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Apple to compete with Hulu, Zillion, TVu?


The web is a buzz with information that Apple may further develop iTunes into a monthly $30 subscription service for TV and movies as reported in Forbes today.  Peter Kafka of All Things Digital indicates multiple sources indicate that Apple may be ready to take on the likes of Hulu and Zillion and tap into the growing trend of people's viewing habits shifting from traditional TV or cable and towards the internet. 

Augusta Maine goes wireless for free!

That's right, Augusta Maine's downtown area has just gone wireless. In fact I'm typing this on my iPhone on my way into work this morning, just a quick stop at Java Joe's. While wireless in a municipality is nothing new, the free part is, it's a very nice thing indeed and may just help the sagging economy.  Here's the link to the Kennebec Journal article. http://kennebecjournal.mainetoday.com/news/local/6927668.html

Swipe a note to delete it


In previous versions of the OS, you had to open a note and tap on the trashcan icon to delete it. You can now swipe across an item in your Notes list (from left to right, or right to left) to display a Delete button.

How many third-party apps do you have installed?


Find out how many 3rd party apps are on your iPhoneIt’s easy to lose track of how many third-party apps you’ve installed on your iPhone. With OS 3.0, you can find out quickly. Go to Settings >General >About and look at the list. It will tell you the network you are connected to and the number of songs, videos, and photos you have on your device. The fifth item in the list tells you how many third-party apps you have installed.

Searching for items from within Mail, Notes, and iPod


The new Spotlight search feature can be accessed directly from other apps.

Find apps, e-mails, songs fast with Spotlight Search


SpotlightSpotlight Search is one the best new features in OS 3.0. Given that you can now have up to 11 pages of apps, swiping constantly to find them can be a bit irritating. Spotlight Search is the fastest way to find an app, contact, e-mail, song, video, or other piece of data. Simply open the Spotlight Search window, begin entering your search query, and a list of possible results is displayed and refined as you type. When you see what you’re looking for, tap on it to open it.

Make selecting text easier for Cut, Copy, & Paste


Copy & PasteCopy & PasteOS 3.0 adds Cut, Copy, & Paste capability to the iPhone and iPod touch. This system-wide feature works with any app that accepts text entry. Before you can cut or copy text, you first have to select it. To do this you have to do the following:

Fixing the iPhone 3GS overheating problem


I have some news that should resolve the overheating issue that has been plaguing a percentage of iPhone 3GS owners since its release. I have not experienced this issue myself, but have a very reliable source who has and who claims to have solved it. It apparently has to do with a corrupt software image of OS 3.0 that was flashed onto the devices during production.

Children with Special Needs

The built-in capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch can help special needs children and their parents

LillieMy daughter Lillie was born with Cerebral Palsy, a disease that poses a variety of challenges and affects each child’s development differently. Lillie has extreme difficulty controlling her muscles, which limits her ability to hold her own bottle or a stuffed animal. The best treatment for my daughter, at her current age and state of development, is physical and occupational therapy along with constant and repetitive cognitive sensory stimulation. One of our goals is to use Lillie’s decision-making processes to enhance our communication with her.


The Death of the Dinosaur

How my world changed when I got an iPhone

I’m a refugee from the land of the dinosaur phone, where you hit a button three times to get a “C” and four times to get an “S.” You can imagine how my world changed when I got the iPhone. My first discovery was that the onscreen keyboard makes it a lot easier to compose and send e-mail or texts. I love that I can access my three e-mail accounts wherever I am. I no longer have to wait until I get to the office to be on top of the action.


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