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New QuickLook Domain At TechnoBrains.com


I'll admit this is a bit of self-promotion, and it isn't completely iDevice related, but the post will be short and it's New Year's Eve, so I figured "why not?"  At the beginning of 2009 I started writing short reviews of iPhone games that I dubbed "Quick Looks".  The intent was to simply write a couple of paragraphs providing a basic overview of the game and the give it a simple verdict: Recommend, On The Fence or Not Recommended.  On The Fence usually meant I liked the game, but I wasn't really sure if it would have mass appeal or not.

Anyway, the concept has gained a lot of momentum over the year, but the Quick Look posts were starting to get buried under all the news and other reviews that were streaming through the front page of Technobrains, so the webmaster of the site decided to give Quick Looks their own subdomain.  For a nicely laid out look at just the Quick Look posts of TechoBrains.com, please check out http://quicklook.technobrains.com/.  And don't be afraid to view it on your iPhone's Safari browser.  It looks pretty snazzy there as well.

Red Laser: Knowing if you're getting a good deal

I have about 90 apps on my iPhone 3GS, some of which I use every day, some of them occasionally, and some never. There are some I thought I'd use a lot, just to find that they're not as useful as I'd anticipated, and there are others that I thought were just novelties and I find myself using them all the time. Red Laser, the app that lets you scan any barcode and the iPhone then quickly pulls up pricing available on the Internet for the item,  is one of the latter.

Using multiple tabs in the best iPhone Web browsers – easy-to-follow tutorial videos

In my Web Browsing bible (current version HERE; I’ll very soon publish a fully rewritten and updated one), I explain why it may be very useful to open Web pages in new windows (“tabs”) on a mobile device:

Create passcodes with random number generator


Calculator - Random Number GeneratorA scientific calculator was added to the iPhone and iPod touch with versions 2.0 and later of the OS. Among its functions is a random number generator. Press the “Rand” key at the bottom of the screen and Calc displays a random number with 15 decimal places, between 0 and 1. Developers could use this feature to create registration numbers; regular users could use it to create truly random passcodes or passwords. For example, if you wanted to create a random eight digit password, you could hit the Rand button and use the last eight digits of the random number for your password.

Apps for the Citizen Journalist

Apps to help collect, analyze, and report the news.

Citizen Journalism: The concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, 
analyzing and disseminating news and information.Also know as....

“street journalism.”

Why would someone who already has a day job want to compete with Katie Couric or Maureen Dowd?

Most citizen journalists will say they aren’t trying to replace those folks but want to contribute to the public’s understanding of issues and events by offering independent, accurate, and relevant information.

Whether they’re checking on City Hall or investigating corporate waste or fraud, there are hosts of new iPhone apps ready to help these new reporters find i


Safari4 for your Windows PC

The latest version of Safari brings the power and ease of iPhone Web browsing to your PC

SafariWe all love the iPhone’s pinch-capable browsing and gesture-based navigation. Its clean, animated experience is a wonder to behold. The iMac similarly sports an advanced and animated desktop and there is little doubt that both the iMac and the iPhone have set new standards for attractive window navigation that is hard to replicate on a PC.


Complete tutorial with video: extend the functionality of your iPhone Web browser!

I’ve elaborated on the highly useful scriptlets in several of my articles. These are special bookmarks invoked when you want to do some specific action on a Web page already loaded; for example, scrolling to the bottom or finding a specific word. They vastly enhance the functionality of all scriptlet-capable Web browsers; as of the time of writing, any Safari version, iCab Mobile 2.0, Journey Web Browser 1.3, iNetDual 1.2.0, Perfect Browser 2.7 and Full Screen Web Browser 1.1.1 – and all this without (!) jailbreaking your phone.

The dedicated articles I’ve written so far are as follows. You may want to take a look at them so that you know what this is all about.

Make Web Browsing Easier

New Safari features and iCab Mobile make browsing easier on your iPhone or iPod touch

Editor's ChoiceSeveral new features were incorporated into Safari with the release of iPhone OS 3.0, making your browsing experience easier and more efficient. However, there are a number of third-party browsers available for the iPhone and iPod touch that further enhance this experience. After thoroughly comparing them, I’ve come to the conclusion that iCab Mobile ($1.99; icab.de/mobile.html) is the best of the lot. In this article, I’ll show you how to use some of the new Safari features and discuss how iCab Mobile further improves upon Safari by implementing a number of features missing from its latest version.


Free from Yahoo, Amazon, and ESPN

Major corporations release free apps that make it easy to access their content

My favorite apps are those that make it easy to access Internet content and tools. As it turns out, major corporations are lining up to give you such apps—for free.

In this column, I’ll look at a number of these apps, including a multipurpose app from Yahoo, a number of apps from Amazon, and an ESPN app that makes it easy to get the latest scores. I’ll also cover apps that let you stream music, access travel guides, find information tailored to your location, and more. Much of this content is available via Safari, but a dedicated app is usually faster, more efficient, and easier to use. In addition, it often has special features that you can’t access with a browser.


The Danger of Living in the Cloud: Microsoft loses user's data

Over the weekend T-Mobile made it official: Sidekick mobile phone users have irretrievably lost their data stored on Microsoft servers. It seems that Hitachti was hired to do a SAN upgrade and, stunningly, Microsoft did not back up their servers.

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