. So when it was time to go to college, I picked a school (Carnegie Mellon University) that had a deal on Macs, and bought one the day I arrived on campus. I even applied for (and got) a job at the school's computer store, and became Apple's Campus Representative. I was at CMU when Steve Jobs came there to acquire the Mach Kernel for his NeXT Computer company, and I got to see him speak. So that first Apple computer set my career in motion.

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