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Text Messaging

Use Google SMS to get information

If Internet connectivity isn’t available or is too slow on your iPhone, you can send SMS text messages to Google to quickly get information like sports scores, weather, word definitions, driving directions, and more. To do this, send a text to GOOGLE (466453) and use one of the following search types:

  • Sports: score cubs
  • Movies: movies 90004
  • Stocks: stocks appl
  • Flight information: flight aa 500

There are many more search types. Do a Web search on “Google sms requests” to find more.

Send free text messages by e-mail

You can save money and send free text messages via e-mail on your iPhone or iPod touch. This is possible through SMS e-mail gateways, which are supported by most wireless carriers. The messages will arrive on a person’s phone just as a normal text message would. The address format for SMS e-mails is the phone number at (@) a particular carrier (e.g., 2125551212@mobile.att.net).

Swipe your finger across
 text conversations to delete them

If you want to quickly delete a conversation in Text, simply swipe your finger across it, and the Delete button will appear. Tap anywhere outside the Delete button if you change your mind.

Keep text messages short; 
 use e-mail for longer messages

Some phones limit received SMS messages to 160 characters. If you send a longer message to another iPhone, it may only receive the first 160 characters or the message may be split into two or more messages. Send longer messages via e-mail.








There are many ways to send a text message

You can send a text message directly from the Favorites, Recents, and Contacts lists in Phone. Open Contacts, tap on the desired name or number, and tap on Text Message. Open Favorites or Recents, find the desired name or number in the list, tap on the right arrow next to the name, and tap on the Text Message button.

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