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It's Tax Time, which means paperwork, unless you go paperless with Doxie

If you're like me, the tax paperwork is trickling in, and you're compiling an envelope (or box!) full of receipts, payments, tax forms, etc., in preparation of tax day. Now might be the perfect time to make a New Year's resolution to scan and archive such paperwork.

XTZ EarPhone-12 Review


Digital Signal Processing, or DSP for short, is used by Apple and others to facilitate the transformation of audio in a dynamic fashion. This is often done to improve the playback based on the audio data that is being interpreted by the DSP engine. Swedish high-end audio manufacturer XTZ has developed a set of earphones to take advantage of real-time DSP reproduction. Read on to discover if XTZ has cracked the audio code with their EarPhone-12 product.

WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 1-28-13



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway! 290 people in 18 different countries entered this week! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 18 apps!

Details on new iPads, iPhone include 128GB iPad 4, slimmer iPad 5, inexpensive iPhone


So far the rumors have been pretty sketchy, but now some websites with industry sources and a good track record are reporting details on new iPads and iPhones, even including a photo on iLounge of a model of a new iPad 5. Jeremy Horwitz, editor-in-chief at iLounge, had the opportunity to inspect a model of the new iPad and gives a detailed description of it. He says that it's smaller than seems possible, with a 9.7-inch screen and almost no bezel around the edges, with just enough bezel at top and bottom to accommodate the front-facing camera and home button. It's much slimmer too. He characterizes it as a "stretched iPad mini," in that it has the same sort of edges and curvature, and says the it's smaller than the current iPad in every respect, except that it retains a 9.7-inch display.

iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway! 1-25-13



Every weekend we will be raffling off tons of great apps and accessories for FREE. Here's how it works: Every Friday we will announce the prizes being given away through iPhoneLife.com, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To enter the giveaway, go to iPhoneLife.com/giveaways. On Monday morning we will randomly select the winners. If you win an app, we will email you the promo code to redeem the app for free. If you win an accessory, send us your address then we will mail it to you.

Zombie Master for iPhone & iPad


Zombie Master is a fun game that combines all the fun and strategy of StarCraft with the action of Gears of War together into one great game.  As the name implies this game centers around hunting zombies, and keeping yourself alive.  To conquer the game you need to gather items including minerals, gas and foods so you can build different buildings, create new units and upgrade them both to keep yourself strong. 

Stick your iPhone, or iPad, where you want it with these neat gadgets


At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I had a chance to see a lot of neat gadgets, many of which are not yet available to the public. And some might never become available, without help from crowd funding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Here are a few including some that you can help fund and even influence! Dash IT is a neat, affordable alternative to suction cup mounted GPS units and phone holders. The problem with suction cup mounts are threefold. First, they can obstruct your view of the road, which is dangerous. Second, they advertise to bad guys that you have an expensive gadget in your car. Even if the mount is removed. That telltale ring is still visible.

Apple garners 51% of smartphone sales in December 2012 quarter


Some market analysts are saying that today's earnings report by Apple will be the most important in 10 years. The big question is whether Apple will be able to continue its momentum, and, secondarily, whether they beat market estimates for the December quarter. In other words, does Apple still have The Right Stuff? Certainly they did this past quarter, as CNET is reporting that the iPhone captured 51.2% of the smartphone market in the U.S. in the December quarter, compared to 44.8% for Android.

Awesome New and Updated Games: Heroes & Castles, MX Offroad and Letter by Letter.



Welcome to my roundup of some of the best new (and updated) iOS games! This week we'll take a look at the uniquely genre-defying greatness that is Heroes and Castles, the adrenaline-fueled racing madness of 2XL MX Offroad and the refreshing word puzzlement of Letter by Letter.

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