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The SunVolt Solar Panel: Charge your iDevices as Fast as with an Outlet




I spent 6 years living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, and during my time on the yacht, I developed a great appreciation for the Sun’s ability to keep my batteries powered up for free, wherever I happened to drop anchor.  Since my sailing days I find I'm always on the lookout for efficient ways to harness this abundant source of electrical power for personal use, especially as one who spends a great deal of my time outdoors, with my iDevices. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn about the SunVolt, by Gomadic.

Survey says: The Majority of Us Would Buy an Even Larger iPhone!






It seems that I am not alone in my interest in an even larger iPhone or, an even smaller iPad. A recent survey conducted by Change Wave reveals, among other things, that 52% of us would opt for an iPhone with a larger screen if given a chance. In fact, of those surveyed, a solid 27% would buy a smartphone over 5-inches if they could. Reliable rumors are already circulating of protoypes of a larger iPhone in the not too distant future.

FREE Science Fiction from Tor - Did I mention it is FREE?


Register and subscribe to the Tor.com email newsletter (if you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, scary stuff, etc.). Just do it now. The email notifies often of free stories posted up to their web site (many of which turn into 99 cent downloads on iTunes), and tons of insider info, just plain cool news updates on all things freakie, weird or otherwise even remotely SFF-related. They have made the best of 2012 completely FREE! That's right, the best of 2012 short fiction all wrapped up nicely in a late (or early, depending how you view it) Christmas ebook present! Get it here...

More rumors of June/July iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone


Apple's stock is down again today, falling below 500, and it's dragging the whole stock market down with it. Much of the decline can be attributed to the Wall Street Journal's report citing unnamed sources that demand for the iPhone 5 is weak. Yet analysts are saying, after checking with their sources in the supply chain, that demand continues to be robust. We'll likely find out the real truth next week when Apple reports their December quarter results and tells what they expect for the March quarter. In the meantime, it doesn't help sales that bloggers like me keep passing along rumors of the Next iPhone. According to AppleInsider, Apple is currently testing two prototypes of future iPhones and will begin preliminary builds of the iPhone 5S in March, suggesting that it will come to market in a June/July time frame. No doubt some people thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5 will now, on the basis of these rumors, consider waiting until the Next Model.

MTX brings big wireless sound to CES!


Not all wireless speakers are created equal. You can turn up several of the mid and low-end models, and the sound is good, but they won't match a quality stereo receiver system with a preamp. Enter MTX with their Street Audio line of wireless (and wired) speaker technology. I was able to test out their "coming soon" line of new IT1 docks at CES. Wow is all I can say, even with the CES ambient show noise, these speakers cut right through everything with sparklingly clear tones, and rich depth. 6 internal speakers powered at a whopping 180 watts (RMS) with side-firing woofers will do that. The dock retails for $599, and the air wireless model for $799, which might seem a bit on the high side for a wireless speaker product, but well, the iT's are for serious audioheads! Oh yeah, they had some cool headphones too...

WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 1-14-13



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway! 278 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 2 apps and 1 accessory!

iLounge selects top 24 accessories for iOS devices at CES


iLounge, a top website for reviews of accessories for iOS devices, has posted its selection of 24 accessories that received their 2013 CES Best of Show Awards. They spent two months previewing new accessories that would debut at CES and then went out on the CES floor to explore hundreds of additional products. After discussion and debate, they selected the very best. Winning best of show was Incipio's OffGrid Pro battery case for iPhone 5. It's a case tightly tailored to the iPhone's body that doubles as a battery pack. They also highlighted other battery cases among their selections.

Input devices that got awards were the pressure-sensitive Adonit New Jot Touch stylus, which has 2,048 levels of sensitivity, and the Light Marker, a Crayola marker-shaped stylus that lets kids draw on an iPad. For musicians, they selected the IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard, a foot pedal Bluetooth MIDI controller, and iRig HD for guitar input.

Imagination Technologies - Core technology innovator at CES!


At CES 2013, at the Imagination Technologies suite last week, I had a meetup and demo session with the pioneering wizards behind the processing technology that drives system on chip (SoC) graphics encoding and rendering in many mobile devices (including iOS). You already know how amazing the iPhone/iPad graphics experience is, of course. If you want to get a glimpse of the next generation Smart TV, graphics and home automation processing power Imagination has coming, then you want to read this...

Best of CES 2013: Waterproof Cases



I just got back from the amazing and spectacular event that was 2013’s Consumer Electronics Show. I had a blast, it was a great time with great people. Nonetheless, I'm a country boy at heart, and it's nice to be back in the rugged wilderness (relatively speaking) that is Sedona Arizona.
If you follow my iPhone Life magazine articles and blog postings then you already know a bit about me. I'm an enthusiast of all things outdoorsy, rugged and environmentally friendly. That said, there was certainly no shortage of amazing new iOS gadgets and gear that could make valid claims of meeting the rigorous IP and MIL-STD-810 military-grade standards, that were being presented at this years CES. Read on for a sampling of some of my favorites in the category of heavy-duty, rugged and durable accessories. Trust me when I say, we have a lot to look forward to, in this category, this year.

More rumors of a forthcoming low-cost iPhone


Wow, what a weak for iPhone rumors. Early in the week Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal both reported that Apple was working on a low-priced iPhone in order to compete with low-cost Android phones or to sell in developing countries. Bloomberg said that it could appear later this year. The rumors said that it would sell for $99 or $149 (without a contract), with one analyst suggesting it would be $199. The reports said that it would resemble a standard iPhone but with a less-expensive body such as polycarbonate plastic.

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