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WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 9-24



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 180 people entered this week(minus a couple of duplicates)! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 8 apps!

My 8 Hour Ordeal with iOS 6



This weekend I spent most of Saturday rebuilding my iPad 2 after updating it to iOS 6. 

But let me back up.

Boom The Rock App Review


If you are looking for a game that will have you finding it hard to let go of your iPhone, then Boom the Rock is what you want. It combines all of the best qualities in mobile games, making it a perfect candidate for your next gaming adventure. I knew, from the minute I started to play, that I was in for some fun and that I was going to be playing this game for a while. Reminiscent of some of the older style arcade games, souped up with great graphics and a creative, cartoony look, Boom the Rock is a great creation from Hooligans Entertainment. The game may not be popular yet, but I see it becoming one of the most played games this year.

Listings of top apps updated for the iPhone 5; first hands-on


I got my first hands-on experience with an iPhone 5 today, and I couldn't have imagined how cool it is. I mean, I've been reading (and reporting) the rumors for months. So it should have been ho-hum. But once you hold it and see how much thinner and lighter it is, and how the new shape feels sort of elegant, there's just something inside that says, "Yes, this is cool, this is gorgeous design, this is what a smartphone should be." I just didn't think that I'd be wowed, but I was.

iPhone 5 apparently scuffs more easily than iPhone 4S


The reviews of the iPhone 5 are generally quite positive, and Apple clearly has yet another winner. BUT... if you get one be sure to get a case. As the iFixit video below shows, the new iPhone scuffs more easily than the iPhone 4S. While the test in the video below shows some pretty vigorous scraping and banging with a set of keys and a steel ring to produce the scuff marks, in real world usage you won't likely be treating your phone so harshly. Still, you can imagine that over time it could collect some signs of wear.

IPhone Lines Form Even in the Burbs - Reporting from Issaquah, WA


This morning I ventured out to the local AT&T store in Issaquah, Washington before 9 am this morning. I talked to a few of the people in line, some had been waiting since 6 am. Those who waited longer had already come and gone with their new iPhone 5.  The store offered Krispy Kreme donut holes, bottled water and a few cans of Red Bull. Some people were selling back previous iPhones or other devices, others were complementing their existing Apple-ware with a new iPhone. Ages ranged from early twenties into the sixties. Folding chairs and pop coolers where still in evidence.

Kickstart This! Introducing The Jorno: The World's Smallest, Folding, Wireless, Bluetooth Keyboard.



As you know, I'm also a big fan of accessories that make it easier for us to be Mobile, in the widest range of situations and circumstances possible. So products that help support our mobility by being built ruggedly and with integrity, and accessories that are highly compactable and portable, always trip my radar.

Add to my list of highly useful gadgets: The Jorno. The world's smallest, folding Bluetooth keyboard.

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