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Apple’s Online Help site for the iPhone and iPod touch Need some help with your iPhone or iPod touch?


The full user manuals in PDF format can be downloaded from Apple’s Web site (apple.com/support). Apple also has online help sites for both devices, formatted for the smaller screens. You can access them by pointing Safari at the following Web addresses:

Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode


 In the last issue, we published a news item about airlines introducing in-flight Wi-Fi. The iPhone 2.0 software and later versions allow you to use Wi-Fi while in Airplane Mode. To do this, enable Airplane Mode first and then switch on Wi-Fi

Change the audiobook playback speed


You can listen to audiobooks on the iPhone or iPod touch using the built-in audio/music player. You can purchase these books directly from the App Store or Audiobooks.com, and sync them to your device using iTunes. One cool trick is to adjust the playback speed faster or slower to suite your tastes.

To do this on the iPhone, go to the Home screen and tap on Settings >iPod >Audiobook Speed. On the iPod touch, go to Settings >Music >Audiobook Speed. Then select Slower, Faster, or Normal.

Great game Archon is on sale - $2 only!

I’ve reviewed the great game Archon some days ago. Now, it’s on a 50% sale and only costs $2. A real steal, if you ask me! 

Gaming news and reviews: Wolf 3D, Doom Resurrection, Toki Tori

1. If you liked Wolfeinstein 3D back in 1992 (or later), you will most likely want to check out the iPhone version of the title.

Apple's Maine connection


Yesterday, June 30 Maine’s Department of Education put in an order for 64,000 MacBooks, to be followed by an estimated 7,000 more over the next several weeks to Apple.

Gaming news: Archon out; heavy Knights Onrush rebate!


As usual, there have been several great game releases lately. Of them, let me elaborate on Archon and Knights Onrush.

1. As far as Archon is concerned, first and foremost, I recommend reading THESE first impressions.

I’ve really enjoyed playing on my C64 in the eighties and was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the iPhone version.

The pros, compared to the original C64 version:

Great game Sentinel 2, finally, out! + Strategy Guide

Probably the best Tower Defense game out there is Sentinel by Origin8, which is offered for $1 only and is an excellent buy. (See my Strategy Guide HERE.)

The sequel to Sentinel is considerably better than the first version. Most importantly, it has four always-available, additional weapons freely available (depending on your "energy" level, which depends on how many still not destroyed gates you have and whether you’ve bought new "Energy" droids):

Bring the Power of the iPhone browser to Your PC!


We all love the iPhone’s pinch-capable browsing and slick gesture-based navigation. It’s clean animated experience is a wonder to behold, and not uncommon to it’s big brother, the iMac.

Sun Java Store to make Apple's look like a "rounding error"?


 Recently reported in an article by eWeek, Java's creator, James Gosling claims that the coming Sun Java Store will make the Apple App Store look like a "rounding error". Tough talk considering the overwhelming success of Apple's excellent software download and purchasing center.

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