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A different kind of self-portrait


Most people take self-portraits by pointing the camera into a mirror. Not much fun in that.

One photo technique that isn't used very much is ... looking down. Yep. Look at the ground. You'll find some very interesting stuff there ... including your shadow. Shadows make nifty self-portraits. Here's one I made of myself. Try it in different places. The ground texture makes interesting pictures. Since you carry your iPhone all over, you'll have an infinite number of subjects.

George Eastman was a very smart man...

When George Eastman created the first Kodak camera he wanted to make it very simple to use. His slogan was, "You push the button, we do the rest." As cameras became 'better' manufacturers got further and further away from his goal of simplicity. Until the iPhone! With an iPhone you can not only take pictures but you can also make dramatic alterations, if you want. Unlike the original Kodak camera that had to be sent back to to the factory to develop the prints and re-load fresh film, the iPhone lets you save your images and send them instantly to anyone you want.

George would have been proud of the iPhone! However, the new slogan is, "You push the button and you can do the rest...instantly!"

Easy Tips for Getting the Best Camera Shots

How to get the best shot with your iPhone camera

The best camera is the one that's with you. It's an old saying, probably the words of a frantic photojournalist who once had to grab his mom's box camera and shoot the blazes out of a bank robbery.

But it is a saying worth remembering, especially for iPhone camera users. It is not the best camera in the world but is a pretty good one that you often carry since it serves as your cell phone, Internet access point, weather advisor and so much more.

"You might actually be amazed at what all you can do with this little camera," says Alan A. Reiter, president of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing. As a Washington D.C.


Sharing photos with SortShots


Here’s a fun way to share photos. Use SortShots to create a slideshow of your favorite photos, complete with music in the background.

Here’s how:

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