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How do I make text entry easier with keyboard shortcuts?

iPhone KeyboardThe iOS device keyboard has some very useful features that make text entry easy and fast. For example, if you reach for a key and press the wrong one, keep your finger on the key, slide it to the correct key, and lift up. The correct character is entered. Here are some of the more common features of the keyboard and some neat shortcuts.

Type different versions of each letter and symbol by tapping and holding each character.

  • To type an uppercase letter: Tap the shift key before typing the letter.


How do I speed up text entry with the built-in keyboard?

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The iPad's version of the built-in software keyboard is relatively large and easy to use, but the iPhone/iPod touch version can be a bit challenging. Here are some things you can do to make text entry less demanding on all iOS devices.

  • Keyboard FeaturesThe keyboard customization features are turned on by default. You can check these at Settings >General >Keyboard. If they are not activated, turn on all of them. They include Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, Enable Caps Lock, and the "." Shortcut. Auto-Correction is particularly useful.


5 Stars for Portability - Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard



What I like:

It folds in half and stores in a nifty case, which makes it very convenient for me to carry it in my purse. I’m not sure that would be a benefit for men unless they carry their iPad in a large case, backpack or a “man” bag. But for me, it’s great. The Apple keyboard took up more room in my purse.

It uses 2 AAA batteries. I’d rather carry two extra batteries in my purse than a charger. Again, it’s the bulk issue.

Publish your music in iTunes


Ever since I got the music bug with my Magic Fiddle (.99) I've been wondering; so now that I can play some music on a virtual fiddle is that it?  Where can I go with that?

While my fiddling skills are still in development, the larger question for me was what can I do with music that I create; on my iMac, iPad or iPhone? 

AZiO tries building a better bluetooth keyboard


Going head-to-head with Apple is a dicey situation, but apparently AZiO thinks they've found a niche for their Bluetooth keyboard.  Now that you can use BT keyboards with all iOS 4.x devices, you should consider adding one.  AZiO says on their website that the virtual keyboard may be fine for travel, but when you're using your iOS device at work or home you may want a full keyboard.  However, I could really use a portable keyboard when I travel.  Perhaps it's because when I'm at home, I do most of my typing on a MacBook Pro with a full-size wired USB keyboard.  But on the road, lately with just an iPad, an external keyboard would be great for typing articles and long emails.

Personal Blog Update: Down to Business


I have a bunch of updates here that I wanted to share. It’s a very long post so I apologize. Hey, I’m a talker, I can’t help it.


My birthday was last month and I was very fortunate to rack up a good amount of Apple gift cards. My plan was to upgrade to the new iPod Touch (I got a quick hands on today at the Apple store and it was neat). I was interested in the updates that my 2G does not have.

BUT just recently, my cell phone broke so I needed to get that replaced. Now I am a PAYG AT&T user.

Emoji Free! - Fun



This is a fun, free app that my son, Tyler, found.  It's easy to use, just follow the directions to add an "International" keyboard.  See weblink below for more details and download.


Type an Apostrophe from the Basic Keyboard Layout


iPad Keyboard ApostropheThe iPad's onscreen keyboard approaches the dimensions of a full-size keyboard (in landscape orientation, at least), but the layout of the keys is not completely standard. One of the most maddening things about the default keyboard is that it lacks an apostrophe key. I'm used to the apostrophe's position on a standard keyboard—all the way to the right just before the Enter key. I keep reaching for it with my right "pinkie" finger and end up hitting the Return key instead. I can enter an apostrophe from the "symbols" keyboard, which is accessed by tapping on the ".?123" key.

Double tap spacebar to end sentence


When you're entering text into a note or e-mail message, you can end a sentence by going to the Symbol or Numeric keyboard and hitting the period. A faster way is to double tap on the spacebar. It will enter a period followed by a space.

If this feature does not work, you'll need to activate it by going to Settings >General >Keyboard and turning the "." Shortcut switch on. This screen also lets you turn on/off the following:

  • Auto-Correction: Suggests words based on the characters you've entered.
  • Auto-Capitalization: Capitalizes the first word in a sentence.
  • Enable Caps Lock: Lets you tap the Shift key twice to lock it into all-caps mode; tap it twice again to unlock.

Forget entering apostrophes—rely on autocorrect instead!


ApostropheWhen you enter a short contraction (I'm, I'd, etc.) or a longer one where there is no ambiguity (don't, aren't, etc.), don't bother entering the apostrophe. The autocorrect feature will "know" that you're trying to enter a contraction and offer you the correct word as an alternative.

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