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Be found with QR Coded cases from Findables

It's time to ask more of your case. Sure, a case should protect your iPhone or iPad, but what if it could do more? What if it was made of a glow in the dark material so you could find it at night? What if it had an actual custom QR Code built in so someone could get in touch with you to return it, even if the battery ran out or the device was locked? And what if it could be used as a way to share your contact info similar to the Bump app?

Review: IRIScan Book 2 Portable Scanner



The IRIScan Book 2 is a portable mobile scanner that allows you to digitize a wide variety of documents and images. Thanks to I.R.I.S. for sending this review sample for me to play with. The Book 2 comes in a complete package with everything you will need to get started. It comes with the unit itself, powered by 2 AA batteries, also included. A USB connector, cleaning cloth, conversion software for your computer, quick start guide, carry case, and  2 GB Micro SD card are also accompanied.

Humming My Way .. To #1 on the Charts!


I know that deep down inside of you all, you must have a superstar, rockstar voice.  Am I right?  I know I am.  Anyway!  This application for your iPhone might be your chance to make it big!  


CruxCase Announces the CruxSKUNK™ for iPad



CruxCase has just anounced a new Kickstarter campaign for the new CruxSKUNK, a versatile rotating protective keyboard case for the iPad 2 and the New iPad, transforming it into a compact and powerful laptop. 

Reality Robots Launches Be The Robot (BERO) – Animated Mobile Robot Controlled by an Open Source App


A four inch Google Android™ inspired robot reacts to smartphone notifications, avoids obstacles, dances to music and is fully controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone

Rumor: Apple will also introduce WiFi-free AirPlay Direct during Sept 12 event


I enjoy the AirPlay feature of my iPad, and often stream videos from my iPad to my HDTV via my Apple TV settop box. This setup requires that both my iPad and Apple TV be connected to my local WiFi network, which is, of course, connected to the Internet. Yesterday London's Daily Telegraph reported that Apple will introduce a new technology at its iPhone event on September 12 tentatively called AirPlay Direct. It does away with the need for an Internet connection and local WiFi network. Instead, my iPad would stream directly to my HDTV.

iEraser Tablet Screen



This 2.5 oz. iEraser removes fingerprints and smudges from your iPads, Kindles, Laptops, even Flat Screen TVs. It works without sprays, which makes it super convenient.

However, when you read the fine print, it’s not the best solution. You can’t use it on phones due to facial oil and makeup. You can’t use it on screen protectors. You can’t get it wet, so you can’t clean it.

[Review] Introducing the booq backpack. A quality laptop/tablet bag, perfect for back-to-school, or job commutes.



I just took my iPad and iPhone out of my backpack...

Everything was safe and dry.


Why would I think this might be interesting news? Well, I'm known for testing accessories rather aggressively, and the good folks at booq just sent me one of their favorite laptop/tablet backpacks to test. So I promptly hopped on my off-road motorcycle and went for a ride in rocky terrain, during a rainstorm. So yes, the fact that everything was safe and dry was good news.


The booq Mamba daypack is what I'm reviewing today and it's an excellent one!

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