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What are the best apps and accessories? Where can you find bargains? Where can you get your questions answered?

Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are amazingly versatile tools with a lot of power built into them. And no doubt you're eager to get as much out of your investment as you can. The Internet can help, of course, by assisting you in finding the best apps and accessories, keeping you updated on the latest developments, showing you how to do things with your device, and providing opportunities to get your questions answered.

You can find a directory of some of these Internet resources on our website (iphonelife.com/bestsites and iphonelife.com/bestsites/ipad). In this buyer's guide, I want to highlight some of the better resources.


Best Web Browsers for iOS devices

The mobile version of Safari Web browser is not only capable, it's much better than anything built into other mobile platforms. However, it has a few limitations, the biggest of which is the lack of a real full-screen viewing mode. The implications of this are annoying, especially in landscape orientation where a great deal of the screen is taken up by the status bar on the top in the iPad version and the bottom on the iPhone.


Cheap cellular and data for your iPhone, iPad and iPod!


It is official, Truphone is amazing and it's cheap, really, really cheap cell phone service!

In a world where jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone is now a right, you would think carriers would catch on that the world is changing and they should  unshackle us from those chains of service contracts for cellular and data plans. 

DIY micro SIM


You know someone at iPhone Life had try making their own micro SIM card so I took the plunge and decided to sacrifice a T-Mobile card I had to give it a try in my iPad 3G.  You can certainly do this with the iPhone, but you’re going to have to jailbreak and unlock it if you want to use a carrier other than AT&T.  The iPad 3G comes unlocked, except in Japan.

The Top Web Resources for iPad Owners

iPad tutorials, app reviews, news, and much more is available online, for free!

A lot of people are ambivalent about the iPad. They read about it and say, "Why would I need one of these?" But the funny thing is, when they get the chance to play with one, many of them buy it. My experience was similar to this. I've had an iPhone for a while, and because it can do most of the things that an iPad can, and a few things it can't, I didn't really think I needed the new tablet. But the moment I got to try one out, I fell in love with it. It felt like I'd found something I'd been seeking for a long time—I had to have an iPad of my own!


Google to create web TV. Yeah right.


I expect innovation, not regurgitation from Google.  While enthusiastic about Google's deal with AdMob finally going through, I'm less than impressed with their new proclamation of partnering with Sony for a Google web TV.  Don't get me wrong, I love Google and Sony, but talk about being late to the party.

Why am I annoyed?  Aside from Google wanting to do things other than what they're really, really good at?

Top Award Sites and App Lists Help you find the Best Apps

Find the top apps fast on these sites

Early on, when the number of iPhone apps was in the thousands, the App Store was a good way for users to find apps and for developers to bring their apps to the attention of users. Now that there are over 200,000 apps, the App Store isn't that helpful.

When you do a search on a topic in the iTunes store, you might get hundreds of results. They are displayed in no particular order and there is no way to sort them according to most popular, best-selling, free vs. paid, etc. The 20 broad categories also aren't that useful, since there are so many apps that don't obviously fit any particular category. Fortunately, the Internet can help. In this article, I'll point you to some useful lists of the best apps.


REVIEW: GREAT, free Web browser Opera Mini out – it rocks! (With demo videos)


I've been waiting with publishing the long-promised update of my iPhone Web browsing bible since attending MWC in Barcelona two months ago where I saw Opera Mini, one of the best Web browsers on almost all alternative platforms, in action. I wanted to make sure Opera Mini is also included in the heavily updated roundup.

The waiting has turned out to be worth it – earlier today, Opera Mini has been approved for AppStore and it also made a debut in it (in both the US and international ones). I started testing it right away.

Below are my first thoughts.

AppDope: News, Reviews and lots of Free Stuff

Want to keep up to date on what's coming soon to your iDevice?  Would you like to hear from the players about what's good and what you should avoid from what already exists in the App Store?  Best of all, how would you like the chance every Friday to win a free game?  Head on over to www.AppDope.com for all this and more...

"best browser ever" - without Flash and Javascript support?


According to the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, the new iPad's Web browser, promoted as "the best browsing experience you've ever had," will not support Flash content any more than the current iPhone and iPod Touch browsers do.  Says author Adrian Ludwig,

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