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Sync Notes with desktop computer


With OS 3.0 you can now sync your Notes with your Mac or PC desktop/laptop computer. You set this up in iTunes by connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, opening the device screen, clicking on the Info tab, and browsing down to the Notes section. Click on the box labeled “Sync notes with” and select the application you want to sync with from the drop down list. (Usually, there will only be one option.)

SBSH SafeWallet for iPhone updated - Introducing PC Companion with full syncing capabilities!


 “July 13, 2009 - SBSH announced an exciting update for its SafeWallet for iPhone to version 1.1! Introducing new PC Companion, iPhone 3.0 support, custom templates creation and editing and much more!”

Google Sync comes to iPhone

Google Sync is yet another great offering from Google. From what I understand Google has implemented Microsoft Exchange for users of its Contacts and Calendar apps, such that you can now sync the contacts and calendar on your mobile phone with your Gmail contacts and your Google Calendar events. The syncing is bi-directional, so you can make a change on one or the other, and it will automatically be made on your other devices.

Develop iPhone applications on your PC: Installing OS X on PC’s (and, particularly, the IBM Thinkpad T42p)


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Select iPhone/iPod touch in the source list in iTunes panel 

After you connect your device to your computer, iTunes should pop up on your computer automatically. If it doesn’t, you should launch it. Once opened, it should display your iPhone in the Devices list in the left-hand panel. If it doesn’t, check your connection. If that doesn’t work, restart the computer.

Sync Mac or PC’s Web bookmarks
 with iPhone/iPod touch

With iTunes, you can sync bookmarks from Internet Explorer (PCs) or Safari (Macs) with your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch iTunes and sync your device to your computer. Then click on your device under Devices in the iTunes Window and click the Info tab. Scroll down to Web Browser, and check the “Sync bookmarks with” box. Now you can choose Internet Explorer or Safari in the corresponding field. Click Sync (or Add) in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, and your bookmarks will be loaded onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

Combine address (phone) books
 from different sources

You can also use your device to combine different address books in iTunes, such as Outlook on a PC and Address Book on a Mac. Doing this will load all of your contacts onto all of your machines—your iPhone, PC, and Mac. Here’s how you do it:

Get content on your iPhone/iPod touch from multiple computers

iTunes won’t let you sync the same content with more than one computer. However, you can sync different content with different computers. For example, you could set up your computer at home to only sync your music and videos in iTunes. You can then set up your work computer to only sync your contacts and calendar in iTunes. Maybe set up your laptop to only sync photos. This way, you can fill up your device with content from different places.

Set up your iPhone / iPod Touch

The first time you connect your device and launch iTunes, you will be prompted to "Set Up Your iPhone" by giving it a name (e.g. "JohnsIPhone") and deciding whether you want to check the box labeled "Automatically sync contacts, calendars, email accounts, and bookmarks." If you check this box, the iPhone will automatically sync every time you connect it to your computer. If you don't check the box, you will have to initiate the sync manually.

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