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Avoid tagging photos with location data


When the iPhone’s Location Services is turned on (iPhone OS 2.0 or later), Camera photos are tagged with location data. This data is used with some applications and photo-sharing Web sites to track and post where you took your pictures. If you don’t want to include location data with your photos, turn off Location Services by going to Settings >General >Location Services. Once it’s been turned off, you may be prompted to turn it back on when you open the Camera app. If that happens, decline!

The iPhone 3G, Blackberry Storm, and Angola Connection


So where exactly is Angola, other than somewhere on the African Continent?  To answer this question I turned to my trusty 3G and quickly downloaded  Ganesh Thambiran's app Countries Of The World Lite (free) to find out a few facts about Angola, which I discovered has a population of some 17 million people, and is roughly twice the size of Texas.  

One App. Unlimited Applications.

Company employs application shell strategy to get clients up and running fast!

Former Google employee and founder of DoApp Inc., Joe Sriver, made his company’s mission clear: Give television and print news media the tools they need to join the mobile revolution. His message to traditional media is equally clear: Stop fighting the mobile rage and start profiting from it.

To accomplish its mission, DoApp had to develop a unique application model that could quickly transform traditional news media outlets, specifically local TV news stations and newspapers, into mobile powerhouses. Sriver enlisted the help of Wade Beavers and David Borrillo, both formerly with IBM and now CEO and CTO of DoApp.


App Store Resource Center

Apple launches its resource center to guide developers through the process of application submission and approval

For a while now, Apple has been feeling the heat from the growing frustrations of app developers with the App Store’s enigmatic approval process. To guide users through the process and help them avoid common pitfalls, Apple launched the App Store Resource Center (ASCR) in September. It’s a great resource for both new and seasoned app developers. Plus, it’s nice to finally have all of this documentation in one place.


Preparing Powerful Presentations

Improve your presentation skills with Presenter Pro

There are only two things people fear more than speaking in public—a tax audit and death. Even if you’ve had extensive experience making presentations, the days or hours before you speak can be nerve-wracking. About the only thing you can do is to prepare and practice. You need to make sure that you have a dynamite presentation and run through it until you feel comfortable with the material.

Preparation and practice

Putting together an exceptional presentation isn’t a natural activity—otherwise none of us would be afraid of the prospect.


Could Your Mobile Device Land Your CEO in Court?

Unsecured data can lead to personal and corporate problems

The humble PC is now around 25 years old, but in many ways, the IT security industry—which has been with us for almost as long—has changed more in the last 2 1/2 years than the last 25.

Today’s portable devices, notably smartphones powered by the Windows Mobile, Symbian, Apple iPhone, and Blackberry operating systems, are microcomputers in their own right. However, their processing power and other capabilities are significantly less than those of their desktop cousins.


11 Apps for the Business Professional

These apps help you stay connected and productive

With more than 100,000 apps and two billion downloads, the App Store has truly reached critical mass. Both consumers and business professionals alike have come to expect that there is an app to solve almost any need that arises. Here is a look at some of the best iPhone apps available to improve your business productivity.

An app for almost anything

In truth, there’s not an iPhone app for everything just yet. But the collection of iPhone apps for business continues to grow rapidly. We’re at the point of critical mass now; the number of apps available through the App Store is exploding.


iPhone 3G vs Blackberry Storm

At home I'm married to my iPhone, but at work I depend on my Blackberry Storm. As a lot of people might relate to, the Storm was a company decision which I have to live with. To an extent I like the Storm, it's a rugged phone with very good reception here in Maine - Verizon is a good carrier.

G Design releases iPhone Tripod Attachment


With the holiday season upon us, you better be prepared to bust out that iPhone for the spur of the moment family photo and/or video. And here is a ingenius new product to help you take that perfect photo or video. The U+3G iPhone Holder from G Design LLC is the perfect accessory to help attach your iPhone to a tripod. Not one of those small mini tripods mind you, but the larger sizes for camcorders and high end cameras. The holder accommodates all versions of the iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS).

Your own Personal App


I am the new guy here, and I am not going to blog about a cool new gadget or a fancy new apps. Be assured the other bloggers do very well keeping you informed. No, I am going to address something different: "your own personal app!"

My observation is that the status symbol of the iPhone itself  becomes more and more replaced by having your own app on iTunes. I do freelance app development, and a year or two ago most apps were developed for companies - strictly business. But I encounter more and more people who just want to have their own app. Like a new stamp in a collection, people love seeing their own application-icon on the screen of their iPhones.

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