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Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots!


Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots takes an already popular arcade shooter genre and adds a skill based puzzle twist. Using your cannon your goal is to defend the Ninja Kitten in each and every level from the invading robots by strategically hitting platforms and other objects in their way. By adding a fast paced element to this popular genre, Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots keeps the user highly entertained and coming back for more - definitely an app worth looking into.

More photos posted comparing size of new "iPhone 5" to iPhone 4S


Apple's event is less than a week away, and it's hard to imagine that, given all the leaks and rumors, they'll say something we don't already know. More photos of the new iPhone have been posted by iResQ that compare the height and thickness with the iPhone 4S. Also, according to AppleInsider, new photos have been posted that again suggest that the iPhone 5 won't have a near field communication (NFC) chip, which is used for digital-wallet transactions. Apple seems to have its own solution in mind rather than jumping on the NFC bandwagon.

iPad mini Update: Amazing new high resolution, 3D interactive mockup, and latest images of what the iPad mini may look like.



As the date of unveiling for the new iPhone draws near, more images are surfacing of the newest iPad, known as the iPad mini, which is expected to be released sometime in October.



MacRumors has recently joined forces with Ciccarese Design, and drawn upon the rumors, parts leaks and concepts from case manufacturers to create the latest renderings of the new iPad mini, as well as an incredible 3D interactive model of the device that you can check out.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar and Stylus+Pen Review


Griffin continues to release new hardware products at a hectic pace. Here's a quick review of two items that are worth looking at more closely.

WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 9-4



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 201 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 19 apps!

Apple announces September 12 event


Finally, it's official. Apple has sent out invitations to an event on September 12. It'll be held at 10 a.m. Pacific and 1 p.m. Eastern time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. As usual, the invitation is cryptic and doesn't say what will be announced. And as usual, enthusiasts are scrutinizing it for hints, since Apple often does give a few clues. The invitation has a large numeral 12 indicating the date, but casting a shadow of the numeral 5. Which apparently indicates the iPhone 5. The text simply reads "It's almost here." The event will also likely announce when iOS 6 will be available, which many are looking forward to.

Keep on rockin' with the Jukebox Dock from ION Audio

ION Audio has done it again. The innovative developers of cool and unusual app-cessories for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices has a really impressive jukebox that reminds you of the neon Wurlitzer models, but is much more affordable!

App Review: Natural Tots


Natural Tots is a new addition to the app market which aims to develop your child's learning skills as well as providing an entertaining app for them to use on the iPad or iPhone. You may have been looking for a suitable app for your child and Natural Tots answers this call. With 18 different images for your child to play with and uncover, this is the toddler and baby friendly app that you have been searching for.

Cafe International Review - Fun for the whole family!


Solitaire for cafe addicts, with an offbeat 80s feel... That's my impression of Cafe International. Uh, how many restaurants or shops are seating lone international guests specifically by nationality or gender? None that I know of, but that really isn't the point. The point of Cafe International is good old pattern-matching fun with a multi-player twist that everyone can enjoy. It's also a great way to learn and recognize international flags.

Review: Feed The Penguin Premium by Avko Labs


One thing that turns me off in press releases or iTunes descriptions is phrases like “no analog in the App Store” or “this game is unique”.  My problem with such wording is 99 percent of the time it isn’t true.  Just describe the game to me, and I’ll decide if I’ve ever played anything like it or not.  Besides, with more than 500,000 apps in the App Store, chances are even as a developer you don’t know if someone else has made a game like yours or not.  That had me a bit worried when it came to Feed The Penguin, but as it turns out the game is unique in my experience, at least when it comes to mechanics.  Add to that the fact that it’s both challenging and fun, and that pretty much spells “winner” in my book.

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