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Touch And Go…


In case you were not aware, TomTom and Magellan have previously released versions of their GPS car kit that turns your iPod Touch into a navigation device, as well as making their GPS software compatible with it. One of the downsides is the cost, as it can be argued that you can buy a standalone GPS unit for much less. Cost may not be an issue for those wanting to add more functionality to their device but one of the drawbacks I see is that their car kits are for in car use only via the car power adaptor. In my opinion, this limits some of the payback use / value, especially if you only need GPS navigation occasionally.

Accessibility - 3GS


Accessibility enables the visually impaired (or those who can’t find their reading classes or can't focus due to painkillers) to "read" their iphone. (Settings-General-Accessibility). VoiceOver is tricky to use at first, but it will read your iPhone to you – each icon, text, email, etc. 

This feature is also helpful to use your iPhone in your pocket - with earbuds in – if pulling the iPhone out is inappropriate.


The Achille's Heel of the Android OS


When Apple created its “App Store” for the iPhone, it was a revolution that literally changed the Smartphone world overnight. Suddenly the competition found itself scrambling to make its own version of the App Store, create SDK’s and get programmers onboard to begin making applications for their own devices.

This creation created billions in new revenue for software makers and catapulted the iPhone into being the largest “must have” device on the planet. Almost overnight the perception of Smartphones changed into becoming something more of a laptop replacement than a phone.

Learn Some iPhone Development At Tarrant Community College


Normally I just write about games, but I thought this was kind of interesting.  If you happen to live in Fort Worth, Texas and have been thinking about continuing your education, now just might be the time.  Tarrant Community College is now offering a class in beginning iPhone development.  You can get some details here, though sadly the link to the course description itself is virtually useless. As of this posting there are still 17 seats available, so head on over and see if this is the right opportunity for you.  I wish they had cool classes like this when I went to college.

Motally Mobile Analytics Contest for iPhone Devs

Posting this for a friend of mine..

How about the Droid and the Palm and the other contenders?

These days, you can't turn on the TV without being subjected to commercials pointing out how much better this smartphone or that is to the iPhone. The iPhone isn't usually mentioned directly, of course, but it's clear that it's the target as the commercials usually concentrate on what are perceived weaknesses of the iPhone. 

When you watch those commercials you'd think the iPhone's lacking and surely it must be toast now that the competition is so much better and so much more advanced. But is it? Honestly, even as a tech writer and reviewer I just don't know. For example, I've been reading about Google phones for a year now. Each was billed as an iPhone killer, but from what I can tell, Google phones really haven't gained much traction.

iPhone fallout: the magical Magic Mouse

Honestly, I had mixed feelings when my new iMac27 came with that tiny wireless keyboard and the new wireless Magic Mouse. But WOW! The Magic Mouse rocks. It's awesome, terrific, wonderful and the best ever. After a week with the new iMac I cannot imagine ever using another mouse again.

What makes the Magic Mouse so great? It feels like you're using an iPhone! That's because the top of the Magic Mouse is really a Multi-Touch surface with gesture support. So instead of driving a scroll wheel or that funky microball in earlier Apple mice, you scroll exactly like you do on an iPhone. There's the same wonderful precision and, just like on the iPhone, you can scroll with "momentum," i.e. whip up and down pages (or any other direction) and then stop on a dime.

Which GPS Navigation App is for you?

We point you in the right direction.........

It’s been a long wait, but iPhone users now have a number of GPS navigation apps to choose from. To some degree, these GPS apps offer the same capabilities. However, there are factors that differentiate them, particularly in terms of price and user experience.

This article reviews a number of onboard GPS solutions for the iPhone, including Navigon MobileNavigator, G-Maps, Mobil Maps, iGO My Way, CoPilot Live, and TomTom. The benefits of onboard solutions are many. First of all, the software and maps are stored on the iPhone. This means that there are no subscription fees and no long waits for maps to be downloaded over a cellular data connection.


If your iPhone goes into sleep mode too quickly…


To conserve power, the iPhone and iPod touch are designed to go into sleep mode automatically if it hasn’t been used for a set period of time. The default setting is 60 seconds; the screen dims 15 seconds before this and then goes blank at 60 seconds. Once the device has gone into sleep mode, you have to press the Home button and move the slider to the right to unlock the device and use it again.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with this—having to unlock your iPhone over and over again—you might want to change the default setting. From the Home screen, go to Settings >General >Auto-Lock and set the time to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Minutes. To start out, bump it up to 2 minutes and see if you’re comfortable with that.

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