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iWatch, iPhone 5S Photos, and Other New Toy Rumors


Forget the image that jumps into your mind of a standard wristwatch with a glass face connected to a band. Instead, imagine this: flexible, paper-like glass wrapping around your wrist, with a display encompassing the entire band. According to an article in The New York Times Sunday, Apple is working on just such a device: a wristwatch-like iOS device made of curved glass called iWatch.

Send Video Directly to Your YouTube Channel


YouTube is clearly the place most people go to post their videos... at least for now.

Historically, it has been a multiple step process. However, Google has released an app called YouTube Capture to simplify the process. After you shoot your video, all you have to do is edit by trimming, stabilizing, color correcting or adding a music track, then send the video to your YouTube channel. That's it. Can you say Easy?

Epic Fail: Infinity Blade's Dungeons on Hold Indefinitely.


Urban Dictionary defines epic fail as, "Complete and total failure when success should have been reasonably easy to attain." So I find it ironic that Epic Games' sure-fire hit, Infinity Blade: Dungeons has been beset with delay after delay. After all, it's not often one of the most successful iOS game franchises has such an eagerly-anticipated game waiting in the wings that they just can't seem to get to market. Now, we have word from Epic Games we shouldn't hold our breath for the release of what certainly looked like another great chapter in the Infinity Blade saga.

Rumors of iPad 5 (including mockups) and iPhone 6


Thanks to the purported leak of an enclosure for a fifth-generation iPad, MacRumors commissioned an artist to create mockups of the new device. The enclosure and attendant rumors have suggested that the forthcoming iPad will have a form-factor more like that of the iPad mini, will be thinner, and have narrower bezels on the left and right such that the overall width is less.

Mailbox App Expected to Revolutionize Email Management


Here's the good news: Mailbox is an extraordinary new free app for effectively managing your inbox. But the bad news is, it only works with Gmail, and downloading the app simply puts you on a waiting list as its developers gradually roll it out. (There are already several hundred thousand eager iPhone users lined up ahead of you.)

More Contest Apps!


The iPhone Life magazine contest is announcing 50+ apps to win apps to win Monday! Visit iphonelife.com/giveaways to enter.

Here are some of the hottest apps in this week's contest:

 Alley Art

The apps simple interface makes it fun and easy to learn and create artwork. You also can add style to your painting, change opacity of shapes, add grunge textures, and elegant frames and share it online with family and friends.

Siri Rising: More Apps, More Cars, More Personality


Apple revolutionized human-computer interaction with the Macintosh interface back in 1984 and again in 2007 with the iPhone. And now we're seeing it again with Siri. Apple's job postings clearly show that Apple is focused on increasing Siri's role in the interface.

Crossfade M-100 Headphones by V-Moda


Just released, these incredible quality headphones are the Rodeo Drive of sound purveyors. Inspired in Italy and designed in Hollywood, they are the result of years of collaborative effort among audiophones, journalists, producers, DJs and engineers. This is truly a Crowdsourced product.

The House of Marley Introduces Rise Up Deluxe Headphones



If you want to support a company with the most forward-thinking, sustainable, and Eco-friendly business practices in the audio equipment industry, then I have great news for you! Likewise, if investing in audio gear that’s well made, has a level of quality that comes from attention to little details, and reflects a passion for accurate sound reproduction, then look no further. Let me introduce you to The House of Marley's Rise Up headphones, available now in the Apple Store.

Breakout Books: Apple Offering Low-Cost and Free Books


Apple added a new section to its iBookstore called Breakout Books Tuesday. It features self-published books, which are typically lower priced than those from traditional publishing houses. And there are a number of free titles — typically the first title in a fiction series.

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