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iView: Inspired by the Apple Keynote

Exciting future: "Smart" accessories for the iPhone

PCMacGuysgh-powered app developers, who paid $1,295 to attend Apple’s 2009 Worldwide Developer Conference, waited hours in line outside San Francisco’s Moscone Hall before being let in to hear the keynote address. The “I am a PC” and “I am a Mac” guys gave the initial welcome on the giant video screen. Said the PC: “A week with some innovation, but not too much, please. Maybe you could float a few ideas my way?” After a few minutes of the PC’s bumbling, the Mac guy in his cool, unaffected style, simply said, “What PC is trying to say is, ‘have a great conference’.”

John Hodgman and Justin Long, the PC and Mac guys, welcomed attendees to the keynote address.


10 Apps to Make Business Better

These apps can empower your mobile workforce

With nearly 40,000 apps and over a billion downloads in less than a year, Apple has changed the mobile software game. While there are certainly not as many business apps as there are games or entertainment apps, the business category is slowly but surely gaining steam with the introduction of apps from many major players in the enterprise software market.

In this review, I list 10 of the top apps currently available that help make business better. As users begin to take advantage of these tools, and businesses see the return-on-investment potential of empowering the mobile worker with line-of-business functionality, this segment will only continue to grow.


Best Reference Apps Money Can Buy

A quick look at 9 of the best reference apps available

 A vast body of reference material is freely available online and can be accessed via Safari on the iPhone or iPod touch. Unfortunately, a lot of this material is optimized for desktop computers and is poorly suited to the iPhone’s smaller display and simplified user interface.

Fortunately, reference applications are popular, currently accounting for over 1,300 of the programs listed in the Apps Store. Some of these require an Internet connection, but many are standalone apps that are installed with the data you need. Among these titles you’ll find traditional dictionaries, religious references, language translators, medical references, formula lists, food and drink databases, and much more.


iPhone Development Books

Want to write the next killer app for the iPhone? Build a library of the best reference books available!

Back when the iPhone SDK was still a gleam in Mr. Job’s eye, the bookstore’s shelves were devoid of programming books for the iPhone. Now, you need a wheelbarrow to carry all of them home. The increase in the number of books is great news for developers—learning a new platform can be more than a little daunting. But it also means that you have to spend time finding the books that are right for you. If you are considering developing for the iPhone, here are three subjects you need to know about:


Rise of the iBrand

Using the App Store for product promotion.

BMW Z4It was Sunday—game day. Beer and pretzels would soon be placed on the table, and five of us would gather to cheer on our team, scream about bad calls, and trade insults among friends. But in advance of being exposed to the obligatory car commercials that are a part of every game, I pulled out my iPhone and took a 360-degree look at Ford’s new Flex crossover, customized the paint job on a BMW Z4 Roadster, and had some fun with the Audi A4 Driving Challenge. More engaging than any commercial I’ve ever watched.


Facebook Expands Its iPhone Presence

How will Facebook Connect affect the end user and the developer?

How many login IDs and passwords do you have? How often do you register for a new Internet or iPhone app service by filling out registration forms with your name, e-mail, address, etc.? Earlier this year, Facebook released the Facebook Connect platform to developers. When incorporated into an app, it would allow you to use your Facebook account to log into a growing list of participating Web sites and services. In addition, Facebook Connect would allow iPhone users to bring their Facebook information to iPhone apps and share app information with friends.


How to Profit from Your iPhone App Idea

Determine if your idea is good and find a developer to help you create your app.

So you’ve come up with an idea for the next big iPhone app, but you’ve never written a line of code in your life. Not to worry! There are app developers out there looking for good ideas and willing to partner with you.


The Idea Comes First!

Original ideas are more likely to succeed in the App Store

Walt Disney liked to remind everyone that it all started with a mouse. He wasn’t talking about a peripheral that controls your computer, and he wasn’t really talking about a furry little rodent. He was talking about an idea.


iPhone OS 3.0 for Developers

What do the 1,000 new APIs mean for future apps?

Less than a year after the iPhone OS 2.0 made it possible for developers to write native apps for the iPhone, Apple has released a major new upgrade of the iPhone OS and software suite. iPhone OS 3.0 provides developers with a significant collection of enhancements to the iPhone SDK that enable many new capabilities and even new categories of applications. In addition, they allow the creation of completely new business and economic models for generating revenue with iPhone apps.


Erase data after 10 failed passcodes


You can set a passcode on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep your data secure. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings >General >Passcode Lock and enter a four-number passcode. (Please make it a little more challenging than “1234.”)

If security is very important to you, you may want to set the “Erase Data” option. When set, this option wipes your storage memory clean after 10 consecutive failed attempts to enter the passcode. To activate this:

  1. Go to the Set Passcode screen as described above.
  2. After you have entered a passcode and confirmed it, a second screen labeled “Passcode Lock” appears. Slide the “Erase Data” button to the on position
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