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Access extra punctuation marks and symbols quickly


Access Extra punctuation marks and symbols quicklyWe've mentioned before that if you hold down on a vowel in the iPhone's pop-up keyboard, you are presented with accented variations of the vowel used in other languages.

iPhone fallout: the magical Magic Mouse

Honestly, I had mixed feelings when my new iMac27 came with that tiny wireless keyboard and the new wireless Magic Mouse. But WOW! The Magic Mouse rocks. It's awesome, terrific, wonderful and the best ever. After a week with the new iMac I cannot imagine ever using another mouse again.

What makes the Magic Mouse so great? It feels like you're using an iPhone! That's because the top of the Magic Mouse is really a Multi-Touch surface with gesture support. So instead of driving a scroll wheel or that funky microball in earlier Apple mice, you scroll exactly like you do on an iPhone. There's the same wonderful precision and, just like on the iPhone, you can scroll with "momentum," i.e. whip up and down pages (or any other direction) and then stop on a dime.

iPhone 3G vs Blackberry Storm

At home I'm married to my iPhone, but at work I depend on my Blackberry Storm. As a lot of people might relate to, the Storm was a company decision which I have to live with. To an extent I like the Storm, it's a rugged phone with very good reception here in Maine - Verizon is a good carrier.

Undo and redo typing quickly: Shake it, baby!


Undo and redo typing quickly: Shake it, baby!

Shake to undo typingThe new OS takes advantage of the accelerometer to let you do some quick, basic editing in any app that accepts text.

Simply shake the iPhone or iPod touch to undo the text you just entered. A pop-up appears, allowing you to confirm the action by hitting the Undo Typing button, or cancel it. If you decide you didn’t really want to undo the typing, shake the device again. This time, the pop-up will let you Redo Typing.

Activate multiple keyboards


 You can have more than one keyboard layout active on your device at any time. So, for example, an international executive who did business in the U.K. and Russia could keep an English and Russian (Cyrillic) keyboard active and switch between them when composing notes and e-mail messages.

To activate different keyboards:

Entering “.com” in an e-mail


Safari’s keyboard has a “.com” button at the bottom, making it quick and easy to enter the tail end of a Web address. Hold the “.com” button down, and a pop-up appears, making it easy to enter .net, .edu, .org, etc. There’s a similar feature on the keyboard associated with Mail, but it’s not as obvious.

If you’re composing an e-mail to a friend or associate—something like: “John: Check out iPhoneLife.com”—when you get to the end of “iPhoneLife” press and hold down on the period key. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to select .com or other common Web address suffixes.

Wanted: Foldable, Portable iPhone Keyboard


 Attention product developers at MacNally, Belkin, etc. For the love of all that is holy can someone please develop a foldable, portable external keyboard for both the iPhone and iPod touch. Am I the only one who has been dying for one of these to be out on the market? I know that MacNally had created a bluetooth external keyboard last year that never made it to the market due to the fact that it required a Bluetooth connection which was not available until this past week when the iPhone 3.0 was released.

Use larger keyboard for entering Web addresses


Safari Bigger, horizontal keyboard When you tap on the Web address bar in Safari, a keyboard pops up to allow you to enter the Web address. You don’t have to enter the prefix (“http://” or “www.”) or the suffix (“.com”) on a Web address. Safari will still find the age. You can also make the keyboard a little larger and easier to use.

Quicker way to enter a period at the end of a sentence


If you want to enter a period into a note or in any application that accepts text, the standard way to do it is to tap on the “123” icon in the lower left corner of the keyboard. This brings up the numbers, symbols, and punctuation mark keyboard. Fortunately, there’s a quicker way to do it—simply hit the space bar twice quickly. It will enter a period and a blank space following it.

Entering alternate versions of a letter


Entering alternate lettersYou can easily enter alternate versions of a letter by holding down the appropriate key and selecting the alternate from the pop up. For example, hold down on “o” and eight variations of the letter are displayed (Fig. 5). Slide your finger over the desired variation and lift up to enter the letter.


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