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How do I save battery power by setting "fetch" frequency for e-mail?

Turn Push On or OffWhen the Push option is turned on, and if your e-mail service provider supports Push, information updates are sent to your iOS device as your provider receives them. (MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and some others support Push.) However, leaving Push on all the time consumes battery power. Unless you have up-to-the-minute messaging needs, you should turn Push off and use the Fetch option, which checks for messages periodically.


How To Temporarily Disable an Email Account on Your iPhone

Temporarily Disable an E-mail AccountThere may be situations where you'd like to stop receiving email from one or more account. For example, you're on vacation and don't want to receive business-related messages. The following temporarily disables the account on your iOS device. The account still receives incoming messages; they just don't show up on your device:

Temporarily disable email accounts when you don't want updates for a set period of time.


How do I delete an e-mail account?

delete mail accountsMany people have multiple e-mail accounts—one for business use, another for personal use, a third for non-profit organizations you work with, etc. Occasionally, you might have to delete one of these. For example, if you change jobs, you'll want to delete your business account altogether. The following will delete the account on your iOS device.


How do I add an e-mail account

Add E-MailYour device lets you access all of your e-mail accounts, allowing you to send and receive messages wherever you are. There are several ways to add an e-mail account to your device. The easiest is to work with one of the five default e-mail services that your device recognizes automatically.


One Life - One Inbox




It was rumour for a long time, but with the release of iOS4 it became a reality -  iPhone users now get the option of Unifying their E-Mails into a single Unified Inbox meaning you can now view all your e-mail from different mail accounts through one inbox. 

This is a great feature if you spend a lot of time in mail or switching between accounts, because no longer do you need to tap your way up the e-mail tree and back down again.

Delete e-mails individually or as a group


You can delete individual e-mail messages in the Inbox view by swiping your finger across the message left to right and hitting the "Delete" button.

If the message is open in full-screen view, you can tap on the garbage can icon at the bottom of the screen, but be careful with this—tapping on the garbage can deletes the message immediately without giving you a confirming pop-up menu.

Finally, you can delete multiple messages in the Inbox view by tapping on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the screen, tapping on the buttons next to the messages you want to delete, and hitting the "Delete" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Turn off SMS preview (iPhone)


Messages previewWhen you receive an incoming SMS message on your iPhone, a preview of the message is displayed on your screen. For security reasons, you may not want even a small portion of the message displayed. To disable SMS Preview, go to the Settings app and select Messages, and turn the "Show Preview" switch off. You'll still receive a notice, but it will be a generic "New Text Message."

E-mail attachments that will or won't open


If you receive an e-mail with an attachment, you can tap on the attachment to view it. If it won't open, the file is corrupted or it is a type that is not supported by the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The following formats are supported: Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Word XML (.docx), Web page (.htm, .html), Keynote (.key), Numbers (.numbers), Pages (.pages), Adobe Acrobat preview (.pdf), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt), Microsoft PowerPoint XML (.pptx), Plain text (.txt), Contact information (.vcf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Excel XML (.xlsx).

Note also that the file attachment must have the correct file extension or you won't be able to view it.

Limit e-mail to make it more manageable



If you get a lot of incoming e-mail, personal or business related, it can clog up your inbox. Make things more manageable by limiting the number of messages displayed on the iPhone and/or the number of lines previewed for each message.

  • To set the number of messages displayed in the inbox, go to Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Show. Then select 25, 50, 75, 100, or 200.

  • To set the number of lines displayed, go to Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Preview. Then choose from none to 5 lines.

    You’ll have to experiment with these settings to see what works best for you.


Organize your e-mail in folders


Folders are a great way to organize your e-mail, especially if your job requires you to wear many hats. You can’t create separate mail folders on the iPhone or iPod touch. However, if your mail service is hosted on an IMAP server, you can create these folders on your PC or Mac and sync them with your iPhone or touch.

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