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New Magazine Column: Ask the Experts!



Announcing a new column in iPhone Life magazine: Ask the Experts!

Got a burning question about your iPhone or iPad? Curious about how your new device works, or just looking for awesome new app recommendations? Let us know! 

We’re launching a new magazine column that will address questions from readers like you. So what is it you’ve been dying to know? Go ahead, ask us anything! From broad Apple-related topics to super-specific technical questions, we’ll give you our take and feature the best questions in the magazine.

The Hidden Pitfall of iPhone’s Facebook Integration



The Hidden Pitfall of iPhone’s Facebook Integration – Will People Go Overboard with Their Sharing?

At first glance, the iPhone with a built-in Facebook seems like a very good idea, and one that iPhone users were hoping would be implemented sooner rather than later. But now, something that was merely a rumor has been confirmed by Apple at the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference. The newest version of Apple’s iDevice Operating System, iOS 6, which will be released to consumers this fall, will have what Apple calls “Deep Facebook Integration.”



French Designer's "Revolutionary" New Project is Just an Apple Store... [UPDATE It's a Yacht]


News broke earlier today about renowned French designer Philippe Starck’s radio interview, saying he was working on a “revolutionary” new project with Apple. Quickly many began to speculate what this new Apple-born project could be. It's also important to note that it was called a "project" not a "product"...

Tim Cook is a Baller


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was the highest paid CEO for 2011. Reported by the New York Times [via Bloomberg], the data from research firm Equilar tracked Tim’s money flow for 2011. I think you'll be very surprised by the numbers...

Wireless Charging for iPhone and iPod touch

 A company called WildCharge are releasing the first wireless charging system for both the iPhone and iPod touch. The system consists of a special charging skin for the iPhone / iPod touch that you place on a charging pad without the need for cables or fuss. The skin for the iPod touch is available today. However, the iPhone charging skin will not be available until early July.


Here is a what WildCharge has to say:

Archos 32 Internet Tablet vs iPod


I must say that I was surprised when I received this "tablet" for review. Somehow I was expecting a 7 to 10 inch screen, but instead, this unit is about the size of an iPod touch. In fact, that's the best way to describe it. It's an Android iPod touch.

It's a bit thicker than an iPod with a smaller touch screen at 3.2 inches with a 400 x 240 resolution and 18 bit color depth. I found the on screen keyboard extremely difficult to use because the screen and keys are so small.  It measures approximately 2 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 1/4 inches and weighs a mere 2 1/2 ounces. It has a handsome, sleek, black case.

Snap2PDF, Snap Into Action!




Ever start to feel like you are super unorganized?  The feeling can be overwhelming at times.  Whether you are a student still in school or a pre-occupied businessman, the Snap2PDF application may be the answer to your prayers!

Windows Updated Jailbreak With Absinthe


The Time has finally arrived for windows users to get a simple jailbreak.  The Absinthe jailbreak was released for the mac yesterday.  I am glad to inform all the iPhonelife viewers the windows version is now available.  Simply, download the software to your computer, install, and jailbreak.  This is very simple, just a few clicks and your jailbroken.  The process will take around thirty minutes to complete.  Possibly longer should you have several hundred apps on the devices.  My iPhone 4S jailbreak took around thirty minutes to complete.



There are many different ways that today’s hottest consumer technology can be used for business applications. While most organizations that use handheld barcode scanning technology still utilize ruggedized, industrial-strength devices from companies like Motorola or Intermec, there is a growing trend to use off-the-shelf consumer technology as a replacement for these often extremely expensive, rugged devices.




Managing your BrainOur brains are wonderful devices for keeping track of information. They are also remarkable sense-making machines, finding patterns in seemingly disparate bits of data. In the information age, however, and in the burgeoning knowledge economy, we find our brains outstripped by their own inventions, their own discoveries, and their own creations. We have invented devices that are capable of capturing, generating, and storing more information than any one human can consume, let alone leverage to personal advantage.


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