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How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb



Nuclear weapons hold a somewhat unique attraction in our society.  They are at the same time the most destructive force imaginable, and yet many of us are drawn to it, not unlike moths to a light bulb.  I have always been simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by nuclear weapons, and so I was intrigued by the iPad ebook, How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb, which takes you up close and personal with atomic weapons, and even takes you behind the scenes in some of the efforts to record and film nuclear explosions.

Power Grab

A look at some top energy accessories for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Given their fast processors, radio reception and transmission, high-definition screen display, and the audiovisual decoding that they deliver; it's quite a feat that iOS devices provide these services for hours on a single charge. howerver, even the iPad's longer battery life is not enough for some power users. Fortunately, independent developers offer some innovative solutions to this dilemma.


Nano strap and go


I don’t usually do product reviews, and when I do they are generally for photography using the iPhone.  Today I wanted to step way off line, and do a quick review of what I think is a pretty neat product, and it’s not even for iPhone or iPad, and only just barely for  iPod.

Monitor your Data Usage

When the iPhone was introduced in June 2007, AT&T's 2-year contract required a data plan—there was no cell-only option. But the pricing of $30 a month for unlimited data was groundbreaking. The carrier killed the unlimited option exactly three years later. Existing agreements are honored as long as you don't let them lapse, but all new users have to choose between a 200MB/month ($15/month) or 2GB/month data plan ($25/month). Going over your data limit is not cheap: $15 for an additional 200MB or $10 for 1GB, depending on your plan.


Amazing Camera Apps

Add barcode readers, augmented reality, fax, language translation, heart rate monitor, and more to your iPhone or 4th gen iPod touch

The range of creative and practical apps that use the camera in unusual ways is astonishing. Who would have thought that you could use it as a heart rate monitor or a business card reader? There's even an app for those who are colorblind, to show them the colors present in any object you photograph.

Apple made a brilliant decision when it let developers create apps that access the camera input and use it in non-traditional ways. In this month's column, I offer a roundup of some of these apps.


The Next-Gen iPad

With a slew of new tablets hitting the market, will Apple's latest version of the iPad keep it on top?

iPad-Next-GenApple launched the iPad on April 3, 2010 and sold 300,000 devices on the first day. Sales grew quickly with one million units sold in the first month, and three million sold by June 22. In the first full quarter selling the iPad, Apple shipped 4.19 million devices, bringing the total to 7.5 million in less than six months.


Archos at #CES


Archos was probably the smallest, most swamped booth I saw at the show. The booth rep looked to be burned out, so I didn't even bother him. Just started taking pix and trying stuff out myself, grabbed a press kit and took off. The truth is, I have always had a positive view of most Archos gear. The A/V devices get high marks from reviewers.

#CES Pre-Conference - What's Emerging - Part Two

#CES Pre-Conference - What's Emerging - Part Two I could sub-title this post "Making Dumb Things Smart" as that is one of the emerging trends according to Shawn Dubravac, Chief Economist and Director of Research and Ben Arnold, CEA's Senior Research Analyst. All the info in this post and Part One are from their talk pre-conference for the Press. And the things that make dumb things smart are not new technology - they are things like sensors, GPA, bluetooth.

How was it for you? ...On Angry Birds Day?


This is a rather belated post about what happened in various cities during Angry Birds Day 11thDec 2010.  And so it seems that Scandinavians, in this case, Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds who hail from Finland, are not great party organisers and therefore the world-wide turn-out was reportedly not fantastic. There were, of course, a small group of hardcore fans who did show up at gatherings in New York and Los Angeles dressed up as – what else – Angry Birds.

Get Kik'd Into Gear This Holiday!



            As an iPhone user, have you ever wondered what its like to BBM?  Well, whether you have or haven’t, “kik” is an application that allows you to have that experience.  Rising in popularity among iPhone users in my circle, kik has its advantages. 

            Instead of having a pin, one operates kik under a username.  Upon downloading kik, the application prompts the user to create a username that they will not forget and that is easy to share with friends, family, coworkers and the like.  Once doing so, you are ready to go. 

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