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SMS Says These Are the Headphones You Are Looking For


I'm always on the lookout for quality headphones, and since I'm also a huge Star Wars fan, when I saw the SMS Street by 50 Star Wars line ($199.95) at the Consumer Electronics Show, I was very excited, and snapped a photo! 50 stands for 50 Cent, the rapper turned branding sensation, and he is apparently a Star Wars fan, too. At CES, he was paired up with a couple of Stormtroopers to announce these new headphones. The phones are available in Light or Dark Sides, with Vader, Stormtrooper, Rebel Alliance, or Boba Fett variations.

Report: Apple to Announce Smart Home Platform Next Monday


As my fellow blogger Todd Bernhard discussed in this post, there was a report out Monday from The Financial Times saying that Apple will be announcing a new Smart Home platform during next Monday's keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple has been working on an integrated home system for at least several years, with a number of patent applications indicating what they have in mind. In this post from January of 2012, for example, I pointed to a patent application that described a single device that would automatically detect appliances available for it to control. This would include TV, video disk player, stereo, computer, and home device controls, such as security, lighting, thermostat, and a wide range of other devices that are now Internet connected, such as the intelligent thermostat from Nest and smart light bulbs from Hue.

Apple News: Smart Watch, Smart TV, Smart Home?


Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is less than a week away, and while most of the anticipation is around the rumored Beats acquisition, Apple may have "one more thing" to surprise us with. Apple TV is due for an update; and rather than focus just on entertainment, according to the Financial Times via MacRumors, it looks like Apple is working on a Smart Home platform, and the Apple TV could be one component of that. TV-based competitors like Time Warner offer "Intelligent Home" that lets customers control smart devices such as lights, thermostats, and webcams from apps. Apple already has a section on its online store labeled "Connected Home."

Rockin’ Out with XL4D: Acoustical Awesomeness for Your iPhone 5 & 5s


If there’s one thing the digital age has helped, it’s access to media—particularly music. If you’re anything like me, you carry your tunes with you on your iPhone so you can rock out whenever the need strikes. While it’s easy and convenient to just put all of your music on your phone, if you want it to sound awesome, you need to have awesome speakers. That’s the catch-22 of listening on a smartphone: Users want a pocket sized package, but speaker efficiency and fidelity demands bigger packages. Up to this point in time, we basically had three options:

Are you Cued in to your Health? Interview with the Developers of New Molecular Health Tracker


I have an exciting new device to talk to you about today, iPhone Lifers! It’s called Cue ($199) and it represents the ultimate in health monitoring devices. As a person who is into tracking my fitness with wearables like my Fitbit, the whole idea of this really turns my crank. It’s actually a little embarrassing how excited I am about this. I may or may not have squealed like a little girl when I heard about it.

Hot Right Now on Kickstarter: Lifelogger POV Video Camera


I love cruising around on Kickstarter for the latest and greatest in innovation. It makes me feel good to help a company with a great product get a leg up!  Today, I came across the Lifelogger POV video camera and I want one. Badly.

Check it out.

Don't Forget Dad! The Best iDevice Accessories for Father's Day


Do you have a gadget-loving iDad? Does he get excited to show you all of his new accessories for his iPhone and iPad? If so, we have a few gift ideas for every budget that'll make you Dad's favorite this year on Father's Day!  

CarPlay System Coming from Pioneer in a Few Weeks; Demos Online


When Apple announced CarPlay, their new technology for automobiles, the big question was whether it would only be available on new cars, or if older cars could also take advantage of it. Then to the relief of many, two different companies announced forthcoming aftermarket CarPlay systems, with the one from Pioneer to be the first to hit the market. As noted by AppleInsiderPioneer has been offering hands-on demonstrations of its NEX car infotainment system to the media this week, including CNBC, Macworld, and Digital Trends, which has a very detailed hands-on review of the system. Pioneer's CarPlay system offers Phone, Music, Maps, and Messages. See an earlier post for a bit more detail. 

Best Graduation Gifts for iDevice Users


'Tis the season for graduations! High school, college, whatever your family member or friend is graduating from, spring is the time to watch them walk across that stage and celebrate their accomplishments. And then, of course, buy them a gift to say congratulations! Here's my list of the best Graduation gifts for iDevice users. 

Satechi's 10-Port USB Hub Will Keep Your Devices Connected (Review)


Apple's handheld devices are reaching the point where just about everyone has one, and I mean everyone. If everyone in your home has an iDevice, but only one computer with which to sync and manage devices, then you might need a few extra USB ports. Enter Satechi's 10-port USB hub ($59.95). Overkill? Maybe. Useful? Definitely. 

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