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If Ansel Adams had an iPhone on October 31, 1941...

On October 31, 1941 Ansel Adams was driving along when he noticed a scene that excited him. He quickly pulled over and set up his 8x10 view camera. In his haste, he couldn't find his Weston exposure meter. He remembered what the exposure should have been for one part of the scene and came up with an exposure of 1 second at f/32 with the ASA 64 film he was using. Although he wanted to take a second image, the light changed and the scene was gone. Imagine if Mr. Adams had an iPhone on that fateful day that he took what probably is his most famous picture...Moonrise, Hernandez.

Pictures you miss when you don't have your iPhone with you...

Driving along I got a call from my wife. It lasted about 10 seconds. I put my iPhone down on the seat and continued on home. Since the snow is still in mile high piles in front of my house, I got out of the car to do a little shoveling. [I predict the snow will actually be around until May.] After shoveling, I went inside.

Unfortunately, when my son left with the car, my iPhone was still inside. It wasn't lost or anything terrible like that. It just wasn't with me all day today. Here are the pictures I missed today without my iPhone...

My little girls, as I call them, two of the cutest Pugs you ever saw, were in the backyard surrounded by snow. Missed shot.

8 Tips for iPhone Photo App Makers

Looking over the dozens of photo apps I've got on my iPhone, I think it's time to give app creators a bit of advice.

1. If you want to charge me for an app, charge me and DON'T give me a 'free' app that opens up asking me to upgrade before I've even had a chance to try it.

2. Look at other apps and please don't duplicate features that are generally available in a zillion other apps.

3. Please don't give me an app that creates black and white images and call it worthy of being. It isn't.

4. Folks who like "retro" or "lomo" or "holga" effects probably aren't interested in your creating an app that emulates what they do. Their whole reason for being is to do things the old fashioned...darkroom way.

If Alice Austen only had an iPhone...


Alice Austen was a noted photographer...about 100 years ago.

I admit it ... I like Squares!


Yes, it's true. I'll say it straight out: I like squares!

Square images, that is.

Every since I did wedding photography (many moons ago), I've enjoyed looking at square images. In those days, I used a Hasselblad that shot 2 1/4 square images on 120 film. Today's interest in Holga cameras keep up the use of square images.

When I take photos I frequently think about how they would be cropped for a square. Instagram is very useful when it comes to cropping squares. It allows you to crop images very easily. I like that feature. Here's what it looks like when you are cropping an image using Instagram. I particularly like the idea that you can 'move and scale' the image easily. If you like squares, Instagram is a useful (and free) tool. Try it.

Kansas City Art Museum Adopts the iPod touch for Tours

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City recently replaced their dedicated "Acoustiguides" with a Web-based mobile application accessible on personal Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. Fifty iPod touches pre-loaded with the "NA Mobile Guide" (naguide.org) are available for use free of charge. The initial reception was a bit tepid; patrons to the Nelson and other art museums tend to be older and not as comfortable with new technology. However, acceptance increased as the content and functionality of the Mobile Guide improved. 


Amazing Camera Apps

Add barcode readers, augmented reality, fax, language translation, heart rate monitor, and more to your iPhone or 4th gen iPod touch

The range of creative and practical apps that use the camera in unusual ways is astonishing. Who would have thought that you could use it as a heart rate monitor or a business card reader? There's even an app for those who are colorblind, to show them the colors present in any object you photograph.

Apple made a brilliant decision when it let developers create apps that access the camera input and use it in non-traditional ways. In this month's column, I offer a roundup of some of these apps.


Tips for iOS

Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful

High dynamic range (HDR) photos on iPhone 4

Hdr photos on iPhone 4One of the big pluses of the iPhone 4 is its high dynamic range (HDR) camera, which can capture amazing images. However, the file size of these images tends to be quite large and e-mailing them as attachments can take a bite out of your data plan. Our advice: turn it on if you want high resolution; turn it off if you're going to e-mail a photo to a friend.


8 iPhone Photography Tips for Writers

As a writer for many years, my photographic skills have been very helpful. Now, carrying an iPhone around makes my writing even easier.

Here are some tips for using your iPhone pictures if you want to write articles...

Is an iPhone Photography Workshop in your future?

In the olden days (before iPhones), if you attended a photography workshop, you'd learn some good techniques and write down all the stuff you needed to achieve them. By the time you got home and bought the equipment, you probably didn't really remember how to use it. Now, things are different.

If you go to an iPhone workshop, you can literally get the equipment (i.e. Apps) right then and there. You can experiment with it as the instructor is speaking. And the best part is that the "equipment" you'll get is either free or very inexpensive.

iPhone workshops are popping up all over. Look for one in your area, or better yet, create your own iPhone Photography Workshop. Hmmm...that's a good idea. I think I'll try it myself. :)

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