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4 Tips for Taking Better iPhone Pictures Of Your Kids


Let's admit it — kids are tough to photograph with your iPhone. That is, unless they're sitting still and posing for you during the "magic hour" of light professional photographers often talk about. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your iPhone pictures. 

1. Take Video, Convert to Screenshots

Tips for Better Videos


Twitter recently bought Vine, an app used to create videos up to six seconds long. I'm not sure how many videos really are needed of that length. If you like it that's great. The videos also loop and can be used on Twitter, of course.

Regardless of camera or the app you use when making videos, here are five basic video making tips that you might find helpful.

RØDE iXY Stereo Microphone at CES!


Over in the Las Vegas Hotel (right next to North Hall), the CES iLounge Pavilion continues full of great accessory gear for the intrepid wanderer! I'll be posting up a full review on the iXY from RØDE after the show, but the high points include: stereo dynamic mic input wrapped in a superb hardware package, and with a recording/sampling ability and impressive range of editing and sharing options. Serious journalism types, podcasters, and musicians that want to capture high-quality audio with nothing more than iPhone (and the iXY) should give this product a serious look!

Cinema-trix App Review


Cinema Trix is a fun app which allows you to add filters and other effects to your device’s camera while you’re shooting video or still images.  Unlike many other apps, you can use this one to look through your camera at the world as you want it to be.  The augmented reality features allows you to feel like you’re in the matrix or some other exciting world.  It’s also great for making fun and interesting videos which are altered in a wide range of ways. 

Save, and share, those childhood memories with ArtKive

My youngest daughter was nicknamed 'The Factory' at nursery school, due to the sheer volume of artwork she turned out. Sure, we are proud parents, but if I kept everything, I'd be labeled a hoarder. As a parent, I'm guilty of secretly depositing those works of art in the recycle bin. But you simply can't preserve everything your kids create, in school, camp, or at home.

Olloclip updated for iPhone 5, works with Panorama mode #olloclip

I've been a fan of the Olloclip since it came out, so I was glad to see the iPhone 5 version was coming. In fact, I've been able to play with a prerelease version for a few weeks, and you can get one now that it was just announced today.

If Sandy damaged your pictures, your iPhone may be able to help preserve them...


In recent days, you've probably seen and heard a lot about where I live. I live on Staten Island. About 20 fellow Staten Islanders were killed. Many neighborhoods have been destroyed. Some schools are still closed. The restaurant that my family visited on October 19 is gone. Sandy was not nice to us.

Volunteers have been coming to help with the clean-up. There's been plenty of criticism about the lack of electricity for thousands. [Fortunately, my power was turned on about after three days.] It's still difficult to get gasoline for the cars.

Instagram on the Web


One of the things that always bothered me about using Instagram was sharing images. Now, you can share your Instagram images easily online. If you have an account you can now, or you will be able to do it soon, view your pictures online. For example, my address is http://instagram.com/joelheffner. [My account became active earlier today.] They say that if you have an Instagram account it should be up and running within about a week. Check with Instagram about your privacy settings. It's a very welcome change...at least to me.

Tiffen's powerful photo editing tools put Instagram to shame

I'm not a big fan of Instagram. It can be pretty obvious when a photo has been through an Instagram filter. But what if you really want to manipulate an image, perhaps to make it look like it came from an old film reel? You are going to want more fine grained (pun intended) control compared to Instagram.

Use Streamweaver to effortlessly stitch together camera angles!


You and your friends are at the game, and a fly ball sails up over your section. You and 2 of your buddies capture hilarious clips of another friend dashing and clawing his way through the crowd to the abandoned level above to retrieve the trophy. After the game, you compare the individual videos thinking how cool it would be to be able to stitch together the different angles side-by-side into one super funny production. Now you can, and it's easy and free, using Streamweaver... Full PR about this excellent startup effort follows.

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