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Review: Jot Script 2, Evernote Edition Stylus


You have a stylus. You subscribe to Evernote. But did you ever think to combine the two?

Well, Adonit did. They recently released the Jot Script 2 stylus ($74.99), which ships with a free six months of Evernote Premium. 

Apple Watch Packaging Leaked


Perhaps it's because Apple is so secretive, or because the Apple Watch was preannounced long before its availability, but leaked photos of a watch "in the wild" with its packaging is being analyzed over and over. AppleInsider shows these photos from a now-private Instagram account.

Is the Apple Watch Kosher?


It's Passover, so I thought I'd ponder the question "is the Apple Watch Kosher?" Believe it or not, "Kosher" is about more than food. Elevators, lights, and other devices can be consider Kosher or not depending on several factors. The concern is that we are supposed to take the Sabbath as a day of rest... no work. And our actions cannot cause a machine to work on our behalf. That's why "Kosher" elevators stop on every floor during the Sabbath, so you can get on or off, but the machine was operating either way. You didn't touch a button, turning a light on or summoning the elevator. Some folks might keep their lights on (or off) all Sabbath.

Leef iBRIDGE Mobile Memory Adds Storage But at a Price


Leef gave me their iBRIDGE Mobile Memory (starts at $59.99) to try. I wanted to like it, but I have mixed feelings. It does the job, which is to provide extra storage for your iOS device, and allow for easy transfer between those iOS devices and a computer. But there are some deficiencies.

No 4K Apple TV, But How About an 8K iMac?


The Apple TV is overdue for an upgrade and many new features are expected. One enhancement we may not get to enjoy is 4K resolution. While 4K content is coming online, at an extra cost from Netflix and others, Apple apparently doesn't think it's worth including in the upcoming Apple TV. Perhaps it could be a software upgrade, or Apple wants to leave room for a follow-on model.

Skylink Offers Home Security for the Do It Yourselfer


Skylink allowed me to try its SK-200 Alarm System Starter Kit ($149.99). This is a compact, easily giftable solution for anyone looking for home security without the contract and monthly payments. Because it is mostly wireless and compact, it could be a great solution for apartment or dorm dwellers looking to add a little security without permanently installing a wired system.

Review: The Trident Kraken Case


This past weekend, during a long train trip (over six hours each way) I had the opportunity to try Kraken iPhone Case ($49.95). I appreciated the kickstand as it allowed me to flip down the tray table and catch up on some TV shows during the ride!

The Evolution of Bluetooth Speakers: A Review of Four Speakers From Mini to Mega


The Bluetooth speaker market continues to evolve. But rather than delivering consumers a bunch of also-ran mid-sized speakers designed for adequacy, the speaker market is taking a cue from evolution. Bluetooth speakers are evolving to fill consumer niches. Like the beetle, a creature that has evolved from near microscopic forms to gargantuan entities, Bluetooth speakers range from tiny, pocket-sized offerings to huge, credenza-filling sizes.

DNA pro: A Powerful Pair of Headphones from Monster


I had the opportunity to try the DNA Pro 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones ($299.95) courtesy of Monster. I liked the use of high-end materials like carbon fiber and, most importantly, it does the job that headphones should do: produce great sound. I also liked that they are easily collapsible for travel, as I'm on the road a lot. The DNA Pro headphones offer Noise Isolation, which is like noise cancellation but no batteries are required. Again, as a frequent traveler, noise cancellation is great and no battery worries is terrific. I tried these on a six-hour train ride to New York City (and back) and they really helped cut out the background noise.

Make Your Own Apple Watch for April Fools Day


In honor of April Fools Day, and for those of us anxious to get our hands (wrists?) on an Apple Watch, here's an enterprising and entertaining story you can emulate. Hiné Matsushima makes objects out of felt... She calls them "Felt Sculptures." Hiné devised a clever way to make an "Apple Watch."

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