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Kickstart This! Introducing The Jorno: The World's Smallest, Folding, Wireless, Bluetooth Keyboard.



As you know, I'm also a big fan of accessories that make it easier for us to be Mobile, in the widest range of situations and circumstances possible. So products that help support our mobility by being built ruggedly and with integrity, and accessories that are highly compactable and portable, always trip my radar.

Add to my list of highly useful gadgets: The Jorno. The world's smallest, folding Bluetooth keyboard.

Hands-on guide to installing iOS 6; early reviews of the iPhone 5


Macworld has posted a hands-on guide to installing iOS 6. Installation is typically fairly simple and routine, but this overview is very helpful. It tells which devices can run it, and what features won't be available on all devices. It tells what you need to do to prepare to install (that is, make sure everything is backed up) and walks you through the two basic options of either installing "over the air" or installing by syncing with iTunes on your desktop computer. The guide also covers the option of restoring and then updating — wiping your iOS device clean and then installing iOS 6. You can then either set it up as a new device or restore all of your files from an iCloud backup.

The Iron Mouse App Review


There are some pretty fantastic games available for the iPhone and the iPad, each with its own set of challenges, its own creativity, and its own unique design. One that really stood though was called The Iron Mouse. The gameplay was clever, the scenery and design were colorful, and it is always a fun play. Some games are only fun and interesting for the first few levels, but then they get boring as you get used to the gameplay. The Iron Mouse however, is super addictive and will leave you struggling to put down your device. It shares some of the best qualities of today’s most popular games, but rest assured it remains an entirely unique game.

Special Announcement: Introducing Outdoor Technology's Bluetooth Mini-Boombox, the Turtle Shell.



I'm all about companies that don't just make a great product for profit, but also make a great product while being exemplary of a new way of thinking; one that makes our environment and experiencing the enjoyment of nature and the great outdoors, higher priorities. It's easy to diconnect from Mother Earth if we aren't careful, and I appreciate a company that understands how tied in to our mobile devices we are, while at the same time, facillitating ways in which we can integrate our hi-tech, mobile devices into a lifestyle that takes greater advantage of outdoor activities and adventures.




So without further ado, I'd like to introduce to you, a Kickstarter project worth knowing about! Outdoor Technology's Turtle Shell, rugged, wireless Bluetooth Boombox. Read on after the break for full details in the Press Release...

iOS 6 arrives today


[update: iOS 6 is scheduled to become avaiable at 10 am Pacific Time today.] I'm looking forward to downloading iOS 6. An article in the International Business Times is offering a complete guide to new features, including Maps, Siri, Facebook, Passbook, and more. Also, see my earlier post outlining the top 5 new features.

More evidence that the iPad mini is coming soon!



While the whole world is abuzz with anticipation of the impending availibility of the new iPhone 5, there are still many of us patiently awaiting the announcement of Apple's next "surprise", the introduction of the iPad mini. UPDATED: Now including the latest images to surface as of this morning (9/18), showing what seems to be a fully functional iPad mini...

WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 9-17



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 167 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 10 apps!

2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders first 24 hours; speed tests; buyer's guide


iPhone enthusiasts are already starting to line up outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York to be first in line for the iPhone 5 on Friday. And already the phone is a hit, with Apple announcing today that there were over 2 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours.

House Of Marley rocks the house with their Revolution headphones.



If you’d like to find a professional quality pair of on-ear headphones, that also happen to be manufactured by a company with ecologically and sociologically upstanding core principles, well, look no further.



House Of Marley is a “rough and tumble, brand revolution, setting out to change the shape of the future.” They have crafted an outstanding line of products and iDevice accessories. The company (which is spearheaded by Rohan Marley, one of Bob’s sons) has from the ground up, incorporated Bob Marley’s timeless wisdom of Love and “Inity” into its development. Giving 5% of their annual profits to charity (Rita Marley’s 1Love Foundation) and using materials that are either recycled or can easily be recycled, House Of Marley is a trailblazer in the new paradigm of eco-conscious iDevice products. Incorporating wood, and repurposed and recycled aluminum, fabric and plastic, House Of Marley has raised the bar for companies producing eco-friendly, hi-tech  accessories. With an ever-expanding line-up of merchandise, House Of Marley offers a lot of choices to anyone in the market for high-quality, stylish gear to go along with their gadgets.


The Revolution headphones are an exceptional pair of on-ear, professional quality headphones. When I put them on and listened to the first notes of music through them, it was such a wonderful experience. Imagine what it would sound like if crystals could sing! Indeed, these understated and comfortable headphones have a sound of crystalline clarity!

No-contract carrier Cricket to offer iPhone 5 beginning September 28


With the arrival of the iPhone 5, there's been a lot of discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Now another option that you might consider: a no-contract iPhone 5 from Cricket. The new phone will be available from Cricket starting September 28. Read more on CNET. What's the advantage of a no-contract carrier? You can save money. You pay more up front for an unlocked phone, but your prepaid usage comes out to be less money than the contracts from the major carriers.

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