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Porsche: There is no substitute, but there is a more affordable option


If you've always wanted a Porsche of your own, or if you're fortunate enough to have one, but want a spare to play with, you owe it to yourself to checkout the latest remote control car from Silverlit.

Audyssey Audio Dock Air now more valuable than ever


I was a little skeptical of the Audyssey Audio Dock Air when I first saw it, but thanks to some changes, it's now a great deal.  The first change is a $100 discount from the $400 list price.  The second change is Apple's pending micro dock which will make traditional docking speakers somewhat obsolete.  Finally, the third change is AirPlay integration in Macs and PCs, in the latest verion of iTunes, and Mountain Lion.

Charge your iPhone while you ride your bike!


Ecoxpower - a pedal powered headlight and smart phone charger for your bike! I just got a press release about the Ecoxgear Ecoxpower charging system and had to pass it on. I'm not doing any bike riding right now, so I can't review the product, but it looks like a great idea! 

iPad mini: Production picks up steam in preparation for the holidays.


In preparation for the upcoming holiday season production of the 7.85 inch iPad "mini" is rumored to reach as much as 4 million units a month starting in September, according to new information from DigiTimes.
With an anticipated announcement expected alongside the new iPhone on September 12th, the iPad nano is set to go head to head with the likes of other smaller, less expensive tablets, namely Google's Nexus and Amazon's Kindle Fire.
If you happen to have been following the Apple rumor mill, this likely doesn't come as a surprise as whisperings have been circulating for almost a year about the existence of the iPad mini. In fact, sources in the supply chain say that as far back as June, production had begun on the iPad mini, at a monthly volme of "several hundreds of thousands" of units!
The iPad mini is rumored to enter the market somewhere within the 199.00 - 299.00 price range.

Wannabat for iOS: 1vs1 Multiplayer Baseball at it's best



Wannabat, a newly launched game from Vitusoft, has its bases covered.  This one-on-one 3D baseball game practically oozes personality, and it won’t take a sports buff to find themselves hooked on hitting homeruns.

WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 8-20



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 204 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 24 apps!

Apple sets record for most valuable company in history; rendering of new iPhone


Wow, Apple's stock is reaching new highs -- 662 as I write this -- giving it a $621 billion stock market valuation. This is the highest valuation in history for any company. Some of that rise is due to the anticipation of Apple's new iPhone, which is expected to be one of the largest product launches in history. iPhone fever is running high. Certainly there have been a lot of rumors. CNET has posted a 3-D rendering that shows the supposed new phone and compares it to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3.

Life in the nüüd. Lifeproof introduces the first heavy-duty, waterproof iPad case.




After months of anticipation and rumored development, Lifeproof, (arguably one of the best protective case manufacturers for iDevices) has produced, and now released, their version of the award-winning Lifeproof case, for the iPad 2 and 3rd generation models.


Called the “nüüd”, this new, completely submersible iPad case is a revolution of design and functionality. This cleverly designed case provides a high level of defense for our precious iPads, unlike anything else on the market.

Album Flow Free Version Available!


Been a while since I posted up on Album Flow, but wanted to get word out there has been a release of a free version. You need to pay for premium features to customize or use playlists, appearance, etc. but the main cover flow feature that makes it mucho cool for iPad users is fully functional in the free version. Also a great alternative player for iPhone, so go grab it here...

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