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New photos of iPad mini surface; also iPad mini compared to iPhone 5

New images of the iPad mini have surfaced on the French website nowhereelse.fr. Feast your eyes on these pictures of what appears to be a fully assembled, fully functional iPad mini.

Read on and you will see in the following images, early pre-production cases for the iPhone 5, the iPod mini and the current generation iPad, alongside the current generation iPhone 4S. The infographic gives a good sense of the relative sizes of the various devices by using two devices most of us are quite familiar with, to represent the sizes of the two devices we’ve never seen.

WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 9-10



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Anticipation builds, Apple prepares Yerba Buena Center for Wednesday


Apple has been prepping the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for Wednesday's big event, and anticipation is building to a frenzy. By now, few surprises are expected, since so many details of the forthcoming iPhone 5 have been leaked. The consensus is that it will be taller, with a 4-inch screen, and will have the same width as previous iPhones. It will likely have LTE 4G data speeds. And there will be a new 9-pin dock connector.

Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


Puzzle lovers everywhere can rejoice as there is finally a truly well made jigsaw puzzle app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.  Join It – Jigsaw puzzle is a great app that allows players to experience the pleasure of assembling a jigsaw puzzle right on their mobile device or tablet.  You will love the fact that you can now pick up your virtual puzzle and work on it anytime you have a few extra minutes.  In the past puzzles were reserved only for working on in your home, but now you can enjoy them while on the bus, on a break at work or anywhere else you can imagine!

iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaways! 9-7


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Countdown to iOS 6 -- five new features to look forward to


September 12 is coming up fast, and while much of the anticipation surrounds the expected "iPhone 5" or whatever it will be called, the forthcoming availability of iOS 6, and its new features, will affect many more users. I, for one, am really looking forward to it. Apple introduced iOS 6 last June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, so unlike the iPhone 5, this isn't rumor. Plus, developers have been using this new version in order to make their apps compatible, and they've continued to update us on its new features. Apple will likely announce next week when iOS 6 will be available.

I want to highlight some of the features that I'm looking forward to.

[Review] Incase continues their tradition of great quality products with the Compact Backpack.




Welcome to the latest in my review series. This time I’m taking on the new Incase Compact Backpack, putting it through my rugged testing and reporting back to you on my findings.


I really like the company Incase, I've reviewed their products in the past and have felt like they always make quality merchandise. So I was looking forward to trying out the latest Incase iDevice carrier, simply called the Compact Backpack.



This backpack definitely leans more towards the urban adventurer than the wilderness explorer (I'll also be reviewing some of the better rugged, heavier duty iDevice carrier bags too in the coming weeks so stay tuned.) but for the price and for the quality of craftsmanship for the student, business person or teacher to whom it's targeted, this pack is hard to beat!

Introducing: House Of Marley. Bringing the sound to Satisfy Your Soul!



Bob Marley is undeniably one of the most influential musical artists of our time. More than just a talented musician though, Bob Marley was a preacher of love and unity, equal rights and harmony between peoples. It is an honor to present to you, the first in my series on House Of Marley.



Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, actively spearheads the House Of Marley. Its roots lie in the timeless ethical principles of Rohan’s father: charity, sustainability, one love, not to mention appreciation for good music and sound!



House Of Marley is still a fledgling company (formed in 2010), but already, they are setting a standard of excellence and quality while holding to the highest standards of eco-integrity.

Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots!


Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots takes an already popular arcade shooter genre and adds a skill based puzzle twist. Using your cannon your goal is to defend the Ninja Kitten in each and every level from the invading robots by strategically hitting platforms and other objects in their way. By adding a fast paced element to this popular genre, Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots keeps the user highly entertained and coming back for more - definitely an app worth looking into.

More photos posted comparing size of new "iPhone 5" to iPhone 4S


Apple's event is less than a week away, and it's hard to imagine that, given all the leaks and rumors, they'll say something we don't already know. More photos of the new iPhone have been posted by iResQ that compare the height and thickness with the iPhone 4S. Also, according to AppleInsider, new photos have been posted that again suggest that the iPhone 5 won't have a near field communication (NFC) chip, which is used for digital-wallet transactions. Apple seems to have its own solution in mind rather than jumping on the NFC bandwagon.

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