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Holiday Gift Guide: Docks


People always ask me what to get the person who has everything. My response? Something to keep it in. Or in the case of an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, something to dock it in. My favorite docks come from HengeDocks. I've used their MacBook docks for years as they make it easy to reconnect keyboard, monitors, and other peripherals on demand. You have to make sure you get the right model for your particular MacBook, but it is one of the first things I look for when I get a new MacBook!

Is the Plinth the Best Tablet Stand?


The claim was pretty outlandish: "The Best Tablet Stand in the world." Well, I had to try it. And for the most part, that claim was pretty much on target. One exception is the name, "Plinth," which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. And the fact that it ships from the U.K. making it a little harder to get. But that could be remedied if Plinth ($32) gets a U.S. distributor or retail outlet.

Product Review: Xtorm Power Case for iPhone 6 by A-Solar


I am a power user for sure. I have my phone with me all of the time and have even been known to fall asleep with it clutched in my hand. Clearly, putting my phone down so it can charge is not something that makes me happy. I loved the power case I had for my old iPhone 5s, but when the 6 came out, I had to replace it. The good people at A-Solar sent me the Xtorm Power Case AM412 (69, about $85.53) to take for a test spin. Here's how it went.

TAG Heuer Answers Apple Watch Wakeup Call


Many traditional watch makers sat on the sideline while smartwatches from Pebble, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and others were released. But now that Apple is about to release their Apple Watch, with heavy emphasis on fashion and the high-end market, those luxury watch makers no longer have the luxury of waiting. With the Apple Watch starting at $350, and rumored to stretch to $5,000 or more for the gold models, this is a shot across the bow for Rolex and others.

FiiV iPad Case Houses a HotSpot and Battery Pack


When considering the purchase of an iPad case, things like affordability, design, and protection all factor into the decision. The FiiV iPad case—currently on IndieGogo—adds a few more options for iPad owners. This smart case alleviates two common struggles you may face while you're out and about: Battery life and Wi-Fi. And the case itself is surprisingly slim even with the inclusion of added peripherals.

Holiday Gift Guide: Wireless Speakers


This is part two of my Holiday Gift Guide. Part one covered headphones and today's topic is Wireless Speakers. For the low-end "Good" selection, I like the Boombotix REX. The sound is good and it comes from a compact yet robust package. It's durable and water resistant, with all ports sealed by rubber flaps. There's a strong belt clip so you can take the Boombotix with you and not worry about the weather.

Holiday Gift Guide: Good, Better, Best


Every year, around this time, people ask me what they should get as a gift for some tech lover in their life. So I put together a presentation entitled Todd's Holiday Gift Guide: Good/Better/Best. This way, purchasers can decide what their budget is and pick out an appropriate gift! The categories I addressed include Headphones, Wireless Speakers, Stylus, Chargers, Docks, Smart Home Devices, and Smart Watches.

Product Review: Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor/Workout Tracker


Oh how I love me some fitness gadgets! When Wahoo sent me this heart rate monitor to review, my heart skipped a beat because this thing is cool. The wireless training tools market is growing fast these days. I think everyone is tired of having a bunch of gear that requires a degree in engineering to figure out how to use, so to have something like the Wahoo Fitness TICKR X ($99.99) is pretty great since it works right out of the box.

An Interview with Catalyst on Designing the Perfect Waterproof iPhone Case


Do you ever stop and wonder how your favorite rugged waterproof iPhone case is designed and produced? I recently had the opportunity to chat with the owners and creative forces behind Catalyst, the manufacturer of my own favorite waterproof case; and from the sound of it, it's no simple matterThe conversation we had really shines a light on just how much energy, attention, and commitment to the highest standards are poured into their exceptional line of extreme duty cases.

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