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Protect that new iPad

If you're like me, you ordered the new iPad as soon as Apple's servers allowed, and you are waiting patiently (or perhaps impatiently) for it to arrive. Now is the time to think about protection. In fact, I sold my old iPad at SellYourMac.com and got full price because it was in such good shape. I keep my iPads and iPhones in cases pretty much full time and they look brand new. Now keep in mind, the new iPad is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, and has a bigger opening for the camera, so there's a chance your old case might not work.

iBattz gives your iPhone enough mojo to last for days!


For centuries, man has searched for a perpetual motion machine... Unlimited power that never runs out. Now a true perpetual motion machine doesn't exist but with the iBattz Mojo Battery Case, you can come close.

MWC Report IV: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 high-ISO images; binned resolution tests; vs. Panasonic ZS3/TZ7


Let me continue (previous article HERE) with the systematic test of the Nokia PureView 808, Nokia's new cameraphone flagship model, which, based on my tests and measurements so far, will be even bigger a hit than the Nokia N95 was back in the day. (Just to remember: back in its day, the N95 had by far the best camera among all mobile phones.)

In this current installment, I try to provide you with answers to

- the high ISO behaviour in both full-resolution and binned mode
- whether the downsampling helps at keeping absolute resolution high; that is, is the (binned) image quality, detail-wise, comparable to those of the Foveon sensors

MWC Report Part III: camera & video tests of four just-announced high-end smartphones

Let me continue (previous article: MWC Report Part II: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 resolution tests!) with my systematical tests of four high-end Android ICS phones, all sporting true (not the PenTile joke of Samsung) 720p resolution screens I've conducted here in Barcelona, at MWC. (Personally, I, who has spent hundreds if not thousands of bucks on iOS and Symbian apps, don't want to invest in another ecosystem so I won't purchase any of them – now that Windows Mobile is, unfortunately, no more, I prefer the iOS + Symbian dual setup: that is, iOS for apps, games & tablets and Symbian for phones & cameras.)

MWC Report Part II: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 resolution tests!


Let's continue my MWC report series (previous (first) part HERE) with the stuff that makes a camera & smartphone freak like me salivate: some serious (and I do mean serious!) camera tests. Note that, as there were no really-really groundbreaking iOS announcements at MWC (as opposed to the announcements and new models of almost all other major manufacturers), I'll only cover iOS later. My exclusive stuff, measurements and new tablets, smartphones  first, even if they aren't made by Apple.

MWC Report I: Now Apple has some serious competition: the new Nokia phone and the Samsung Note 10.1


I've just returned to my hotel room from the first day of MWC so that I can get ready for the MobileFocus event in the evening. I couldn't wait with sharing my experiences with you on the spot. Having little free time, however, let's start with the most two important pieces of news: the Nokia PureView 808 (a phone with a freaking good camera) and the Samsung Note 10.1 (a really decent tablet). I had some quality hands-on time with both models. Let's start with the former.

Nokia PureView 808

Get ready for the iPad 3, by selling your iPad 1 or 2!


All signs point to a March release of the iPad 3, with an enhanced Retina display and potentially a faster processor and LTE/4G data speeds.  Any one of those would probably be enough for me to upgrade from my iPad 2, so in preparation I looked into selling my old iPad.  When I upgraded to the iPad 2, I handed down the iPad 1 to my kids.  I plan to repeat that pattern, and that frees up the original iPad.  Even though it will be several generations old, my 16GB WiFi iPad 1 was worth over $200 at SellYourMac.com.  I've written about them in the past, so I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is.

A Tale of Two Bags: One a Retro Military-Inspired Satchel, the Other a Futuristic Earth-Friendly Messenger Bag


Two distinct messenger style bags arrived this week, and they presented a nice contrast. The Trench Runner from M-Edge is a retro, army surplus-inspired satchel with several compartments for cables, chargers, and, of course, an iPad. The Narwhal from GreenSmart is an eco-friendly messenger bag (backpacks and duffels are available as well) with a strong emphasis on recycling.


Keep the music playing, the light shining, and the phone calling with Eton self powered radio, flashlight and USB charger #CES

Eton has made some cool self powered radios over the years, with cooperation from Grundig, but their latest offerings incorporate enhanced designed including aluminum accents that complement the American Red Cross red and white enclosure.

Erase your iPad's fingerprints and smudges with the iEraser #CES #MadeInUSA

There are a lot of sprays and chemicals designed to eliminate smudges and fingerprints on touchscreen devices, but they have heir drawbacks. If the bottle is too big, you can't carry it on a plane and they run out at the most inopportune times.

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