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MagicPad — free app for rich-text editing and copy/paste


MagicPad is a commercial app that is being given away for free for the holidays. It offers rich-text editing — and copy/paste. But note that the copy//paste function only works within a note or from one note to another. You can't copy/paste between applications. The rich-text editing lets you adjust font style, size, color, and effects. You can e-mail notes to others.

E-mail a note to yourself

Screenshot of Notes on iPhone or iPod touchYou can sync music and videos as well as Contacts and Calendar information with your PC or Mac, but you cannot sync notes. If you want to transfer a note to your computer, tap on the envelope icon at the bottom of a note and e-mail it to yourself. Then open it on your computer and cut and paste it into the appropriate application.

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