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How to delete all of the iPhone’s content

To erase all the content on your iPhone or iPod touch, including e-mail, Contacts, media content, and Settings, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Reset
  4. Erase All Content and Setttings

After you confirm the erase with two taps, your device will delete everything (which takes a few moments) and then reset itself.

Get the camera removed

If you work at a secure facility that prohibits the use of cameras, you can get the camera removed from your iPhone. A service called iResQ (iresq.com) will send you a preaddressed shipping box and will return your iPhone with the camera removed for about $100. This will void your warranty.

Setting a SIM card passcode

You have the option of locking your SIM card so that it can’t be used by other phones. To do this, go to Settings >Phone >SIM PIN, tap the On button, enter a passcode, and tap Done. Note that if you set a passcode, you must enter it every time you power on your iPhone.

Find Wi-Fi hotspots quickly

If you want to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot in your area, visit jiwire.com and type your address or city to locate the closest one. You can also use your Maps application and do a search like “wifi chicago” or “wifi 90004.” Red pushpins should then show you were to go.

Locked up? Reboot!

If your iPhone locks up or stops working for any reason other than a low battery, you’ll need to reboot it. This is analogous to turning your desktop or laptop computer off and on again, and it clears up a lot of problems. Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top edge of the device and the Home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then release both buttons and wait until the Home screen appears.

The Home button is a “force quit” button

You can use the Home button to completely shut down whatever program is running—just hold it down for six seconds. This is useful if a program freezes or if you have multiple programs open at once and want to close one of them.

Apple’s warranty does not cover misuse

The iPhone is covered by a one-year limited warranty that covers it against defect, but not misuse. So, for example, if you bounce it off the wall or throw it on the ground, you’re responsible for the damages. In addition, if you hack the device, open up the case, or make unauthorized repairs, you void the warranty. You can extend the iPhone limited warranty for an additional year for $69 ($59 for the iPod touch). Repair for an iPhone not covered by a warranty will cost you $200-$250 plus shipping ($150-$250 plus shipping for the iPod touch).

Rotate iPhone 2.0 device to get scientific calculator

iPhone calculator landscape mode

iPhone Calculator Portrait modeApple added a scientific calculator to the iPhone 2.0 software. Tap on the Calculator icon to open the standard calculator. Rotate the iPhone or iPod touch to horizontal and the scientific calculator is displayed.

iPhone developer makes $250,000 in two months

This is great to see — the developer of popular iPhone game Trism made $250,000 in two months, according to an article in Wired's Gadget Lab blog. He stands to earn $2 million by July 2009 if the game continues to sell at this rate. These kinds of numbers are good for the iPhone industry, because they help spur more developers to jump in.

How to change your iPhone wallpaper

Wired has a great guide on how to change your iPhone wallpaper. Maybe such a task is simple and self-evident to you, but if not, this tutorial tells you everything you need to know, complete with screen shots. But it goes beyond the basics, showing you how to use as wallpaper your own photos that you've taken, as wall as showing you how to Photoshop your own wallpaper. (As an aside, this how-to is a wiki, meaning that anyone can change it or add to it.

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