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iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.


It's that time of year again. Right after a new iPhone comes out there is the inevitable deluge of great cases to protect your new investment. This happens with every iPhone release, but perhaps never more markedly than with the introduction of the completely new form factors of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If ever an iPhone needed a case, it is these large and larger models, with their increased real estate, slick, rounded edges, and extra weight. Rather than clump a bunch of individual cases together I'll be focusing on one great case each  week over the course of the coming months. This week's featured case is the Powerful; a tremendously protective, extreme-duty iPhone case  of gargantuan proportions from Love Mei.

iPhone Life's 2014 Rugged Gear Gift Guide


In this day and age it's become commonplace for us to do just about everything with our iDevices, which means that we need gear that can keep up with us on any outlandish escapades, as well as on our day to day grind. The items featured here represent some of the best in their respective categories; built tough and designed with integrity and durability to handle the  adventures that lie ahead. Many of the products featured here have impressive MIL-STD or IP ratings, which you can learn more about by clicking HERE.

Here at iPhone Life we love turning people on to great gear that fits their specific purpose and need and we're hoping that these reviews will make your holiday shopping that much easier. Whether as a present for yourself, or as gift idea for family or friends, this list of exceptional products will help you find the perfect accessories.

What to Expect from the Apple Watch Based on Apple's Release of WatchKit


As my fellow blogger Todd Bernhard noted in this earlier post, Apple has now released WatchKit to developers, enabling them to develop apps for the forthcoming Apple Watch. This is of interest even if you're not a developer because it has revealed details about the watch that Apple hadn't yet announced. According to AppleInsider, the larger 42 mm watch will be 312 x 390 pixels and the smaller model 272 x 340 pixels. However, AppleInsider notes that the dimensions refer to the case rather than the display size, so the pixel density is unknown.

What to Watch for with Apple Watch Apps


I had the opportunity to interview Sumit Mehra, CTO of Y Media Labs, whose clients include PayPal, Salesforce, and Sesame Street. Y Media Labs helps businesses with their mobile roadmap, artwork, programming, cloud services, testing, and maintainence. As a large digital agency, they keep a close eye on emerging technologies and markets. The Apple Watch is just such a device worth considering, so I asked him about it.

Apple Watch Sales of $10 Billion Expected in First Year


There's a line from The Social Network where Justin Timberlake's character says "a million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A BILLION dollars." Apple could say the same thing to the makers of Pebble, the watch I wear, and the first to raise $10 million on Kickstarter. According to analysts, Apple should sell 20 million Apple Watches and earn $10 billion from those sales. That doesn't even count the inevitable apps that will be formatted and sold for the small screen. If you do the math (as I did) this requires an average sale of about $500, which assumes customers may choose more expensive bands, extra chargers, and of course, the $5,000 gold model. Plus, I've heard other analysts predicting 30 million sold, so this could be a conservative estimate.

Holiday Travel Accessories to Make Your Life Easier


The holidays are almost upon us, which means it's time for family and friends, turkey, and stress. And, for many of us, it also means it's time to travel. There is no better travel companion than your trusty iPhone. As much as I love my new iPhone 6, when I’m on the road I like to bring along some of my favorite accessories to make my life a little easier and the trip a little more comfortable. Here is a run down of my top picks for all your holiday travel plans. 

iPhone Life's Top 20 Headphones of 2014


To make it onto this list, headphones must shine in the following areas: They must be exceptionally comfortable, they must be well built and they must have superior sonic quality. No earphones that have to be inserted into the ear are included in this list and any Bluetooth headphones featured have to include a microphone for convenient conversing. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it would be, except for the fact that there are so many great headphone options out there. Coming up with a condensed list of 20 headphones to highlight out of the hundreds of great choices on the market was no easy task, but after a year spent studying the intricacies and nuances of a great many headphones, this list represents 2014's cream of the crop.

Rumor: Production of Apple Watch Components Set to Begin


According to the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, which has fairly good sources but isn't always reliable, production of the custom-designed chip for the forthcoming Apple Watch is about to begin. This is a good sign, suggesting that this new accessory from Apple is on track for an early 2015 release. Some recent rumors have slated it for February 14, though an internal company video suggested it would arrive in the spring.

Wellograph Tries to Find a Niche Between Fitness Band and Smart Watch


There has never been a better time for fans of smart watches and fitness bands. The Apple Watch validates the market, yet has enough shortcomings that it leaves room for competitors. I've worn a Pebble since they were available and I appreciate many of the features it offers, but it's getting a little long in the tooth. It doesn't offer any of the health sensors that are so popular these days.

First Official New Beats Gear Under Apple Released


It's unlikely that Apple had much role in designing the new Beats headphones that were released today, given the product design lifecycle, but they are the first Beats products announced since Apple acquired the firm for $3 billion this summer. The Solo2 Wireless headphones operate via Bluetooth and offer 12 hours of battery life. A RemoteTalk cable can be used to turn the wireless headphones into wired ones, complete with an inline microphone. This is useful if the battery dies runs out, or for Airplane Mode use.

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