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Free all-in-one IM software for the iPhone


Shape services has released the free iPhone version of their bestselling application IM+: All-in-One Messenger. This application allows you to chat within AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live˙ Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, and MySpaceIM between iPhones and PCs in realtime. 

New app from Dial Directions lets you do voice searches


Dial Directions has released a new iPhone app, called "Say Where," the first ever iPhone application to let users speak locations and business searches (instead of typing) to access popular websites for mapping, reviews and information.

Opening new windows in Safari

Safari web browser on iPhone screenshotIf you are in Safari and you want to open a new window, tap the window button in the lower right corner of the screen, and then tap New Page. If you want to switch back to the first window, tap the window button again—you will now see two dots below the page indicating that there are two windows open, and a white dot indicates the current page you are looking at.

Do information searches in the Google search bar

Safari Address bar w/google barSafari’s built-in Google search bar (tap the Address bar in Safari to bring it up) has the ability to give you specific information instead of Web page matches. For example, you could type in a movie name followed by your zip code (such as “Kung Fu Panda 80024”) to get local show times and nearest theaters. Other examples of useful information searches are as follows:

Tap and hold on links to bring up info

If you press down and hold your finger on a link in Safari, a bubble will appear that displays the title of the linked page as well as the full Web address underneath.

Web browsing shortcuts in Safari

iPhone safari search bar /address barHere are three tips that should make Web browsing in Safari easier:

Zoom in or out of Web pages

Perhaps the coolest feature of Safari is its zooming ability. When you open a normal Web page, it will display the entire page on your iPhone screen, just as it appears on a desktop computer. The problem with this is that often times the text will appear much too small to read due to the small iPhone screen. You have two zooming options:

New app lets iPhone users be journalists

TechCrunch reports that CBS News recently released Eyemobile for Eyephone, an application that lets you submit photo and video content via your phone to the company's new citizen journalism site. This trend toward citizen journalism is very interesting -- and a good example of the participatory nature of Web 2.0. I think it's only going to grow.

Sync Mac or PC’s Web bookmarks
 with iPhone/iPod touch

With iTunes, you can sync bookmarks from Internet Explorer (PCs) or Safari (Macs) with your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch iTunes and sync your device to your computer. Then click on your device under Devices in the iTunes Window and click the Info tab. Scroll down to Web Browser, and check the “Sync bookmarks with” box. Now you can choose Internet Explorer or Safari in the corresponding field. Click Sync (or Add) in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, and your bookmarks will be loaded onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

Best WebApps

Apple.com lists over 1,600 Web apps for the iPhone and iPod touch-here are some of the most useful

Web apps are applications that are accessed via a Web browser over theFf Internet and require a live Web connection. There are currently hundreds of Interneft-dependent programs designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, ranging from mobile versions of popular sites like Facebook and Wikipedia to games and search tools.


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