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Enter Web address extensions quickly


Entering alternate web suffexesIf you are entering a Web address into Safari (e.g. iPhoneLife.com), you don’t have to enter the “http://www.” prefix or the “.com” suffix. Safari assumes those and will take you to the site without them (e.g., all you have to enter is iPhoneLife).

Save Web pictures


Save web pictures in Photos FolderIf you’re browsing the Web with Safari and see an image you want to save, touch and hold down on the image with your finger. A menu will pop up (Fig. 8), allowing you to save the image to your photos folders.

Steve Green


Alternate web browsers coming

MacRumors reported this week that Apple, in a major policy shift,  has approved third-party web browsers and utilities and that the iTunes store has begun making them available.

Web browser roundup & comparison heavily updated

I've heavily updated my latest Web browser roundup & comparison (which, incidentally, has been frontpaged at WM Power User and MobilitySite in the meantime) with, among other things, a straightforward Verdict section and a lot of more info. 

iPhone Your Life: Apple's new web site for iPhone users


As much as I like the App Store, it's not always easy to find what you're looking for. So now Apple has introduced a new web site, iPhone Your Life, that helps you identify useful applications to get the most out of your iPhone — whether you're looking for local information, traveling, playing games, trying to organize your life more efficiently, or needing help on the home front.

9 tips for using Google Mobile

The new voice feature of Google Mobile is pretty cool, but so far it seems like it's recognizing my queries only about 10 percent of the time. I found that if I make the query very simple -- like one word -- it seems to work better. Yet I got a result when I said "Weather in Fairfield, Iowa." When I saw the blog item by Matt Cutts on tips for using Google Mobile, I got excited, thinking he'd have tips for improving accuracy. But mostly he deals with other things.

iPhone-optimized web sites now includes Best Western


The universe of web sites custom-tailored to the small screen of the iPhone continues to grow. Some of these can be found in the Dribbr directory of web apps and iPhone-optimized web sites.

Apple's iPhone Simulator almost as good as the real thing


I'm writing this post on an iPhone... not a real phone, but a simulated one that appears on my MacBook screen. it's about 50% larger than actual size, and it's very shiny and realistic looking. But most importantly, it looks and acts just like a real iPhone when it runs Safari.

App Store Web site crashes mobile Safari


I'm new to the iPhone and iPod Touch, so please let me know if I'm missing something obvious... but I just found that one of Apple's Web sites -- a site targeted to iPhone/iPod users -- crashes the mobile browser.  (I have already reported this problem to Apple.)

Dribbr gives you the web optimized for iPhone


I like Apple's approach of creating a browser that lets you access web pages designed for a desktop computer. But it sure gets tedious scrolling around and zooming in and out. Frankly, I've always preferred web pages optimized for mobile devices.

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