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Monitor your Data Usage with DataMan


by Bryan Schmiedeler

When the iPhone was introduced in June 2007, AT&T’s 2-year contract required a data plan—there was no cell-only option. But the pricing of $30 a month for unlimited data was groundbreaking. The carrier killed the unlimited option exactly three years later. Existing agreements are honored as long as you don’t let them lapse, but all new users have to choose between a 200MB/month ($15/month) or 2GB/month data plan ($25/month). Going over your data limit is not cheap: $15 for an additional 200MB or $10 for 1GB, depending on your plan. 

Squirmin' for German!






          Going to Germany?  Well fear not.  This application is one to take with you.  When school began, I became friends with a German girl.  She did not speak broken English, she was very good however it was helpful that I have this app because I can now use it to translate and speak back to her in German! 

iLife 11 looks a lot like iOS apps


While we typically stick to iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) products, today's announcement of iLife 11 from Apple can't be ignored.  The full screen interface for apps like iPhoto 11 look remarkably like a tab view app, with assorted buttons on a black gradient bar at the bottom of the screen.  Now that iOS devices are outselling Macs, and the halo effect (iOS customers becoming Mac customers) is in effect, the tail is wagging the dog and we can expect the Mac to adopt iOS features.  I'm guessing a touch screen interface can't be far away!

iPhone: 21st century steam engine

What James Watt and the steam engine did for the industrial revolution, I believe Apple and the iPhone will do for the 21stcentury worker.

Allow me introduce myself. My name is Damon McGill and this is my first blog posting ever. I work as an electrical engineer and as a ICU nurse.

Within both of these diverse fields I find several uses each day to incorporate my iPhone into my work life. As a nurse, having access to medical applications and the Internet in my pocket literally has saved lives.

But corporate America must change the way they view workers using their phones. Granted in the recent past when you saw someone using their phone at work, they usually were just talking on it.

FourSQUARE and Seven Years Ago!



The most intriguing thing lately has been “seeing where people are.”  With the new feature on Facebook for iPhone called, “Places” one is able to broadcast their location from anywhere they are.  It works like, “checking-in.”  It posts to the newsfeed so that friends can see where everyone is.  Also, one is able to tag the people that they are with, in the post of their location.  There are many interesting aspects of these new features including the wonder of how safe it is; however, since it is on Facebook, the user controls their privacy through who views their profile.


Getting 'Snap Happy' Over Here! Incase: Snap Case.



            I come to you with another case review.  I was reluctant to do this because I had recently reviewed a case; but I really wanted to also review the free case that I have finally received from Incase through the Apple iPhone 4 Case Program.  There was a decent selection for the cases including companies such as Incase, Belkin, Griffin and Speck.  If you wanted to get really into it, you could look up the price and specifics on every single case.  Sense the case is a free one though; I really didn’t get completely into it like that, I just chose the case that best fit my lifestyle. 

Name and trim voice memos (iPhone, iPod touch)


Name and Trim Voice MemosThe iPhone OS 3.0 software adds the ability to save short voice memos on your iPhone. In addition to saving them, you can rename them and trim them down (like you can with videos taken with the 3GS).

Name and Trim Voice MemosTo rename a voice memo, go to the app's list view and tap on the right arrow symbol next to the memo you want to rename. This takes you to the info screen for that memo.

WikiReader a Perfect Gadget Gift!!


If you refer to or use Wikipedia as much as I do, then you have to get a WikiReader (created by Openmoko). Not directly iPhone or smartphone-related, I know, but bloggers should really listen up. This is s great companion device, especially for those times when you just can't get to the network, and you need to brush up or verify some tech info. Trivia junkies will also love this gadget, so it is a superb Father's Day gift. The WikiReader brings the power of WikiP to your fingertips, and only needs 2 AAA batteries to do it (and a storage card, both included).

Google to create web TV. Yeah right.


I expect innovation, not regurgitation from Google.  While enthusiastic about Google's deal with AdMob finally going through, I'm less than impressed with their new proclamation of partnering with Sony for a Google web TV.  Don't get me wrong, I love Google and Sony, but talk about being late to the party.

Why am I annoyed?  Aside from Google wanting to do things other than what they're really, really good at?

Apps for the Great Outdoors

Get back to nature with these great apps!

CardinalEditor's note: This article was commissioned and submitted by Mitchell Waite, the publisher of iBird Explorer and CEO of Mitch Waite Group. Laura Kammermeier is a respected voice in the field of birding and has previously published on the subject of iPhone apps. We normally don't encourage submissions from app developers, when they concern apps or accessories they develop.


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