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Meze 88 Classics: High-End Ebony Headphones for the Discerning Audiophile


A great pair of high performance headphones is a key ingredient in how we experience our iDevices. Many apps even suggest using headphones to help you immerse in apps and music. Because I'm aware of how much quality headphones can enhance our iDevice experience, I often review headphones of all different styles and quality for iPhone Life readers. In this series for the discerning audiophile, I will review several new and noteworthy entries in the extremely crowded headphone market.

The first pair of headphones I'd like to introduce you to is the Meze 88 Classics ($309). Mezes are the Lamborghini of headphones, exuding style and quality, both rare and luxurious. The Meze 88 Classics are some of the best headphones I have come across in a good while; one any music aficionado should know about.

WINNERS! of iPhone Life's May 6th Biweekly Giveaway


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OGIO Debuts New Line of Fashionable, Functional Tech Backpacks


I first came in contact with OGIO gear as an off-road motorcycling enthusiast. I loved the products for their quality construction and design integrity.

OGIO’s new 2013 lineup of tech-friendly bags met all of my expectations of the company, fusing durability and water resistance with contemporary urban style. Of particular interest to any iDevice owner is the NEWT series of backpacks and messengers. OGIO designed these bags to carry the iPad, iPhone and MacBook safely, without having to tote a heavy, cumbersome pack. 

iPhone Coming to U.S. Cellular Later This Year


U.S. Cellular announced Friday that it will start carrying the iPhone later this year. The carrier didn't say when, which models, or how much it would cost. Apple just keeps extending its reach.

In addition to the four major carriers and U.S. Cellular, the iPhone also is available from Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and WalMart's Straight Talk. It has yet to make an appearance on the prepaid carriers MetroPCS and Boost Mobile, with rumors suggesting the latter will get the iPhone later this year. 

Apple Making Big Mistakes — How Will it Affect iPhone App Developers?


Apple has gone through a number of ups and downs during the last three decades. The company has invented the most inspiring products, and it has launched quite a few products doomed to fail right from the start. But the success of the iPhone and iPad catapulted Apple to number one in the tech market. Steve Jobs' unique style of leadership and showmanship was the foundation on which the edifice of Apple's success rested.

But after Jobs' left the company, signs of decay began to appear: this is not to say Apple is not creating good products. The company is easily the best when it comes to creating premium smartphones and tablets. 

iOS 7, Coming to a Car Near You


Apple is focusing its attention on integrating the iPhone with automobiles, according to a recent blog post on 9To5MacThe article said we might see something yet this year. 

It makes sense. iPhones are incredibly powerful and intelligent devices, so why not develop a system where iPhone content is displayed on say, a car mirror, or perhaps receives a video-out signal? 9To5Mac says Apple is working on a system whereby Apple Maps would appear on the car's display (instead of the sort of proprietary GPS systems currently found in cars). 

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Improve Your Game of Golf with Tiger Woods: My Swing and Who's Your Caddy Apps


A few weeks ago I reviewed an amazingly cool 3D golf swing analysis tool for iOS called SwingTIP. Afterward, I managed to get out on the links with a friend for the first time in a long time. Not surprisingly, my scoring was pretty abysmal, so I figured I needed some help. I found two apps you may want to check out, especially if you also have been away from the game for awhile. Tiger Woods: My Swing ($4.99) will show you the spectacularly perfect swing of the master himself along with Tiger's priceless golf insights and other exclusive content. 

Scosche BoomBOTTLE: The Wireless, Weatherproof Speaker


I've tried out Bluetooth wireless speakers of various shapes and sizes and can't recall any sounding so good as the Scosche BoomBOTTLE ($149.95). Shaped like a rubberized water bottle, the BoomBOTTLE fits perfectly in a standard-sized cup holder or bottle cage and has enough power to rock you and everyone else riding nearby!

Radical Changes to iOS 7 Could Delay Its Appearance


When you think of it, it's amazing all the things that have to come together in order to get a new phone and a new version of the software out the door — with millions of people waiting with baited breath all the while and investors chastising Apple for not coming out with new stuff.

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