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Speculation about $299 iPad


There's buzz today on the blogs about the possibility of a $299 iPad this year. The speculation surrounds the multiple reports by Digitimes that Apple will introduce two new higher-resolution iPads — while also continuing to sell the current iPad at a lower price. After all, Apple has very successfully done this by continuing to sell the iPhone 4 and 3GS even as it introduced the iPhone 4S. If this scenario is true, Digitimes speculates that the iPad 2 might go for as little as $299.

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SugarSync Review - Flexible Cloud storage for everything!


SugarSync is a full-featured cloud backup and file syncing service (reviewed previously in our magazine by Doug Goldring here), but you can also create and edit documents on-line, play music from your synced collection, and transfer photos via iPad or other iOS device. There are clients for iOS, Android and several other mobile OS flavors, so you can sync from just about anywhere. I was specifically interested in the ability to write articles and save pictures and research to a consolidated folder I could later access on my computer. Currently, I use Evernote for the sometimes extensive article content I compile (mostly photo/text/weblink data), but it's somewhat aggravating to reformat everything for our blog editor later, so recently have taken to simply editing blog posts in raw HTML on our site (or in Notes), which is also a pain. SugarSync didn't bring my content together exactly the way I wanted, but it is a great file sync and backup product...

Scosche fitRAIL Review



Rumor: New iPads to be announced in January


I, for one, am eagerly anticipating the new iPads. And the latest rumor, via the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, is that Apple will announce two new iPad models at Macworld in January. Most commentators are treating this Macworld rumor as unlikely. As usual, the sources for this tidbit are component suppliers. The report says that there will be three iPads: continued production of the current iPad 2 on the low end, meant to compete with the Kindle Fire, and two new iPads intended for the mid-range and high-end markets.

PDF Connoisseur for iPad Review


Anyone looking for an app to help expand their iPad's PDF capabilities will really not need to look any further than the PDF connoisseur.  So far this app has done everything I could have ever asked it to do and much more.  There are dozens of PDF apps on the market today but none can give you the full functionality like this one can. 

GoCal for Google Calendar HD Review


The updated GoCal for Google calendar app is easily the best time management and productivity app available for people who already use the Google calendar feature.  This app syncs quickly and seamlessly with your calendar and provides you with a lot of great new features which you will find very useful. 

Satechi R1 Tablet Stand Review


In addition to cases, stands for iOS devices represent a very crowded market. There are many configurations and designs to chose from. In order to be seen above the ocean of products, a designer has to hit a sweet spot that satisfies what others have not. Has Satechi's R1 tablet stand hit that spot? Read on to find out.

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