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Turn iPhone/iPod touch into a portable hard drive for your PC or Mac


Move files between iPhone or iPod touch and your PCOne way to transfer documents (Word, PDF, etc.) created on your desktop computer to your iPhone is to e-mail them to the iPhone as an attachment. You can also use the Yahoo IMAP e-mail service to create a new mail folder which would then appear on the iPhone. However, simpler solutions are available on the App Store.

How to set Parental Controls


You can restrict the content that can be accessed from your iPhone using the Restrictions screen in the Settings app. This allows you to block content with explicit lyrics from being accessed using Safari, YouTube, iTunes, or App Store. To do this, go to Settings >General >Restrictions and set the “Explicit” filter to “On.”

Pop to the top of the list


When you need to get back to the top of a long list, e-mail, Web page, etc., simply tap the title bar at the top of the screen and you’ll be back at the very top instantly. This works for most apps.

Make “Return For Reward” image your opening screen


Some iPhone and iPod touch users have used Photoshop or other graphics programs to create a custom Wallpaper image that will help them get their device back if they lose it. The image includes the words “Call <phone number> for Reward.”

How many apps can you install on the iPhone?


In addition to the four icons in the bar at the bottom, the Home screen holds 16 application icons. You can create up to eight additional pages for application icons and each page can hold an addition 16 app icons. So a total of nine Home screen pages, each of which can hold up to 16 app icons, plus the 4 icons at the bottom, means that you can have up to 148 apps on your iPhone.

Update to VITO Star Walk available!


"January, 2009--The new version of Star Walk contains links to wiki articles for practically all celestial bodies. For example, after choosing an object and reading info about it you may tap "W" to go directly to the Wikipedia article devoted to this star, planet, Messier object, constellation or meteor shower.

Develop iPhone applications on your PC: Installing OS X on PC’s (and, particularly, the IBM Thinkpad T42p)


(Important note: as of 29/12/2008 22:16 CET, the inline images aren’t visible. My database provider is working on fixing the problem; hope it’ll very soon be fixed.)

Coming: Use your iPhone to connect your laptop to the Internet

Many carriers offer the ability to connect your laptop to the Internet by using your mobile phone as a sort of modem. It's often called tethering. That way you need not be in the vicinity of a wireless hotspot to go online with your laptop — you're able to connect wherever you can get a cell phone signal. This functionality is very convenient — but hasn't yet been available to the iPhone. However, an AT&T executive recently mentioned at an event that tethering was coming.

Apptism -- a great site for finding and tracking applications

The App Store is a real breakthrough in the mobile world, making it easy to purchase and download applications. But it's not always easy to find what you're looking for or to track the latest reviews and developments related to applications that interest you. 

Thanks what makes the Apptism web site so powerful. It gives you the tools you need to find and track iPhone apps

Double-tap the Home button to open the Phone/music playback control

Double-tapping the Home button on the iPhone (from within any application) will open the Phone application. On the iPod touch, it will open a pop-up control for music playback. When the iPhone and iPod touch are locked, double-tapping the Home button will bring up the music playback control; double-tapping it a second time will close the control.

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