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Game Centered: Apple's Latest iPhone 6 Commercial is All About Gamers.


Video games on iOS are huge right now. In acknowledgement and celebration of this fact, Apple's newest iPhone 6 commercial is all about gaming, specifically a new game entitled Vainglory (free). Vainglory debuted alongside the introduction of the iPhone 6 series of iPhones and was used at the unveiling to demonstrate the prowess of the new iPhone's gaming capabilities, and with good reason! Vainglory has absolutely gorgeous graphics as well as intense and fast-paced, strategic multiplayer gameplay, built from the ground up for iOS.

MOBA Madness: The Top 3 Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas for iOS


I have seen the future of online mobile gaming, and it is MOBA. Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas is a term familiar to any core, hardcore, or professional gamer. If it's not already a common term in your vocabulary, popular iOS MOBA titles like Fates Forever (free), Vainglory (free), and Heroes of Order and Chaos (free) plan to change that, as they help usher in the new renaissance of mobile gaming.

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2048 Shapes: A Clever Spin on a Hit Game


Whether you are stuck in traffic, anticipating a long wait in the dentist’s office, or simply bored while lining up to pay for your groceries, this new puzzle game can help you kill time.

Lost Civilization Game Review


I try not to generalize, but when folks besides Big Fish Games or G5 put out hidden object games they tend to be not much more in-depth than moving from scene to scene to find a list of objects. Lost Civilization ($4.99) fits right in with the best titles from the two aforementioned companies, with a strong storyline, interesting characters, and game play that goes far beyond simply uncovering a bunch of items in a few panoramic scenes.  Phoenix Online Studios already made a strong stand in the iOS adventure game world with the Cognition series, and now they’ve shown that they know a good hidden object game when they see it as well.

Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge Released!


If you know about Tilt to Live ($2.99), well then I need not describe the pulse-raising pleasure of endlessly dodging morphing blobs and armies of dots. The name says it all. If you don't know, then by all means go check out these original and popular games from One Man Left Studios (we have reviewed both here at iPhoneLife). If you think you are ready to take on toughest Tilter yet, then Gauntlet's Revenge ($2.99) is waiting in the app store (with an attitude) for you to try.

Game Centered: iPhone Life Interview with SteelSeries CTO, Tino Soelberg


As I was preparing for an article on the future of iOS gaming (for the current issue of iPhone Life magazine), I had the pleasure of interviewing Tino Soelberg, Chief Technology Officer of gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries. 

This Week's Gaming Distraction: Find the Line


Sometimes you want a game that tests your reflexes and makes your fingers fly; other times, you want a lazier, more Zen-like experience. If swiping back and forth through your iOS home screens isn't quite stimulating enough, then you might want to give Chillingo's Find the Line (Free) a try. While you don't do much more than move your finger, you're rewarded for your efforts with an enjoyably unique puzzle style. It's got its problems, but it's definitely worth a look.

Game Centered Special Edition: 5 Ghoulishly Gruesome Games for Halloween


Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. This week we have a special Halloween-themed installment featuring some of the best horrifying and fear-inducing games the App Store has to offer.

#GamerGate: Thoughts from a Game-Playing Tech Journalist [Updated]


Do you know what #GamerGate is? It's a term that's received a great deal of publicity lately. If you are a someone who plays a lot of video games and keeps up with current events then you are likely quite familiar with GamerGate. Whatever your gaming platform of choice happens to be, whether it's a console, a tablet, or a smartphone, if you are more than a casual gamer then the issues that are swirling around the hashtag #GamerGate have to do with you. GamerGate is about the sometimes controversial content of video games, the people that play them, and the press that covers them, and from a broader perspective, GamerGate is about lingering stereotypes and prejudices that play out in video game land.

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