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Rumors Fly as Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Draws Near


The rumors are becoming hot and heavy as we move toward Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week and the release of new devices this fall. The latest rumor on iPads, originating from DigiTimes, is that mass production of the next 9.7-inch iPad will begin July or August, with shipment scheduled for late September. The site again states what so many other rumors have said: that the form factor will be like the iPad mini, with narrower bezels left and right and an overall thinner and lighter design. The site, which gets its information from Apple's suppliers, says the next-generation iPad mini will arrive in November. The reason behind the timing is unclear, but could be because Apple wants to clearly separate the launches of the two models. Or it's possible Apple's suppliers simply don't have the capacity to ramp up production of both iPads simultaneously. Most of the rumors surrounding the next mini relate to the possibility of it having a retina display.

WINNERS! of iPhone Life's June 3rd Biweekly Giveaway


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Game Centered: Summer Blockbuster iOS Games- World War Z, Star Wars: KOTR and Battlestone


Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games. Among the App Store’s myriad games, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the greats. Each installment of Game Centered will take a close look at a select few worthy of special recognition.

In this installment of Game Centered we’re taking a look at some of the new Blockbuster role playing games recently arriving in the App Store. Honestly, each one of these awesome games deserves its own in-depth review. I will assuredly get to that in future posts, so stay tuned! But for now, enjoy this brief introduction to these stellar iOS RPGs.

Dolry Turns Old Speaker Docks into AirPlay Streaming Wonders!


Why do companies do it? (Make new stuff that is no longer compatible with old stuff?!) While there's some truth to emerging technology outdating old products, companies also do it to get you to spend more money. Take all those old 30-pin speaker docks out there in iPhoneland, we bought them up like hot cakes, right? Now, many older iPhones and iPods have turned into dust-collecting paperweights and the compatible docks are all but obsolete.

But there is a gadget that can transform your speaker into shiny new tech yet again! The Dolry, made by Swedish manufacturer C4 Electronics, is an extremely ingenious Wi-Fi adapter that connects to your old 30-pin dock and turns it into an AirPlay (or DLNA) compatible wireless powerhouse!

Top 5 Weather Tracking & Alert Apps for iPhone that can Save Your Life


The tornadoes sweeping across the Texas plains and hitting Oklahoma mid-May reminded us that when a natural disaster rips through a community, the situation can turn deadly. But if you have an inkling of where and when severe weather is going to hit, you have a chance to take safety measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The App Store is flooded with all kinds of weather apps, but ones that only tell you the temperature are of no use in an emergency. To stay safe, you need apps that can give you early warnings about extreme conditions in your specific location. We have rounded up five of the best apps, which taken together can help smartphone users get a head start in case of severe weather.

AmpliTube 3.0 and iRig HD for iOS: Tools for the Mobile Guitarist


IK Multimedia is making big news in the tablet-assisted music world after announcing a major upgrade to its flagship iOS guitar effects software and hardware. AmpliTube 3.0 ($19.99) and its complimentary (though not required) iRig HD ($99.99) hardware can now take aspiring and expert guitarists to a whole new level.

The original AmpliTube was one of the first serious guitar effects applications for the iOS platform and has garnered a strong following thanks to IK Multimedia's expansion packs. These have featured the sounds of guitar masters like Jimi Hendrix and Slash as well as a collection of emulated stomp boxes, tuners, and effects. Taking an iPad, an iRig HD, an iRig STOMP, and AmpliTube on the road is no longer a curiosity for a lot of live guitar performances. 

Power Without Wires: BuquTech Magnetyze Charging System for iPhone


One day, our Apple iDevices will power themselves wirelessly, sucking in power from elements in the air. Until then, we are stuck with wires and being tethered to a traditional power source. But some vendors are making products that bridge the gap.

One such company is BuquTech, with its Magnetyze Charging System with Protective Case ($59.99). The Magentyze line is well designed and currently supports the iPhone 4, 4S, and promises a version for the iPhone 5 in the future.

If you change phones, or if multiple family members have different devices. You can mix and match and preserve your investment.

Adventure-Proof your iPhone with the Slim, Waterproof Incipio Atlas


The Adventure-Proof series examines and reviews the best in rugged iOS gear, apps, and accessories to help iDevice users enjoy outdoor adventures and extreme environments with their mobile tech safely in tow.

The Atlas by Incipio ($89.99) is a newcomer to the waterproof case arena and on its first try has created an excellent, ruggedized, full-time use case. The Atlas has some of the absolute best features of any heavy-duty iPhone 5 case on the market

Right Off the Bat

What intrigued me most about the Atlas was the fact that it is the first waterproof case to use shatterproof, tempered glass for its screen cover. This is both unprecedented as well as very welcome! In fact, I would describe the Atlas as a game changer in the ultra-rugged iPhone case arena.

iMech Online Brings Multiplayer Destruction to iOS!


Folks around these parts been sayin' thar's a new mech game in town, goes by the name of iMech OnlineWell, I'm here to tell ya I seen it with my own two eyeballs! You'll want to be a-strappin on your pulse cannons, because this one is gointer to be a wild, mech-blasting ride!

iMech Online is finally in the App Store—free and full of cool 3D blow em up action—nearly a year after it was announced at the 2012 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

It is a testament to the health of the App Store ecosystem that indie games like iMech Online can flourish. But I digress... What I like about iMech is less about fancy 3D Retina visuals that can eat half a gig of device storage (iMech comes in at a leaner 136M), and more about its tried and true game-building principles, namely:

iOS 7 Described as 'Black, White, and Flat All Over'


Apple is expected to announce iOS 7 at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, beginning June 10. And in a remarkable preview of the new software, given that Apple is notoriously secretive, 9To5Mac has posted details about this forthcoming operating system for the iPhone and iPad. 9To5Mac's sources characterizes iOS 7 as "black, white, and flat all over." I'm not sure I like the sound of that, but the report says that "flatness" means Apple will drop textured design elements, and the "black and white" refers to the color of several new interface elements. It's hard to imagine. But it comes from Apple's legendary Jony Ive, so no doubt it will look good. The report warns that the design keeps changing, so it's hard to know exactly what will appear at the developers conference.

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