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Mikey makes for a better microphone on your iOS device


The iPhone and iPad do a lot of things well, but if you agree that the built-in microphone could use some improvement, you should check out the Mikey Digital add-on from Blue Microphones.

Blue is known for the very high quality microphones for Mac and other uses, so it's nice to see them bring their expertise to the iOS world. 

iPhone 5S, fifth generation iPad predicted to appear June or July 2013, iTV in fall


The arrival of new products is many months away, but already we're getting predictions regarding what and when. And note that these predictions aren't completely fanciful: they come from a market analyst who has industry contacts. Peter Misek of investment firm Jefferies says that we'll likely see an iPhone 5S in June or July of next year. He thinks it will have, according to AppleInsider, "a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC." He also says that there's a possiblity that the new phone will come in 6 colors, like the new iPod touch, that it will have an IGZO display, and will have a 128GB option.

What I played this week - Slenderman, and Ice Riders!


Slenderman: Unknown Chronicles is one of a few games or apps on iTunes related to the Slender horror genre. The legend is of a tall, slender man that appears in the background of old photographs that include small children. Evidence of kidnappings surround these events, and the Slenderman is purportedly able to stretch his arms and torso to extreme lengths to capture his quarry. The game is sort of like an iOS version of Blair Witch Project (if anyone remembers that)! Ice Riders, a decidedly upbeat, platform-like snowboard simulation combines custom course design with tricky game physics to create a unique, chilly and fun time-killer... Read on for the full reviews!

T-Mobile to offer iPhone next year


One of the more interesting tidbits in the past couple days was T-Mobile's announcement that they'll be offering the iPhone next year — but with a difference. They'll not offer subsized phones, like the other carriers do, but instead will either charge full price or will lease the phone to their customers.

EC-BC's Hercules: A hardy backpack that lives up to its name!


Everyone knows that the name Hercules is associated with great strength and integrity. Now, with their new backpack of the same name, EC-BC has done a most excellent job of creating a high-quailty backpack that embodies those same qualities of strength and integrity.



The Hercules is a stylish bag that looks nothing like a military issue pack, nor even a particularly rugged bag. But don't let its fashionably attractive appearance decieve you! The Hercules is every bit as tough and durable as many "military standard" backpacks! In fact, with its superior craftsmanship and intense attention to detail, the Hercules is actually more rugged than many military issue bags that I have evaluated over the years! Now that's saying something...

mophie OutRide sports mounting system now available!


If you are reading this, you might know someone (if not you) looking for an iPhone accessory that is totally, and insanely cool! Especially if this hypothetical person (also "not you") is into winter/summer sporting. Check out the mophie OutRide, now available for $149.99. This mount takes it to the next level, protecting iPhone with a sturdy high-impact, water-proof housing, and enhances your action vids with an integrated wide-angle lens and custom app combo! Read on for full PR info on this radical mounting accessory!...

iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway! 12-7-12



Every weekend we will be raffling off tons of great apps and accessories for FREE. Here's how it works: Every Friday we will announce the prizes being given away through iPhoneLife.com, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To enter the giveaway, go to iPhoneLife.com/giveaways. On Monday morning we will randomly select the winners. If you win an app, we will email you the promo code to redeem the app for free. If you win an accessory, we will mail it to you.

Sonos update brings wireless streaming to iOS!


I have been a big Sonos fan for years. If you are not familiar with the high-quality line of wireless music systems, please do yourself a favor this holiday season and either search our site (keyword "Sonos"), check my latest Play:3 review here, or simply go to their home page here. It is the single best wireless music system I have reviewed. Anyway, the point is to inform that a recent update to the iOS application experience now includes streaming from your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. You needed a dock accessory in previous versions to do this, so it is indeed a very cool enhancement... Read on for full details.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, pushes the boundaries of iOS gaming. [New game review]


Prepare yourself for the next level in console-quality FPS gameplay with Modern Combat: Zero Hour!


The wait is over! The latest chapter in the award-winning Modern Combat series from Gameloft is now available in the iTunes App Store. Read on for the full review...

Contest: Smize Yourself and win an audition with Tyra Banks


If you've ever felt your photos don't have enough pizzaz, maybe it's time to "smize" yourself.  Much like Zoolander’s stare, smizing is a way to bring attention to your personality, though unlike the made up model’s technique this one apparently really works.  It’s a concept developed by Tyra Banks whereby you “smile with your eyes”, and you can learn it for yourself with the iOS application Smize Yourself!  You’ll even be taught by the mater as the lessons were recorded by Tyra Banks herself.  Don’t worry, though, because the software contains facial morphing options to help where smizing

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