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Another Instrument from Smule

One of the featured apps in Apple’s iPhone 3.0 release announcement this past March was Smule’s Leaf Trombone, their second music app (see my review of Ocarina in the Spring 2009 issue of iPhone Life) that leverages both the iPhone’s touch screen and “peer to peer” capabilities of the iPhone. It’s very cool. . .

What the Angels eat


When one has tasted it [watermelon] he knows what the angels eat. 

iPhone/iPod Touch Plays MIDI

Welcome to my new blog here at iPhoneLife.com. It’s about all things iPhone and Music. After writing an article for this past spring’s print edition of the magazine, I realized that things are moving so quickly in iPhone app development that dealing with the long lead time print requires would mean missing out on cool new entries. So time to start blogging!

Gaming Strategy Guide: Sentinel by Origin8


Despite the low price ($2), probably one of the best Tower Defense games for the iPhone is Sentinel by Origin8. The title is highly popular; no wonder a sequel has just been announced, slated for June. I highly recommend it - apart from the repetitive in-game music, it's excellent.

Free up memory to improve performance


 There are two types of memory on the iPhone and iPod touch: Storage memory and RAM. If you download a lot of music and videos and install a lot of third-party apps, you can run low of storage memory, especially on the 8 GB devices. One of the things you can do is to delete third-party apps, music, and videos when you are no longer using them.

Both devices have 128 MB of RAM, which is used to run the OS and applications. Some users have complained of slowdowns and other problems associated with not enough RAM. Fortunately, the iPhone and iPod touch will warn you if you are low on memory. If you receive one of these warnings asking you to do something, do it immediately—don’t put it off.

App Updates and Upgrades


Periodically, developers will “update” their software to fix minor problems and add features. If you’ve already purchased an application, updates for it are free. Developers will also release software “upgrades,” which are considered new applications that may have to be purchased by existing users.

Whenever you access the App Store, it checks to see if updates are available for the apps you have installed and displays the number of updates available in a red circle superimposed over the corner of the App Store icon. If an update is available, the update screen will appear in App Store.

App Treasures: New Independent Label Formed


I was recently contacted by Noel from Snappy Touch to let me know about a new software label being formed by several prominent independent developers.  Now I could ramble on in my own words about it, but thankfully he was kind enough to provide me with a press release, so here goes:

Adopting the iPhone in the Enterprise

What Apple needs to do to increase deployment

Whether IT likes it or not, the iPhone is being brought into the enterprise. Even though many enterprises have banned the iPhone, many others have also simply turned a blind eye to its use. And although it’s relatively easy to enforce an iPhone ban, it becomes more difficult when the CEO requests IT to support his iPhone. Given that the iPhone now has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Exchange, some organizations have recognized that they have the ability to enforce security policies and even remotely wipe the data on a lost or stolen iPhone.


Creating a Number One iTunes App: Two Success Stories

Small, independent software developers face challenges getting their apps noticed

Creating the next number one application in the iTunes App Store has become the most coveted goal among iPhone developers. It provides a way to get their Paid or Free app noticed and further ensures the success of their application.

TrismSteve Demeter and Ethan Nicholas are just two of the developers whose apps have reached the coveted position of Number One Top Paid App.


Improve Productivity with iPhone's many Business Apps

Apps that make the iPhone more appealing to business users

According to a report published in early November 2008 by Canalys (canalys.com/pr/2008/r2008112.htm) Apple has surpassed RIM and Microsoft to become the second largest smartphone provider in US and the world. In addition, JD Power and Associates released a survey indicating that the iPhone ranks highest in terms of customer satisfaction (jdpower.com/Business/ratings/smartphone-ratings). Apple received a score of 778 out of 1000.


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